Pray Today

Ephesians 3:16-19 (NLT)
I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

20/1/19 Training hundreds of translators (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God that 405 Papua New Guineans from 96 languages have been trained in 28 training courses during 2018. This is a record number. Additional students have been trained in several regions of the country. Please pray that these students will be able to apply their new knowledge and skills in translation work. Pray also for the steps to get these courses formal accreditation in Papua New Guinea.

19/1/19 Aitape West progress (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God for the recent distribution trips of the Aitape West translation teams in Papua New Guinea. They distributed copies of 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon. Please pray that God’s Word will be read and change peoples’ lives. In late November the teams drafted the first two chapters of Philippians. Please pray for preparations for a consultant checking workshop planned for late January. The teams will check 1 and 2 Peter, and 1 and 2 Thessalonians.

18/1/19 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise that the calendar finally went out early December! Praise for the promise of financial support from our church – an answer to prayer! Praise as we celebrate a family milestone together at Festival One – pray for a fun time away. Please pray for clarity as we plan the year ahead – projects to undertake, time management, networking and up-skilling.

17/1/19 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Please pray for planning for this year with Deeper Bible. One of the main thrusts this year is to get Deeper Bible online. Pray for wisdom, insight and creativity to move ahead with this. Included in the coming year’s schedule will be a visit back to Indonesia for a wedding in May and a block of teaching Deeper Bible 401 and 501 in Brazil in July. Please pray for the planning of these events to fit nicely with what is happening in New Zealand – DB 701 in Matamata and DB 401 – 701 in Manukau City plus other events.

16/1/19 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Please pray for Rob and Leanne as they attend Wycliffe Pacific Island Leaders meeting in Brisbane, 18-20 January, and also spend a few days with their supporting church and financial partners there. Pray these would be special opportunities to reconnect and encourage our ministry supporters.

15/1/19 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Is)
Please ask God to guide the translators as they continue their studies at Islands Bible Ministry. Pray for strength, alertness and focus for John as he checks the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. The contractor had to delay construction of our retaining wall until February; please pray that work can begin next month. Praise God for the opportunity to spend time together with the grandchildren during the holidays.

14/1/19 Phil & Chris Carr (PNG)
Please pray for wise and effective distribution arrangements for the mp3 players containing the first batch of audio Scriptures in Bamu. Ask God to speak very powerfully to people through these recordings.

13/1/19 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Please pray for wisdom for the team involved in drafting the budget for my new role with Wycliffe NZ.

12/1/19 Greg & Rosie Blok (New Zealand)
We plan to be in New Zealand from January until June or July. Please pray that we will use our time wisely and for good connections with family, friends and supporters. Pray for the ongoing work in the village also and that the Christians will continue to grow in their relationship with God.

11/1/19 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
Please pray for us as we say our goodbyes and return to Tanzania 13-15 January and that we will be able to quickly settle back into our work routines.

10/1/19 Leslie Foster (US)
I’m in the US for four-plus months and will be working remotely. Please pray that I can accomplish what is needed to be done while working via the internet. Please pray that I’ll be close to the Lord as I move around and visit family and friends.

9/1/19 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Please pray for wisdom for Chrissy to have a good balance between work and family responsibilities.

8/1/19 Kevin & Gillian Bird (Southeast Asia)
Praise God for safety on the roads and a great conference. We appreciate the deepening of relationships with fellow workers. Please pray for the planning and preparation for the Bible StoryTelling workshop. Pray for Kevin to come to grips with the app-making software he is learning for the Christian resources app.

7/1/19 Pacific Island Leaders’ Retreat (Global)
Every two years, Pacific Island leaders of the Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia Pacific Area come together for a time of retreat for mutual fellowship and encouragement. The retreat is planned for 18–20 January 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to the main meetings, a one day communications workshop will be conducted by the Area staff on 17 January for the communications personnel of these Alliance Organisations. Please pray for the Area staff working toward finalising the plans and preparations for these meetings.

6/1/19 Murray & Ruth (England)
Please pray for Murray as he travels to teach some difficult issues to Bible translation consultants in South East Asia 9–19 January. Pray too, as he travels on from there to a very high country to train 33 translators how to translate Proverbs into their nine separate languages from 21 January–2 February. For both of these, please pray for safety, sound sleeps and good health for all involved. Please pray for clear understanding across language and cultural barriers via an interpreter and that they will all learn new knowledge and skills.

