Next Generation of Faithful Partners

by Ian Vail

When we first set out on the journey of working with Wycliffe something interesting happened. After we had shared the challenge of God’s call, two people offered their support in our coming venture. They were from opposite ends of the age spectrum. One elderly lady, Clarice Bell, came forward and told me she would like to support us financially in our work for the Lord. I told her, ‘Clarice, we don’t expect you to support us in this work. We know you are on a pension and that money is tight.’ She told me off saying, ‘Ian Vail, don’t you rob me of the blessing of being involved with you and Tania. If I choose to support you have to accept. How can God’s people support you if you don’t allow them to?’

Clarice Bell – faithful partner

Clarice Bell – faithful partner

One other couple with a little daughter pledged their support as well. Then they told us that their young daughter also wanted to support us with two dollars a month out of her pocket money. As they had talked together as a family about what it was that Uncle Ian and Aunt Tania were going to do, Jay decided she wanted to give and pray for us along with her parents. Each month we would receive the amount from the parents plus two dollars from Jay. It blessed us each time we saw the extra two dollars in the Wycliffe Finance report. Clarice and Jay supported us out of the meagre means they had at their disposal. Somehow that was symbolic. Their giving appeared to mirror the widow’s mite and seemed to have significance beyond the value of the contributions.

Clarice is now in aged care and struggling to hang on to life in this world. But she knows she is destined for the life of the age to come. Life as God originally intended it on this earth. Yes, people, creation is groaning, waiting for its redemption. All these years Clarice has faithfully supported missions, giving beyond her means and providing prayer cover for the recipients of her money.

We were saddened when we found out recently from Jay’s parents that she stopped her pocket money contributions within a year but that her parents had continued to contribute her two dollars for her.

To accomplish Vision 2025 we need a new generation to step up and provide the prayer cover and the funding for the last stage of reaching the remaining Bibleless people groups. Soon Clarice will depart to be with the Lord she has loved and served for so long. She has provided prayer cover and contributed financially for many long years to see the message taken to the ends of the earth. Now is the time for a new generation of young people (Generation X, Millennials and the iGeneration) who will be faithful to pray, give and go.

Who would like to be involved in the blessing of supporting the next wave of God’s called-out ones to accomplish the task set before us?

Who will take up the challenge of being part of the new wave of faithful partners to complete the task?

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