Pray Today

Colossians 1:9b–13 (NLT)
We ask God to give you complete knowledge of His will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. Then the way you live will always honour and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better. We also pray that you will be strengthened with all His glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. May you be filled with joy, always thanking the Father. He has enabled you to share in the inheritance that belongs to His people, who live in the light. For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son.

23/9/18 Building and strengthening leaders (Pacific)
Praise the Lord for the practical ways in which Wycliffe Global Alliance organisations in the Pacific are helping one another. Wycliffe Australia and Wycliffe New Zealand are working together to help Maxy Koloamatangi, the Director of Wycliffe Tonga Missions (WTM) participate in the English Enrichment programme which is conducted by Wycliffe Australia. Ask the Lord to help Maxy, his family and the WTM staff as they prepare for his absence from Tonga for a period of two months between October and December. Pray for the appropriate visa for Australia to be granted to him in a timely manner. Pray for Wycliffe New Zealand as they organise his travel.

22/9/18 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Please pray for Ross’s father (87) who has had a few spells in hospital already this year. He lives in a rest-home unit in Cambridge. Pray also for Ross and Jo as they support him as he gets older and slower. Pray for Ross as he gets his thesis ready for final printing. He had positive feedback about his graphical notation system for signed languages from his marker in Deaf Studies. Pray about possible uses of this system and that Ross may find and take opportunities to demonstrate it.

21/9/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for all the progress made in getting ready for the Cultural Diversity Tour in October. Visit this page for more details. Praise God that the Discussion Guide we will use during the tour has been written. Please pray that it will be helpful attendees. Pray also for both Sheryl and I as we prepare, especially as I finalise all the details for the tour. Pray for Sheryl to arrive safely at Auckland International Terminal on 30 September.

20/9/18 Bible Translation Vanuatu (Vanuatu)
Please pray for the preparations for a meeting of all the organisations doing Bible translation in Vanuatu. It will take place 24-26 October. These meetings will also include representatives of the local churches. Ask for a spirit of unity and cooperation in the meetings. Pray also that these meetings will enable the start of additional Bible translations in languages that still need it.

19/9/18 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Praise God for my new computer software-related role with WBTNZ. Please pray for wisdom as the details are formalised and a new budget is drafted. Praise God for His provision of accommodation August—November in different cities in NZ. Pray also for affordable, long-term accommodation from December 2018 that is near the WBTNZ Manukau office.

18/9/18 Greg & Rosie Blok (SE Asia, US)
We are in Redding California and enjoying the input here from some of our heroes. Next we head up to Canada to speak in a few places. We continue to pray for our main translator, Sunny who is continuing to draft Luke. Please also pray for the new Christians, especially for endurance and that they can handle the persecution and rejection that comes from following Jesus. Please also pray that their parents have an encounter with Jesus. The father of the new Christians is the head witch doctor in their village. We arrive back in New Zealand mid-October.

17/9/18 Alliance Executive Director Search (Global)
The Wycliffe Global Alliance is a community of more than 100 diverse organisations and networks serving together in Bible translation movements around the world. The goal of the Alliance is to provide an environment where many partners can serve together as colleagues committed to serving with minority language communities. The Alliance leadership team and the Board of Directors recently selected a nominating committee to begin the search for the next Executive Director. Dr. Kirk Franklin has served in this role since 2008. The new Executive Director will officially take over the position at the Global Gathering in 2020. Pray for the members of the search committee as they manage the process and issue the call for nominations later this year.

16/9/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God that Ian is making a good recovery after surgery, although slower than expected. He will begin teaching Deeper Bible level 601 at Matamata Baptist on 17 September, and at Manukau City Baptist on 19 September. Due to the delay, they won’t fit in DB 701 this year but Ian still needs to finish working on the 701 workbook. Please pray that he will pace himself well. Work has begun on the translation of DB 401 and 501 materials into Portuguese for teaching in Brazil in January. Pray for wisdom for Margaret who is translating and for clarity in the myriad of questions she has been sending Ian along the way. Pray also for Mark who is continuing to teach DB in Brazil.

15/9/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Thank God that the Bamu airstrip has been cut. Please pray that the new wind socks will arrive soon, and the airstrip can be officially reopened. Please continue to pray for Adau and Domai’s health and protection from the evil one, and that God will bless their families.