5/1/19 Susan Shore (Philippines)
I am planning a trip to work with the teams. It will have been six months since I saw them last, so there is a lot to work on including a consultant check of 2 Samuel.

4/1/19 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Please pray for the Sasun language group which will have the Jesus Film dubbed this month. Pray too for Tammy doing a translation consultants course in Israel 6-19 January.

3/1/19 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Please continue to pray for Brian and Joan in their respective busy times through January and into February. Pray too for safety from bushfires, both in their workplaces and at home. Jolene has had only casual work for the past year. Please pray that sometime soon she will find more permanent work that she is able to do.

2/1/19 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Please pray Stephen will get some mental refreshment over the holiday period after a tiring year in 2018. He is planning to hand over some of his responsibilities as Finance Manager. Pray that the Lord’s choice of a new Finance Manager will be clear to those involved in the selection process.

1/1/19 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
The office will reopen 7 January. Please pray for some opportunities for rest and refreshment through the New Year period.

31/12/18 A Prayer for Bible Translators (Mexico)
Join with the Union of National Indigenous Translators (UNTI), Mexico in this prayer: ‘Lord, we thank you for the indigenous translators, whom you have called to be committed to one mission: to translate the Bible into the language of their communities. They have decided to leave all for your love revealed through your Word, the Bible. We ask that you guard the life of every translator against all the various dangers that confront them in their particular regions. Encourage and strengthen their hearts. Give them health and fill them with your Holy Spirit to translate your Word, so that our communities of Mexico will know that you love their identities and you speak their languages. Amen.’

30/12/18 Working Together for Literacy (West Africa)
Several countries in West Africa would benefit from an increased literacy rate. This will require effort from both the government and the non-governmental sectors. Please pray for good discussions about ways to improve literacy, especially in the minority language areas. Ask God for wisdom about who should develop literacy materials and how best to recruit and train teachers. Pray that these efforts will improve literacy levels and also the lives of many villagers in this region.

29/12/18 Progress in a Complex Project (West Africa)
Praise God for the progress being made in a complex project involving several dialects and teams working in different locations. The Eastern team has been working on Mark and John. The Western team has been working on Numbers and Hebrews. They were able to attend a workshop on translating Hebrews in September. Please pray for this team as they prepare to do community testing of the book of Numbers. They hope to be ready for the consultant check in January 2019. Pray that they will catch any weak areas of Revelation and 1, 2, and 3 John as they do a group read-through. Pray for God’s protection over each member of this large team.

28/12/18 Creating Several Levels of Written Materials (Southeast Asia)
Praise God for the expanding library of written materials for a language community in Southeast Asia. They began with foundational materials such as primers and an alphabet chart. Then several of the newly literate people began to write stories in their language from their own lives. The community now has a literacy programme going in 42 different villages. Please pray that these people continue to practice their new reading skills so they are ready to read the Scriptures that will be available soon.

27/12/18 David & Christine Foris (New Zealand, Mexico)
Praise God that David was able to complete the second edit of the Sochiapam Chinantec dictionary database four days prior to leaving San Pedro Sochiapam. There’s still lots of editing to do, but most of this can be done by David alone, just consulting with Francisco by Skype a few days each month. Our daughter Michelle, her daughter Haley, and Cyndi’s daughter Caitlin, travelled to Mexico with David. Michelle and Haley were with David for just two weeks, but Caitlin stayed with David until he returned to New Zealand on 10 November. All three girls had a very positive experience and are keen to return to Mexico.

26/12/18 Churches Asking for More Information (Vanuatu)
The need to learn more about Bible translation in the country is one of the areas identified in the recent ‘Bible Translation Vanuatu’ conference and expressed by church leaders in Vanuatu. Please pray for the leaders and staff of Bible translation agencies to take every opportunity to attend denominational church meetings and synods to share about what they do. Many church leaders were inspired to learn more about Bible translation and the importance of mother tongue scriptures during the conference.

