The Finish Line

Book review by Fiona Taylor

The Finish Line by Bob Creson is a wonderful weaving together of many stories about those involved in eradicating Bible poverty. The adoption of Vision 2025 may have seemed like a wishful dream to some people at the time it was proposed, but Creson reminds us that ‘We are approaching the finish line – the day when every people group on earth will be able to access and engage with God’s eternal Word’ (back cover).

The Finish Line

The Finish Line

This book transports us to many situations around the world and we are given a glimpse into the multifaceted process of Bible translation and the lives of those involved. We witness the story of technological development and how it has been able to reduce dramatically the time needed for translation into related language groups. We witness the dramatic impact of oral Bible storytelling, enabling eight languages representing 65 million people to have biblically accurate, oral Scripture in ten months. In the case of three of these languages, this is the first time the people have had portions of Scripture in their own language. We hear the stories of heartbreak and sorrow experienced by translators who still keep their hand to the plough so that others can hear about the hope we have in Jesus. The joy and transformation of lives when that happens can be bitter-sweet.

There is a role for each of us in reaching the finish line, when Bible poverty will finally be eradicated.

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