14/9/18 David & Tammy Price (US-Asia)
The twelfth Kuri Pasai workshop starts on 19 September. Please pray for the translators, especially the Luke teams as they are finishing preparing the book of Luke for publishing, including a full read-through together. This workshop will focus on consultant-checking the Jesus Film script in the four languages that have finished Luke. The other two languages will be translating the last chapters of Psalms! The workshop finishes 12 October. Pray also for good health and that all computers and technology work well.

13/9/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God for three translation consultants giving their time to check some of the last (long) Matigsalug books. Pray for Undun and Rani who respond to the consultant with more information and/or changes and corrections as necessary. Pray also for Robert working with the computer software that’s behind the Open Bible Stories project at unfoldingWord.

12/9/18 Ira & Katy (SE Asia)
Please pray for our children as they settle into a new school year, especially for Lucy who is now in secondary school and Emily whose workload has increased. Pray also for Katy who has started a new part-time job helping at a local linguistics foundation. We are happy back in our house in SE Asia and grateful for the six months we had in beautiful New Zealand.

11/9/18 Need for Translation Consultants (Solomon Islands)
Andrew Fanasia, Director of the Bible Translation Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands, is seeking assistance for translation consultants for language programmes. Please pray for him as he communicates with the leaders of Wycliffe Australia, the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association and others about the work in the Solomon Islands. Pray also for greater collaboration with the other organisations involved in translation in order to meet the checking needs of translation programmes in this island nation. There is a great need for more Solomon Islanders to train as consultants. Ask the Lord for wisdom and clarity as long-term goals are set for training to build capacity in this field of expertise.

10/9/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Is)
Praise God the 300 copies of Äi Päko iie Mak (Mark’s Gospel) arrived safely at Reef Islands. Ask God to make people hungry to read it. Praise God for John’s encouraging meeting with Christian leaders in Honiara last June to prepare for Kairos. Please pray for Pastor Andrew, head of Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership of Solomon Islands (BTLPSI) as he and his team prepare to host a Kairos Course in Honiara 1721 September. Pray too for Robyn in NZ as she and her team prepare to facilitate the course.

9/9/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
We are very thankful for those who supported us while we were in New Zealand. Having a warm bed, a vehicle and being able to support family was very special. Kevin’s Facebook group is growing quickly with 2,500 members; 1,300 are regularly sharing and contributing. This brings challenges: while travelling for three days the friend requests backed up to 159! Kevin needs to vet each one, which takes time. Please pray for us as we settle back in country; for the conference we are attending 14-15 September, and for visiting friends who will holiday in the capital the last weekend of the month.

8/9/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand)
We praise God for a successful conference on Bible Translation in Rarotonga, hosted by the Council of Chiefs from Pukapuka, and attended by representatives from a number of communities. Thank God for lively discussion, a spirit of unity and a mandate to complete the New Testament and Psalms in the way we have been doing. Please pray for good community feedback over the next three months while final checking takes place. Pray also for Mary as she leaves 9 September to attend the Global Linguistic Coordinators’ gathering in Dallas 1013 September.

7/9/18 Wycliffe New Zealand Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting
Pray for the Wycliffe New Zealand Board meeting and AGM in Christchurch on 8 September. Pray that those who gather for the AGM will be bolstered in the life we have in Jesus Christ and the common goad of Bible translation. Pray also for a productive Board meeting, making headway for the future of Wycliffe New Zealand and beyond.

6/9/18 Jonah & Cora Adams (East Asia)
We’re desperately looking for a new MTT to be able to continue the work. Please pray that the Lord will send His hand-picked person who can work consistently with us. Please pray for help as we analyse and learn the minority language. Please pray for clarity in understanding how the sound system and grammar works, and God-given ability to create a working script.

5/9/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God for the army of helpers who packaged up the magazine last month. Praise God for the wonderful response (over 600 subscriptions) to the Historical Sequence reading plan Tim is creating for YouVersion! Pray that Fiona is able to increase her hours each week in the Member Care role. Pray for good connections with members we meet with in Christchurch while we’re there for the AGM. Please pray for Nathan’s NCEA assessments and exam preparation.

4/9/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
There are so many things to think about as we set up house, learn our jobs and meet many new people. Please pray that we will make decisions based on godly wisdom and not how we are feeling at the time!