25/12/18 Strengthening Friendships and Vision in Bible Translation (Vanuatu)
Thank God for the successful staging of the ‘Bible Translation Vanuatu’ conference in in Vanuatu this October. The conference provided the opportunity for church leaders from various denominations, leaders of Bible translation agencies and the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) to interact and fellowship with one another. Friendships were renewed and new ones formed. Please pray that the Bible translation movement in Vanuatu will expand into new areas. Pray that the Holy Spirit will maintain people’s interest and increase the vision for Bible translation among the ni-Vanuatu churches and people. Please pray for the VCC in their governing responsibility for religious work including Bible translation.

24/12/18 Clear Direction and Courage in Next Steps (Vanuatu)
Please ask the Lord for clear direction and courage as the leaders of the Vanuatu Bible Translation (VBT) seek the Lord for the way forward in developing the Bible translation movement in Vanuatu. Pray for the Lord’s discernment as they take the steps to build VBT into a viable, strong organisation. Pray for stronger partnerships to be developed and established amongst the ni-Vanuatu people. Ask for the Church in Vanuatu to take up ownership of the vision in partnership with the Bible translation organisations working there. Please pray for more women and young people to be given, and to enthusiastically take up, the opportunities to get involved.

23/12/18 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Praise God for three languages which now have the Jesus Film dubbed. Please pray that the final video copies will be ready by March.

22/12/18 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Praise God for Ross’s completed thesis in 2018 and the results that will bring about. Pray with us the central line of the Lord’s Prayer in New Zealand Sign Language — HEAVEN SAME WORLD (or ‘as in heaven so on earth’) — and imagine the Kingdom of God breaking through from heaven into our world and the world of the Deaf.

21/12/18 Open Doors for Translation (South Asia)
Please pray for leaders of a Bible translation organisation in South Asia. They are asking God to reveal His strategy to begin translation for a large people-group. Pray for God to open doors in a community that can serve as the base community for the translation. Ask God to provide introduction to someone who will work with them on the initial drafts.

20/12/18 Ira & Katy (Southeast Asia)
Ira is presently leading a team of 12 people, in seven different time zones and across three different continents. Please pray for the challenges that brings and decisions that need to be made. Katy misses her family in New Zealand, especially as it is the Christmas season. Pray that they would know God’s love and respond to Him.

19/12/18 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Please pray for a resolution to the ongoing unrest in Cameroon. We are thankful that the Bible translation work still continues. We ask for prayer for protection, provision and wisdom for the project workers and their families. Please pray also for physical and emotional healing for all those impacted.

18/12/18 Needing Direction for Future Work (South Asia)
One group in South Asia has finished drafting Hebrews and is working on I Peter. No organised church exists for speakers of this language. Due to religious pressure, many followers of Jesus no longer identify themselves as such. The remaining followers rarely meet together for fear of persecution. While Bible translation continues, evangelical witness and ministry in this group has dwindled to almost nothing. Please pray that the team will be given wisdom to know how to move forward to support the Scripture needs of this group. This could mean transitioning from translation to more immediate activities involving Scripture Use.

17/12/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God for a great year with Deeper Bible. Many have gained deeper insights and passion for digging into the Word for themselves. Please pray for Ian to prioritise time to complete the book for Deeper Bible 701. Pray too for a good refreshing break over the Christmas and New Year holiday. This has been an exceptionally busy year with much to praise God for but we are weary.

16/12/18 Potential Literacy Project (Philippines)
Please pray for the possibility for SIL LEAD staff in the Philippines to participate in a project with USAID, to begin in February 2019. They have limited personnel so please pray for some suitable Filipino partners and leaders to commit to help. Ask God for the willing involvement of Literacy and Education consultants serving in other countries who could contribute effectively to the project. Join them in praying that language communities with the greater needs can be included. Please pray for favour with the Department of Education authorities to reach those with the most need.

15/12/18 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Praise God for time spent with prayer partners, church mates and friends as well as accommodation in Auckland, Wellington and Palmerston North. The planned debrief in November wasn’t able to happen but praise God for working out another time for me 17–21 December; pray that I will gain much from this.

14/12/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Islands)
Please pray that translators Edmond, Luke and Father David will be able to begin the Islands Bible Ministry training in Honiara on 17 December. Praise God most of the small project funds have been raised. The summer course (English Grammar) is intensive. Ask God to help them grasp the concepts taught. Ask God to provide accommodation in Honiara for Luke and Father David.

