A Place of Belonging

by Satomi Tanaka
Satomi Tanaka

Satomi Tanaka

Since I arrived in New Zealand earlier this year to be an intern at the Wycliffe NZ office, I have been involved in many communities. The language school I attended for the first three months helped me not only to improve my English, but also to meet new people experiencing similar things as they settled into a different culture. This community helped me to have a place to belong and I made the most of every opportunity that came up. While at the school, I spent time getting to know Wycliffe staff by attending shared lunches and meetings, and I received help finding accommodation and settling into life in New Zealand. Now as I start my internship, I am working amongst people I know in a familiar setting. Mount Albert Baptist is another community I have become part of. By attending a Life group, church services and an ESOL class, I have the opportunity to make more friendships and share my faith story.

Being a part of community brings me into contact with a lot of different people allowing me to see different points of view, cultures and experiences. It also helps me to have a wide range of people to talk to about the challenges I face, enabling me to hear different ideas and possible solutions. New Zealand is not my home country; it is a completely new place. I can find my own place of belonging here by being involved in community.

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