Sleeping Coconuts

by John and Bonnie Nystrom – Book Review by Fiona Taylor
Sleeping Coconuts

Sleeping Coconuts

The quiet seaside village of Arop, Papua New Guinea was washed away when the area was hit by not one, but three tsunamis in 1998. John and Bonnie Nystrom had a burning desire to bring the Word of God to people in their own language and now they saw a desperate need to reconsider how this might be done. With nearby people groups also needing translations, God led the translation team to completely transform the way they approached their work. Rather than work on one language project, they developed a leading-edge, multi-language project and the Aitape West Translation Project was born. Eventually this project encompassed 11 languages from the area, produced outstanding translation work as well as experienced trained nationals who were able to continue and reproduce the work.

The Nystrom’s story highlights the changing nature of Bible translation and the complete commitment to see the Word of God in every language. New technology and innovative projects are transforming both the method and delivery of the living Word to Bibleless people around the world. It is about letting God transform everything into a fragrant offering to Him, and trusting that He has paved the way ahead. It is about being open to new ways in which God is moving to bring His Word to people who have yet to hear of His power, loving kindness and grace.

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