13/12/18 Jesus Film Launch (Papua New Guinea)
The Suena and Zia language communities in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea have the Jesus Film in their languages. The film was celebrated on 10 November in both language communities. Please pray that many will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ as they view this film. The New Testaments for these two languages were dedicated in 1978 (for Suena) and 1982 (for Zia). The two New Testaments need to be revised. Please pray that there will be renewed interest for Bible translation and for revision work to begin. Pray that speakers of other nearby languages still without the Scriptures will be encouraged to start Bible translation work in their languages as they see the impact of the Word of God in the Suena and Zia communities.

12/12/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Please pray for good health — physical, mental and spiritual — for Adau, Domai, Phil and Chris. Please pray especially for Domai’s knees, and for protection from malaria for both Adau and Domai.

11/12/18 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
When everyone else starts to think about holidays, we are getting ready for the busiest time of the year. As school winds down, Brian and the rest of the maintenance crew can get into offices and classrooms to refurbish for the new year. Please pray for stamina as the weather heats up. Numbers for the SIL summer intensive are well down, but preparation time for Joan and the rest of the staff in December is still very busy.

10/12/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand, US)
Praise God for finishing teaching Language and Culture Learning at Eastwest. Please pray for the 21 students who are all getting ready to serve in cross-cultural ministry, that they will use what they have learned. Pray for my travel, first to South Korea on 11 December and then to the US on 13 December, that the flights will be smooth and my time with friends and family will be mutually encouraging.

9/12/18 Greg & Rosie Blok (New Zealand)
November has been good for us to catch up with friends and family and supporters. We need to return to Asia in December to renew our visas. Please pray we get them without hassle and that we could get back by Christmas. There is a Christmas outreach in our village mid-December. Please pray for more people to come to know Jesus. Please pray that our kids find holiday jobs and Thomas finds a new place to stay.

8/12/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Please pray for Murray as he has consultant-checking sessions on Psalms 38–51 scheduled for 11–19 December. The translation team will meet together in Sweden, but Murray will lead the session from home over the Internet. Pray for all technology to work well, for all the bits that need to be corrected or improved to be found, for good understanding despite the barriers of language and geography. Please pray also for Murray to prepare well for three back-to-back workshops in January and February.

7/12/18 Board Meetings: Wycliffe New Zealand
Please pray for the Board members as they meet 8 December and discuss the budget for 2019 as well as other business matters for Wycliffe New Zealand. Pray for wisdom and clarity in the issues brought up and a sense of God’s leading. Praise God for His faithfulness in all that has been accomplished over this past year.

6/12/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Stephen is thankful for a productive month’s work in November. Please pray he will cope with his full workload this month despite the interruptions of the holiday break.

5/12/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Pray that all the reports needed for the Board meeting on 8 December will come together well including budget plans for 2019. Pray for a good Christmas wind-up function for the office and Board on 7 December.

4/12/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
We are very thankful to be back to good health! Praise God that all three sons and two daughters-in-law and first grandchild are all doing well in their respective places and vocations. Please pray with us that our daughter-in-law Megan will have her New Zealand visa granted to enable her to live and work in New Zealand. Pray for Rob as he prepares for the Wycliffe New Zealand Board meeting 8 December. There is a new Communications Strategy proposal being presented for Board consideration as well as the budget for the next year’s fiscal year. Pray too for special family times with parents and children at Christmas.

3/12/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (Southeast Asia)
We are renewing our visas and driving licences in December. Please pray for favour with the officials. Praise God, we are both well, although tired. Staff support for transitions is going well. Praise God for the automation options for the Christian Facebook page. This is still going strong with many new members each day. Early December we are in Thailand before our second Growing Deeper conference 7–8 December and we want to get the most out of it. For Christmas we travel to the capital to join a local family.

2/12/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania, New Zealand)
Praise God for the opportunity to meet Elsie, our youngest grandchild, this month. Please pray that we will also get to spend quality time with our other family members while in New Zealand over Christmas/New Year. We leave Musoma on 2 December, and arrive in New Zealand 5 December.