3/9/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for a wonderful visit to the US to spend time getting to know our new grandson, Finley. It was a blessing to see Mark and Bette serving together full-time in a ministry to disadvantaged and vulnerable children. I also visited a former WBTNZ director and his wife, Jack and Linda Henderson. They are both in their nineties now and while needing walking frames they both still possess a quick wit and sharp intellect and are very articulate. This is a busy month. Pray for the Rhema interview on 4 September and preparations for our Board meeting and Annual General Meeting 8 September. There are also some major events happening in our church where I serve as International Ministries Pastor. Please pray for Leanne. This is a busy time of the year in her teaching support role at Onehunga High School.

2/9/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Pray for an EthnoArts workshop which will be held 3—5 September for at least five languages. This is the first major workshop one of the denominations has held. Pray that people will not only be enthused about their language and culture, but that they will come to a deeper understanding of the gospel and their culture.

1/9/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray, arriving in New Zealand 2 September and for Ruth joining him 13 September. Pray that many will be motivated and inspired by Murray and Ruth who will be travelling around NZ to share in churches together until late November.

31/8/18 Heading to the Nations (Global)
Pray for the Wycliffe Americas initiative, Rumbo a las Naciones (Heading to the Nations). Its purpose is to match trained Bible translation candidates to translation projects. Pray as overseers of Bible translation projects compile and maintain detailed lists of needed resources, including profiles of the capabilities needed in translation candidates. Ask for skill and discernment for those creating an accessible Internet format that will contain all the information regarding translation opportunities. Pray that this programme will effectively mobilise Bible translators to meet translation needs.

30/8/18 Learning to Read (Romania)
Give praise that children who are the trial users of the new Roma* primer are learning to read their own language. Two of them can now read fairly fluently, and the other two have also made good progress. Pray that the school teachers in the children’s village in Romania will see the potential and take action to use the mother tongue to teach other Roma children to read. In a nearby village all attempts at teaching Roma children to read have failed. Pray for good success for those who plan to start a class in that village using the primer.

*The Roma people, often also referred to as Gypsy, are originally from India and now live scattered all over the world, especially Europe.

29/8/18 Jonah & Cora Adams (East Asia)
Please pray for help as we analyse and learn the minority language. Pray for clarity in understanding the way the sound system and grammar works, and God-given ability to create a working script. Pray for our people group, that the Gospel would continue to spread and that the believers will soon have God’s word in their own language. Please pray for the children as we homeschool, for family peace and joy in the midst of home education.

28/8/18 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (US) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God that Ken Nayau has completed the revision of the Manambu New Testament. Please pray that a consultant will soon become available. Ken was told that none will be available this year.

27/8/18 Multilingual Education Principles Make a Difference (West Asia)
Recently an SIL specialist in mother-tongue-based, multilingual education (MTB MLE) gave a presentation at a local education meeting. The audience was mostly people from non-governmental organisations. They work in education and literacy among refugees and minority people. A discussion followed about how they could use some of the basic principles even if the ideal MTB MLE model is not possible. The meeting coordinator asked for a follow-up meeting to continue the discussion and to come up with more practical solutions. Pray that as a result the participants will create culturally appropriate education programmes and use the best languages for learner success.

26/8/18 New Testament Recording (North Africa)
Give thanks that the full audio recording of the New Testament in a language of North Africa was completed and uploaded to the language community website. This translation and audio production took many years to prepare. Pray for the ongoing distribution efforts. Pray that many speakers of this language will find the website, listen to and download the recordings. Pray these Scriptures will help the church grow and be useful for outreach.

25/8/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand—Solomon Is)
Praise God for safe travel in the Solomon Islands for seven weeks and for the good response at the six reviewer training sessions at Reef Islands and Santa Cruz. Ask God to guide the reviewers as they encourage people in their villages to read the Gospel of Mark in Aiwoo and give them confidence in giving feedback. Pray for God’s Spirit to move in minds and hearts as they hear His message in their own language. Praise God for building consent for the retaining wall; pray for the builder to find time to schedule the work.

24/8/18 Cross-Cultural and Mission Seminar (Japan)
‘Here I am, Lord. Send me?’ This is the text written on a poster for Wycliffe Japan’s cross-cultural and mission seminar 2—8 September at Karuizawa Fellowship Bible Camp in Nagano, Japan. This seminar is highly recommended for people who want to know more about the work of Wycliffe — for people praying about serving and living cross culturally; and for people who are praying to participate in missions. Seminar lessons that are very practical and applicable include phonetics, grammar analysis, phonology, language learning and cross-cultural communication. Pray for those who attend to know God’s will for their lives and to follow Him. For more information, visit their website:

23/8/18 Binumarien Revised New Testament (Papua New Guinea)
Thank God that a revised Binumarien New Testament plus Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Proverbs and Esther was celebrated 16 June 2018. The original New Testament (translated by Des and Jenny Oatridge) was celebrated in 1984, but many copies were wearing out. Some additional books were published in 2003. After seeing that the New Testaments were wearing out, the translation committee prepared the New Testament and other completed books to produce the revised version. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of people in this community.

