Same But Different

by Fiona Taylor

While the goal of Wycliffe has not changed since its inception, the way we communicate this goal certainly has! Wycliffe NZ has had a presence on the Internet but the site had not been updated for some time. With most teens and young adults using the Internet as their primary source for information and communicating, it was time to rethink the way we presented ourselves.

Website on a phone

New website on a phone

Brian Fong identified concerns with security on the old website as the software had become outdated and lacked support. With social media and the Internet now playing such a major role, a team undertook the job of updating the website in January 2016. Given the need for change, it was decided that this was the perfect opportunity to rebuild the site from the ground up. Web design had changed a lot over the last decade and it was necessary to update our interface with the world. After nearly eight months of work, the new look Wycliffe website went live on 19 August 2016.

Three major changes are reflected in every aspect of the website. As the ability to visit and navigate from a phone or tablet is critical, the new software adapts to the size of the screen being used. Small device users can now see and use pages and menus easily. Images and videos are increasingly important to post-literate users so there are more photos and access to an increasing number of videos. Websites have taken a more minimalistic look with intuitive streamlined menus. Similarly, the Wycliffe menu structure now has all information sorted into four simple categories: About, Pray, Give and Explore.

Other than the feel of the site, the content in the ‘About’ section is largely unchanged. As visitors move into the other areas however, there are exciting changes which make navigation, accessing information, and engagement easier. The new ‘Pray’ menu provides help on how to pray for those serving in missions, how to pray for Bibleless people groups, and ideas on who to pray with. The regularly updated ‘Pray Today’ section contains current prayer requests for each day, from both New Zealand members and others in the Wycliffe family.

Rexey Buce is our new Social Media Coordinator, working remotely from the Philippines. In 2008 Rexey began working with Translators Association of the Philippines, including time as Rob Lovatt’s assistant. In addition to working on some administrative tasks, Rexey is looking forward to increasing Wycliffe NZ’s presence on social media, using and developing her creative abilities.

The work of Wycliffe around the world is only possible through the prayer and financial support of our partners, working together with those involved in translation work, Scripture use, literacy and a myriad other supporting roles. With the advent of Internet banking, money transfers can be made anywhere at any time, and visitors to the Wycliffe site now have the option to make one-off donations or commit to regular support of the work of Wycliffe via the secure ‘Give’ section.

Finally, the ‘Explore’ menu presents many ways in which Wycliffe offers to equip the Church, and ways people can be involved in the work of Wycliffe. There are details about current opportunities to serve in both long- and short-term situations, as well as information about training that Wycliffe NZ offers to those in New Zealand. Whether you are interested in serving overseas in Bible Translation, need tools for sharing the Bible with others, or would like teaching on how to dig into the deep truths of Scripture for yourself, information is quickly at hand. There are also links to free online videos teaching Greek and Hebrew created by one of our members.

If you have not been to the revamped website, visit today on your computer, tablet or phone.

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