1/12/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God for a good week of debrief training in November. Please pray for Fiona as she continues to learn about Member Care and develop appropriate policies. Praise God as Nathan receives his Boys’ Brigade Queen’s Award at Government House 1 December. Pray for safe driving to Wellington and back and for good connections with folk. Praise that Abi and Hannah have ended their study year well. Pray for guidance as they (and Nathan) consider study options for next year. Praise God for opportunities to shine the light of Jesus with our tutoring students and bushcraft course participants. Pray for Tim as he teaches River Safety on 8 December and for good planning and safety for the two Duke of Edinburgh groups organising tramps in December and February.

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30/11/18 Opportunity to Promote Bible Translation (Papua New Guinea)
Inspired Exhibit is coming to Papua New Guinea (PNG). This is a great opportunity for the organisations involved in Bible translation to promote the need for Bible translation in languages who are without the Scriptures. Pray for leaders of translation agencies in the country as they seek God’s guidance to prepare ways to engage with churches during this event. Pray that people involved in churches in PNG will receive the information they need to understand the importance of this Exhibit and how to promote Scripture translation and Scripture use. Pray for wisdom as preparations are done during the time leading up to the visit in July 2019.

29/11/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
We are flying home to New Zealand in early December to spend time with our family and meet our new granddaughter who was born in June. Please pray for safe travel, and that we will be able to experience a good mix of family time and restful interludes. Six young grandchildren makes family life both fun and exhausting!

28/11/18 Mother Tongue Translators (Philippines)
Please pray for the mother-tongue translation teams in the Philippines that God would sustain them in their translation work. Pray for good health, financial provision, and good team relationships. Pray also that they can be good advocates for the Word of God in their vernacular language in their churches and communities.

27/11/18 Launch of the Jesus Film in Two Language Communities (Kenya)
Bible Translaton and Literacy (BTL) in Kenya has partnered with Life Ministry in the production of the Jesus Film in two language communities located on the coast of Kenya. The two communities are among those where BTL staff began language development and translation work in the recent past. BTL’s role is to translate the book of Luke in order to facilitate the production of the film. The two films were launched on 11th and 13th October. Pray that the film will be an effective tool for evangelism.

26/11/18 Karan Allen (New Zealand)
Karan is very thankful for her recent time in Papua New Guinea, which she describes as “this amazing opportunity”. She also thanks God for inspiring the translators afresh, and for her being with translation colleagues again. Pray that the translators, and back-translators, would apply themselves to the task. Pray for protection for their families. Please pray for Karan’s sister as she continues to grieve the death of her husband. Pray for God to open the way for Karan to make another trip to Papua New Guinea next year. There are a number of obstacles to be overcome for this to happen, but God has done it before.

25/11/18 Bible Translation Consultants-in-training (Brazil)
Praise God for a workshop for translation consultants-in-training in Brazil, which was held 27 September–4 October. Pray for the 50 participants from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, and the United States. Pray that the skills they gained will help meet the considerable demand for capable consultants* throughout the Bible translation world. Thank God that José Rosas taught the participants what they need to know about the Paratext** translation software programme for consulting. Pray that they will gain a thorough grasp of the material and will use the programme to speed the consultation processes.
* A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.
** A software programme, Paratext allows translators to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of a translation draft.

24/11/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Pray for Wayne as he oversees a Kairos course in Hagen, Papua New Guinea on 26–30 November. This will follow on from the ‘Every Home for Christ’ Conference held. Pray that the facilitating of each session will be led effectively by local people as the movement is close to becoming totally led by PNG residents.

23/11/18 Spiritual Opposition (Asia)
Spiritual opposition seems to continually threaten Bible translation programmes in parts of Asia. Pray for open doors for partnerships, language development, and Scripture access. Pray for healthy leadership teams and effective succession plans. Pray for protection over the lives and work of all involved.

22/11/18 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Praise God for time to catch up with my friend in Palmerston North and enjoy the laid-back city. Pray for a good debriefing in Warkworth 25–29 November and wisdom and good health for the debriefers. I have an allergy to pollen so I need to adjust once more to New Zealand’s seasons with their moderate to high levels of pollen. Pray for wisdom as I do research for a replacement software package for WBTNZ personnel. Pray for a good response to the survey I wrote which aims to get input and involvement from our Wycliffe members.