22/8/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Pray for Rob as he prepares for the next Communications Strategy meeting and then the Board meeting early September.

21/8/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for the provision of an artist to create some line sketches for the Cultural Diversity Discussion Booklet. Praise for the response to my recent newsletter. Continue to pray for preparations for the Cultural Diversity tour, additional events, editing the discussion booklet for publication, and knowing what publicity should be used. Pray that we will accomplish God’s purposes for building up the body of Christ. Continue to pray for wisdom, discernment and strength as I carry out my daily tasks.

20/8/18 Bible Storytelling Workshop (Singapore)
Wycliffe Singapore will conduct a workshop on Bible Storytelling for evangelism and discipleship 13—17 September in Singapore. There will be two levels called Basic (with no prerequisites) and Intermediate (must have taken Basic level). Please pray for the right people to register. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the trainer and for the coordinating team. Pray that lives will be transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Check the website for more details and registration information:

19/8/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
David is teaching an intensive Training for Transformational Development 20—24 August. Pray the students would develop appropriate attitudes and approaches for their future roles in language development work.

18/8/18 New Key Terms Project (Global)
Pray for the team collaborating on the first project to develop Biblical Key Terms in the Old Testament. The project will begin in August and continue for 18 months. Pray for the staff of SIL International and other partner organisations who will work together on the first 40 to 50 key terms. The entries will contain practical information based on solid linguistic and exegetical research. The guide will provide information for translators and consultants. If there is a clear need for additional entries, they may plan a follow-up project.

17/8/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Pray for the consultants checking some of the last Matigsalug Old Testament books, and for Undun and Rani who will be responding to their comments. Also pray for Robert having just returned from orientation with Distant Shores Media, while at the same time keeping an eye on the Matigsalug progress.

16/8/18 Pray for Additional Bible Translators (Mexico)
August is “the month of the Bible” in Mexico. UNTI is emphasising that speakers of more than 200 languages of Mexico do not have even one portion of the Bible translated in their mother tongue. An UNTI worker states, ‘We know that bringing the Word of God to every community in their language is not a work that we can realise alone. We are thankful for generosity and help and invite others to work together in this mission. The glory of God is worthy of expression in every language and every language is worthy to express the glory of God.

15/8/18 Literacy Teacher Training (Papua New Guinea)
Pray for the visit to the Abau and Karkar-Yuri language communities to encourage their literacy programmes. Praise God that both language groups are using mother-tongue multi-strategy based teaching materials in all elementary schools. Pray that a teacher training event for both communities can be held during the summer holidays. Pray for the construction of a new book storage facility for the Karkar-Yuri teachers to be completed in September. Ask the Holy Spirit to encourage people to read the Abau New Testament. Pray that the Abau translation team can encourage Bible translation in neighboring language communities. (New Zealanders, Dorothy Price and Veda Rigden completed the New Testament for the Karkar-Yuri people in 1994.)

14/8/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Thank God for Phil’s good stay in the village, and for Adau and Domai’s good health. Thank God too for good progress in revising and village-checking of several books of Bamu Scripture. Pray for a better way to work out the back-translating before it becomes a major bottleneck.

13/8/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Praise God that Ruth’s Member Care conference went well, as did Murray’s Biblical Hebrew Poetry course and the Skype-checking of the Psalms being translated by refugees in Europe. Pray for Murray teaching translators in South East Asia 15—31 August.

12/8/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Stephen expects to be working with Phoebe this month on the setup of new accounting software. Pray that he will find time to prepare the material Phoebe needs, that each of them will communicate clearly and that the logistical challenges of geographical separation (Stephen in Amberley, Phoebe in Auckland) will not prove a serious hindrance to this project. Phoebe has just begun working part-time with Wycliffe.

11/8/18 John & Kylie (Asia)
Praise God for funds, mostly from NZ, to buy a safe, reliable car. Thank you to those who gave! We are in transition – John has begun hikes and tours with clients and I am completing paper work at the Learning Centre (after six years of teaching) except for three weeks to train the new beginning teacher. I am preparing to move into a Third Culture Kid Care and Education Co-ordinator role for our organisation. Please ask for the successful completion of our visa processing (another two months), then we can move to our new home at the end of September. Pray for the ability to hear the voice of the Father daily and for the seeds John has sown to take root. Pray for all the goodbyes as we move to a new season in life.

10/8/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Thank God for the usefulness of the Facebook page Kevin has created – there are currently 1600 followers, 600 of which are actively sharing the Christian content. Pray for wisdom for Kevin to know what content to share. Give thanks for searching questions from the staff during devotion time, eg “What is a soul? Did God birth Jesus? Is Jesus God too?” Praise God that they are all keen to attend weekly. Give thanks for our continued safety on the roads (we had some close calls recently. Pray for the country after the national election 29 July. We will be working remotely for a month.

9/8/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
Praise God for a safe journey to Musoma, and the warm welcome we received. Please pray that we will quickly develop good relationships with our colleagues as we learn more about our roles, and that our understanding and use of Kiswahili will quickly expand to meet our needs.

8/8/18 David & Tammy Price (US—Asia)
Praise God for family and a nice three-week visit in July from our son Kyle, his wife Faith and baby David. It was a joy getting to know our ten-month-old grandson! They go back to Asia 1 August to teach for two more years. Continue to pray for the Kuri Pasai translators, especially the Luke teams who are working on the Jesus Film script. One team is reporting technical difficulties. They are supposed to be finished translating it and uploading the files by 15 August. Praise the Lord, we had two more people commit to financial and prayer partnership in July.

7/8/18 Kirsten Mills (New Zealand—US)
I’m going to the US 8—23 August to spend time with my father who is very ill. Pray that my presence there will be an encouragement to him, and to my brother who is not a believer. Pray for good use of the time God gives me.

6/8/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise that Tim has been able to spend time putting Reading the Bible in Historical Sequence on to YouVersion as a plan. Pray for the final stages of the Living Words publication and mailout, and for guidance/wisdom as he prepares for future projects. Praise that Fiona is slowly finding her way in her new Member Care role. Pray for wisdom managing her time and energy. Praise that the family is well and for Hannah’s fun visit to Auckland in the holidays. Pray for Samuel as he sits his restricted driving licence test, for Abi and Hannah as they continue studies, for Nathan as he studies towards NCEA Level 1 and looks to next year, and for Josh and Caleb in their work and church commitments.

5/8/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Praise God for a great time in June and July with our son and daughter-in-law’s family who had time in New Zealand with us on their temporay home assignment from South East Asia. Pray for Wayne as he attends to various matters for the Board and covers for Rob Lovatt, the Director, during his time overseas.

4/8/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand—US)
Praise God for the positive response to the past four months of interviews on Radio Rhema. They have renewed a commitment to continue this series on a bimonthly basis around the theme of ‘Stories of Hope’. Pray for Rob who is in the US for three weeks. He is participating in some Wycliffe meetings and then enjoying some family time with son’s family: Mark, Bette and grandson Finley. Pray for Leanne at home, unable to go with Rob on this trip.

3/8/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Ian had surgery 31 July to remove his prostate due to cancer. Pray for a good recovery from the operation. Deeper Bible 601 at Matamata Baptist and Manukau City Baptist was scheduled to start early this month but has been delayed until Ian has recovered. Pray for Ian as he works on the book for DB 701. Praise God that he has almost finished the PowerPoint slides. Pray for Tania as she juggles her workload and tries to finish the Prayer Directory. It has gone through the second proofreading phase, so hopefully will soon be printed, collated and posted in September.

2/8/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
We will be in Fiji 2—10 August to attend a Pacific Area Leadership Team retreat followed by a retreat for leaders of the operational units in the Area. Pray for safety in travel, and for refreshment and encouragement for participants.

1/8/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (Cook Islands)
Kevin joins Mary in Rarotonga 31 July and Mailalo and his father arrive 4 August. Pray for us all 1-6 August as we prepare and refine scripts and PowerPoint presentations for all the sessions for the ‘Conference on the Holy Bible and the Pukapuka Language’ from 7-10 August. Pray for a spirit of unity among the delegates from all communities and denominations, as we make final decisions for key terms, for acceptance of the New Testament translation towards publication next year, and plans for the Old Testament and future language resources, all under the mana (authority) of the Council of Chiefs on Pukapuka. Pray for strategic opportunities to engage with the government regarding resourcing for all these projects. Pray especially for an elderly translator, Ngametua Rivaia, who will be having triple-bypass surgery in the first week of August.