21/11/18 Helping Neighbours Access Scripture (Global)
Praise God that Scripture is now available online in over 1400 languages. However, many people do not know what is available in their language until someone shows them. Pray that people worldwide will become aware of sites such as, and Pray that people will find and share online Bibles and Scripture resources.

20/11/18 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (US) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (Papua New Guinea)
We are thankful that Marva’s cancer has improved a little. Please pray for Ken Nayau who will not be able to get the revision of the Manambu New Testament he has finished, checked by a consultant this year. Ask the Lord to guide him in how best to use his time and for a consultant to become available as soon as possible.

19/11/18 Translation Advisor Needed (Southeast Asia)
Pray that the Lord will guide someone to fill the role of translation advisor for a language team left vacant when the former advisor’s family left for medical reasons. The local translators continue moving forward with remote help, but they feel they would benefit from having a translation advisor to walk alongside them again. Pray that this need can be filled soon.

18/11/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
I had to cancel my October–November trip due to major catastrophic events in the city I go through. Pray that people will seek the Lord. Praise that the teams are all safe.

17/11/18 Building and Strengthening Leaders’ Follow-up (Pacific)
The ‘English Immersion Experience’ programme in Australia scheduled for this year has been cancelled. Several people from another counterpart organisation registered but did not get their Australian visas approved in time. Maxy Koloamatangi, Director for Wycliffe Tonga Mission (WTM) was preparing to spend the months of October to December in Australia to participate in this programme. Pray for Wycliffe Australia staff as they work with Maxy to work out other ways to assist him with his English proficiency. Pray that visas will be granted for others still waiting so that they can take part in the training next year.

16/11/18 Kirsten Mills (New Zealand)
Please pray for all those who took part in the Window On Wycliffe orientation in October. May the Holy Spirit be at work in their hearts to prepare them for service according to His call.

15/11/18 Greg & Rosie Blok (New Zealand)
We are back in New Zealand for Temporary Home Assignment until June/July 2019. Praise God for the courses we attended in the US. Please pray for good connections here in New Zealand. Please also pray for Xanthe to get set up in Wellington for university.

14/11/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Is)
Praise God John is experiencing relief from headaches and has recovered from a bad cold in October. Please ask God to make a way for Edmond, Luke, and Father David to begin Islands Bible Ministry (IBM) training in December. We are trusting God for the provision of funds and for accommodation for Luke and Father David. Ask God to help John focus on completing the check of Matthew.

13/11/18 Cultural Diversity Tour New Zealand – Leslie Foster and Sheryl Silzer
Praise God for a wonderful response from those who have attended the ‘Building Cultural Awareness’ seminars during our 2018 Cultural Diversity Tour. One participant said, ‘I loved the workshop—it made me really think about my approach, communication and understanding.’ Sheryl Silzer and I heard this same sentiment from others in all the different places. Pray that the Discussion Guide which was written specifically for the tour, will be used in small groups to build understanding with those who interact with others from different cultures.

12/11/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
We have a major decision to make regarding the home that we own in Brisbane. We would really appreciate your prayers to know God’s mind and will to guide us clearly in this. Leanne is carrying added responsibility in her role as Teacher’s Assistant for the Foods and Hospitality Department at Onehunga High School, since the Head of Department left suddenly at the end of last term. I continue to enjoy the dual roles I am responsible for, (Director for Wycliffe New Zealand and International Ministries Pastor at Mt Albert Baptist Church) and am very grateful for God’s strength and enabling to do this, and also for the wonderful teams I serve with. Please pray that I will continue to find good balance in these respective roles while maintaining good health and appropriate personal/family time.

11/11/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Praise God for help when we got a flat tyre on the bike. We had to stop because of cows on the road and then saw our tyre. No other help was available for another five kilometres. Praise God that Gillian’s lungs are much improved—but dry season is coming. Praise God for new connections with local Christians and the sharing of resources. Please pray for stamina—November is busy with a visiting team coming from 12 November–3 December and we will be travelling with them for the latter part. Pray for wisdom to know the best ways to support the staff who have been made redundant due to lack of funding. Pray for preparation and the logistics for the joint holiday in Thailand—second week of December—with family who are returning to New Zealand after four years away.