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31/7/18 Oral Storying (South Asia)
Pray for 13 new oral Bible storying projects beginning in one region. Some of the language communities have few Christians. More than 50 languages in South Asia already have storying projects. Pray for newly trained mentors and story checkers through a training-of-trainers phase. In another region this phase will expand from three to nine language groups. Pray that these trainees will have time to check stories and train others, even though they have additional administrative responsibilities. Praise God for renewing His church in this region and bringing many to faith through these oral storytellers.

30/7/18 Translations Near Completion (South Asia)
Praise God that 25 New Testaments will be completed this year, sponsored by a variety of organisations. Pray that tools and skills gained in recent Paratext Finishers workshops will aid them in standardising spelling and key terms*. Pray for the final consultant checks, church committee reviews and the publishing process. Ask God’s protection for each of the translation teams.
*Key terms are words in the biblical texts that convey key theological concepts that are repeated throughout the Bible, such as “sin”, “grace” and “faith.” Deciding how best to refer to God as “Holy Spirit” is also a “key term,” as cultures know the spirit world but need to know how God’s Spirit is different from others.

29/7/18 Oral Storying (South Asia)
Pray for 13 new oral Bible storying projects beginning in one region. Some of the language communities have few Christians. More than 50 languages in South Asia already have storying projects. Pray for newly trained mentors and story checkers through a training-of-trainers phase. In another region this phase will expand from three to nine language groups. Pray that these trainees will have time to check stories and train others, even though they have additional administrative responsibilities. Praise God for renewing His church in this region and bringing many to faith through these oral storytellers.

28/7/18 David Rutherfurd (New Zealand)
Please pray for my main supporting church as it grapples with how to respond to the decision of the Anglican Church in New Zealand (Motion 7) to allow services of blessing of same-sex ‘marriages’. Please pray too, that I might know what the Lord would have me do now.

27/7/18 Consultants Needed (Asia)
Pray that God would equip a great number of Old and New Testament translation consultants to review the draft translations of many mother-tongue translation projects. Pray for those who are reviewing the consultant training processes. Ask God to strengthen and anoint the 26 new consultants-in-training in Asia as they review translations and further equip translators to produce natural-sounding translations that are true to the original texts.

26/7/18 Robbie & Debbie Petterson (New Zealand)
We are now home for a year’s furlough and living with and caring for Robbie’s elderly father. This gives Robbie plenty of time to work on topics related to Bible translation. A new Bible translator in our area of Papua New Guinea is learning the Kope language, and Robbie is working on analysing the tone system for that language. It’s quite complicated, but once analysed, it will help the translator learn to speak the language accurately. We give praise for the successful recording of the Jesus Film in the Mouwase language and are now waiting for approval from the film owners so that it can be released to the Mouwase people. We are overjoyed that our second son, Jonathan has just got engaged; the wedding will be 1 September.

25/7/18 New Leadership Team (Global)
Pray for the new Consultant Development and Management Team being created in the training department of SIL International. Developing adequate consultant capacity and managing it well is critical to producing effective language programmes which transform people’s lives. There are some significant challenges in providing necessary consultant help in the right places at the right time. Ask God to help this team facilitate a network of consultants and management practitioners. Pray that SIL will be better prepared to meet the needs expressed in many varying contexts.

24/7/18 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Ross’s involvement with the Hamilton Deaf Fellowship continues. They meet once every month or so. Pray for more chances to engage with deaf people. He is also getting opportunities to use storytelling in churches.

23/7/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Pray for the Freeman family as their oldest son’s family has returned from Southeast Asia for June—July and are bunking down with Caryl and Wayne at their home. Pray that the 11 of us living together in close quarters will find it all mutually invigorating.

22/7/18 Ester Perez (Australia)
Please  pray for the approval of our Scripture mobile app for the Apple Store.

21/7/18 Situation in Cameroon
“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12 (NIV)
Lift up in prayer the Aghem, Awing, Bakweri, Isu, Mankon, Mmen, Ngwo, Pana, Pinyin and Weh projects, the teams and the men, women, and children of the affected communities they serve.

  • Pray that the violence will end and leaders on both sides will do their utmost to seek a peaceful resolution.
  • Pray for provision for those who have fled their homes and are hiding in the bushland.
  • Pray that the Lord will comfort those who are grieving, frightened, and traumatised.
  • Pray for wisdom, strength, and renewed unity among local churches and church leaders.
  • Pray that God’s healing touch will be on all those affected by this conflict.
  • Pray for the rebuilding of homes and village structures that have been burnt down.

20/7/18 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Praise God for much needed relief for Martin as a new Programme staff member started her work on 1 June. Pray that Martin’s new co-worker, Lynette, will quickly gain the knowledge she needs as she is taking over the 20+ projects from him in Cameroon. Please pray for the situation in Cameroon. Over the past few months, a long-simmering conflict between the armed forces and Anglophone separatists has boiled over into bloody warfare. Several of the minority language communities OneBook serves are caught in the literal and figurative crossfire. All of us here at OneBook are deeply troubled by this escalating violence. Villages have been burned, people have been killed, and frightened families are fleeing to the bushland, where they struggle to survive only on what they can carry with them. In addition, the fighting has forced more than 20,000 Cameroonians to seek asylum in UN refugee camps in neighbouring Nigeria. Amidst this chaos, local Christians continue to hope and pray for a peaceful solution.

19/7/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Thank you for praying for our travel which has been extensive. Please pray for our energy levels as life is slow with no aircon. Pray for release of funds for an aircon unit for the five staff in my office (US$500). We need to be out of the country from the last week of July until late August due to the national elections. Please pray for these plans to come together, for the necessary funds and for fruitful working at a distance. Continue in prayer for the staff who are asking questions like: “Why is the Christian God the highest God? Who made Him the top God?” and for us to have enough language to answer in an unambiguous way.

18/7/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for a wonderful time in Christchurch, Oamaru, Dunedin and Bluff. It was fun catching up with long-time friends during Queen’s Birthday weekend as well as meeting with people who will sponsor the Cultural Diversity seminars in October. Praise God for the seminars that have been scheduled in the North and South Islands. Pray for some additional events. Pray for me with various projects along with the preparation for the October tour. Pray that Sheryl Silzer, the main facilitator, will accomplish God’s purposes for building up the body of Christ.

17/7/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Answer to prayer: I had a break before following up on the consultant checks: I got the flu so read in bed for a week! Praise God for the rest and renewed energy and health. Pray for Mama Eva as she does village checks of more psalms. Pray that she will ask good questions and that she will listen to the responses. Praise God that I now have four months in one place, so I can get a lot done.

16/7/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand)
Plans are confirmed for an historic Conference on the Pukapuka Language and Bible Translation to be held in Rarotonga August 7—9, following the cultural festival. Please pray for safety for the 230-strong contingent travelling by sea from Pukapuka in mid- July. Pray for Mai and Kevin attempting to complete the read through / revision of Galatians through to 2 Peter before the Conference, and also for preparation of discussion papers. Mary flies out 23 July to teach the Teachers’ Diploma course, while Kevin and Mai will follow later in the month.

15/7/18 Greg & Rosie Blok (SE Asia)
Praise God we made it to the US after a crazy last month in Southeast Asia. Xanthe graduated from school and we flew out the next day. We managed to publish (in print) a mini-dictionary and also get the app with the Bible stories finished too. We hope to get another app finished soon with the dictionary and all the audio files for all the words in the dictionary in our language. We praise God for the opportunity to attend a three-week course on miracles and healing. Pray for us as we drive in the US and visit friends and supporters. We leave the US in September and head back to New Zealand.

14/7/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand—Philippines)
It is so great to see so many of the Matigsalug team go on to have various international ministries. It would have been way beyond our imagination in the early years! However, we’re also grateful to have two left to carry on connecting with translation consultants as they become available. Please continue to pray for them. Pray for Robert still learning the ropes at Distant Shores Media and for his orientation trip this month.

13/7/18 David & Tammy Price (US—Asia)
Praise God for the completion of the eleventh Kuri Pasai workshop in June and the completion of the final consultant check for the gospel of Luke in four languages. Please pray for the four language teams as they work on translating the Jesus Film script in an audio format this month. They also need to do community checks on the script and film. Praise God our son Kyle and family have arrived in California for summer break from teaching in Asia. We look forward to enjoying their company (including our first grandchild, David) for about three weeks. Pray they will be refreshed for another two-year commitment to teach in Asia.