10/11/18 Training Course in Cameroon
Pray for God’s protection over the two-month training course in Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement for students from Francophone Africa which began 15 October in Cameroon.

9/11/18 David & Christine Foris (New Zealand, Mexico)
Please pray for fine weather in Sochiapam. There has been so much rain it is impossible for Wilf to have the erosion of land and a retaining wall repaired which is part of the Literacy Centre. Give thanks for David and Francisco’s good progress on the dictionary revision. Our granddaughter, Caitlin, who is in Mexico with David has enjoyed teaching English at the local High School and doing physiotherapy-type exercises with a young woman who was badly injured in a horrific accident. Pray for safe travel for David and Caitlin as they return to New Zealand on 10 November.

8/11/18 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Please pray for wisdom and productivity for Chrissy as she catches up with work after taking time out for family responsibilities. Pray for Martin as he prepares and plans for two trips to Africa in the new year. As always its tricky to arrange the timing to suit everyone. Please pray for clarity and wisdom.

7/11/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Stephen is grateful for progress on catching up with routine work. Please pray he will be able to get right up to date by the end of the year. Pray too that he will handle all the details well this month as he compiles the 2019 budget for the Board to approve at its December meeting.

6/11/18 Robbie & Debbie Petterson (Papua New Guinea)
We are back in Papua New Guinea visiting the Baimuru and Mouwase tribes in November. We will be visiting literacy school teachers in the Baimuru area, and doing some end-of-year testing to see how they are getting on with teaching their children to read. Also we will be launching the Jesus Film for the Mouwase tribe on 29 November. We are thankful to have had indirect contact with the Mouwase people via someone with email. Please pray for the Mouwase people and the church in the area, as they organise the celebration, and receive the message of the film. We depart from Papua New Guinea 7 December. While we are away, other family will come and look after Robbie’s father.

5/11/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Please pray for the final sessions of Deeper Bible 601, especially for the ‘Experiencing the Bible’ evenings (Matamata Baptist 5 November, Manukau City Baptist 14 November). Pray for the final work to be done on the 701 level book. Ian’s planned teaching in Brazil in January has had to be postponed until July. Pray for the logistics for that to work out. Praise God that the Prayer Directory has been completed and sent out to those who requested it. Tania hopes to retire from this Prayer Coordinator’s role. Pray for God’s person with a heart for this ministry to replace her.

4/11/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Please pray that Tim and Fiona will be equipped as they attend debriefing training in Algies Bay 5–9 November. Pray for God’s provision so that Fiona can reduce her tutoring hours and focus on Member Care. Pray that Tim meets deadlines for the calendar, prioritises his heavy workload this month and continues good back care. Praise God for opportunities Tim had to lead hikes in God’s amazing creation in Northland last month. Please pray that recipients of the outdoor training he is helping with this month (10, 11, 17, 18 November) will be blessed. Pray for Hannah, Abi and Nathan as they sit exams, and that all of the children will continue growing in God.

3/11/18 Leslie Foster (NZ)
Please pray for my trip to Bangkok, Thailand, 5—10 November as I attend a training meeting for those in the Asia-Pacific region of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Pray not only for safe travel but also for God’s will to be accomplished during that time.

2/11/18 Murray & Ruth (New Zealand, England)
Pray for our last three weeks in New Zealand (until 26 November) as we share in churches. Keep asking God to use us to inspire new Wycliffe prayer groups in New Zealand. There are three potential groups so far. Prayer is vital to the work of Wycliffe, so thank you for yours! Pray too for our three adult children and their families while we’re away.

1/11/18 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Praise God for a successful translation workshop with three Jesus Film scripts approved for dubbing. Pray for the logistics of the dubbing — each language will take about 10 days — throughout November in the villages. The translators are very excited for the possible outreach from these films. David has already begun preparing in earnest for the next LEAD Asia Community of Practice in May 2019, as he will have a central part in it. David and Tammy have some major decisions to make very soon, concerning where to base their ministry and lives for now. Please pray for more complete knowledge, for wisdom to understand it, and for courage and strength to make a decision.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

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We love because He first loved us.