12/7/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Please pray that the four Bamu men who volunteered for back-translating will grasp it well, and get stuck into working on it. Also, pray for renewed motivation for the village checkers to get on with the checking work that’s waiting for them.

11/7/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
David submitted his PhD thesis in June. Thank you for praying through this long process. Please pray for a favourable outcome. Pray for wisdom for the Pacific Area Leadership Team, of which David is a part, in filling a number of leadership vacancies in the area. Praise for the launch this month of the Master’s degree SIL Australia is delivering. Pray for more students to enrol and benefit from this opportunity to be better equipped for their roles.

10/7/18 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Please pray for the Lord to overrule in a few situations we are facing. The Lord’s word is that it is His battle and we need to be still and see what He will do. Praise for the productive time Joan had with her mum in New Zealand for two weeks in June.

9/7/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God that Ian continues to make good progress writing and designing the slides for the presentation of the Deeper Bible 701 sessions. He has had some significant revelations from the Lord in the middle of the night. The daytime DB 101 course for Manukau City Baptist starts 25 June and runs for five weeks. At the same time Ian is getting everything ready for the start of DB 601 in Manukau City and Matamata Baptist for the beginning of August. Pray in the funding for DB Online.

8/7/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Having a break is a mixed blessing: all the work just piles up waiting for me to deal with it when I get back! Nevertheless I’m thankful for the week spent in Southland and Otago during May. Please pray I’ll clearly think through the best way to handle the workload at the moment. Pray too that the right person will become available to take over some of the work longer-term.

7/7/18 Wycliffe New Zealand Board Meeting
Praise God for an excellent Board meeting. It is wonderful to have two new, and young Board members now on our board. They bring greater diversity in age and ethnicity and make valued contributions from their respective vocations in law and finance. Praise God too for the newly formed communications strategy team, tasked with developing and implementing a new communications plan by the Board. We have met once and will do so regularly over the next six months through to implementation. Please pray for this team of seven as they under-take this process.

6/7/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Pray for Tim putting the Living Words magazine together with the aim of sending it out mid-July. Pray that readers will be inspired by the stories of transformation. Pray for a great response to the Small Projects requests, so that communities will be blessed by the wider body of Christ. Pray that we use the school holidays well. Minimal tutoring means we can focus on our Wycliffe roles and family. Pray that we will have wisdom to know how best to juggle our responsibilities during the year. Praise God that Hannah is visiting Auckland in the first week of the school holidays! Pray that the children will continue to grow in their relationship with God. Pray for Tim on his Outdoor Instructor assessment weekend 27–29 July in the central North Island, that he would do his best, and cope with the cold (probably sleeping in a tent!)

5/7/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray checking a poetic translation of the psalms by Skype during the day in July as well as teaching the book of Job some evenings.

4/7/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
We thank God for the blessing of time set aside in Dar es Salaam for language and culture acquisition. We look forward to continued learning as we settle into our assignments in Musoma. Please pray that we will adjust well to our new environment, and adapt quickly to our new roles.

3/7/18 Wilf & Anita Flores (Mexico)
We travel to Puebla City (southeast of Mexico City) on 5 July where we will be teaching until 5 August. This summer we’ll be teaching at a different university so dealing with new people. Wilf will be heading the phonetics department and Anita will be teaching Second Language Acquisition. Please pray that the teaching goes well, that we can be good examples and witness to our students. Also pray that we can find a person who can travel to Puebla City to look after our children while we are teaching. Most importantly, pray for our children as they transition and miss their grandparents, cousins and friends in the US.

2/7/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand—Solomon Is)
Praise God for safe travel to Santa Cruz and for good meetings with the Archbishop and the MP for Temotu province. Pray for good checking sessions with the translators at Reefs. Pray for safe travel back to Santa Cruz on the tenth and to Auckland 13 July.

1/7/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Thank God for the very encouraging time at our annual Team Retreat. This was a special time of spiritual refreshment as we were led by Viv Holt in a series of reflective sessions around the theme of ‘Chosen, Blessed, Broken and Given’. Please pray for wisdom for Rob as he prepares for another in a series of interviews on Radio Rhema, sharing on the ministry of Wycliffe and Bible translation. The third in this series is at 11.15 am on Tuesday 3 July. Pray too that it will be a clear message of the impact of Bible translation on individual lives and language communities, through the ministry of our New Zealand members serving around the world.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

Verse for today

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.