Pray Today


24/1/18 Serving language teams (Papua New Guinea)
The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) currently oversees 12 translation projects in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. Two more new languages are listed to begin translation work soon. For many years, the language teams from this province were served and assisted from another province. There has been a growing need to establish an office closer to the teams to serve them. Opportunities are now opening up for PNGBTA to partner with a church in the city of Lae to see an office established. Ask the Lord for His wisdom and clear direction for the leadership of both groups as they discuss and collaborate on this matter.

23/1/18 Board meeting (Solomon Islands)
Pray for the Board of Bible Translation Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands. They plan to come together to discuss and provide direction for the organization. The Director, Pastor Andrew Fanasia needs a lot of help with his work. Lack of finances and key personnel has been a major and ongoing challenge. Ask the Lord to strengthen the Board members so that they can assist Pastor Fanasia in seeking ways to address these challenges. Ask the Lord to help him and his wife to maintain focus and trust in the Lord despite these challenges.

22/1/18 Leslie Foster (US-New Zealand)
Praise God that the collaboration with the Language Fuel Academy is going well with three of my Language Learning Skills courses already published, the premium membership now available and more courses in the works. Pray for 100 people to join as foundation members so that as we work with them, we can fine-tune the courses and coaching to provide them with the help needed to learn a new language and culture. Pray for wisdom for me in planning this year that I will be able to pace myself better.

21/1/18 The Bible in Indonesian Javanese (Suriname)
Praise God that the project to adapt the Indonesian Javanese Old and New Testaments into Suriname Javanese is nearing the finish line. Pray for the translation team and reviewers. One reviewer underwent heart surgery and is recovering. Another has been ill for a year. Both continue to contribute. The consultant checks* of each book were completed this year. The manuscript is with the Korean Bible Society for typesetting. Pray that the format and layout will be easy for people to read and use. Lift up the literacy and Scripture engagement activities in progress. Ask God to raise up many readers for the Bible.

*Consultant check:  A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation very thoroughly with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

20/1/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand-Philippines)
Pray for wisdom concerning possible further downsizing of the team, and for planning what happens in 2018 both for the team and for the Hunts as they near the completion of the Old Testament project for the Matigsalug people.

19/1/18 Annual vision trip (Japan)
Wycliffe Japan conducts annual vision trips for Japanese youth. The vision trips highlight Bible translation projects in the Philippines. The next trip is from March 15-29, to the Ifugao community in the Philippines. Please pray for the coordinators, Takashi Fukuda and Hiroe Kanetsugu, as they prepare the logistics of the trip and as they process the applications. Pray for the applicants to have hearts that are ready to catch the vision for Bible translation. Pray for safety and protection as the team travels.

18/1/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God that Abi has been accepted into Excel School of Performing Arts for 2018! Pray that we will know God’s guidance as we create work goals for 2018 including increasing opportunities in video and growing Bible Storytelling. Pray for creative ideas and good planning as we start to work on the March edition of Living Words magazine.

17/1/18 Strengthening vision (Tonga)
The mission focus of Bible Translation Organization Tonga (BTOT) is to raise missionaries and send them out to participate in the Bible translation movement around the world. Their specific target area is Melanesia where their forefathers went in the nineteenth century in obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). BTOT sent their first member, Lupe Mokena, to serve with the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association. She arrived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on the 20 November. Even though BTOT does not have all the resources to develop itself at home, it has taken this huge step of faith. Pray that this will result in many spiritual breakthroughs for BTOT. Ask the Lord to renew the vision of the mission of God in the hearts of believers in the church in Tonga.

16/1/18 Phil & Chris Carr (New Zealand-Papua New Guinea)
Ask God to give alertness and wisdom to Adau and Domai as they continue to revise various New Testament books. Phil and Chris leave New Zealand 18 January. Pray for safe travel and for God’s help for Phil and Chris as they adjust to life back in Papua New Guinea.

15/1/18 Preparing Luke (Gabon)
Praise God for the good start on the linguistic study needed for eight languages in Gabon. This is to prepare for the translation and checking of the book of Luke over three years. The translation teams have homework before their February workshop. Pray for them as they collect some stories in each of these languages. This will help them as they prepare to translate the narratives about Jesus in Luke. Pray for the staff of the workshop as they prepare the various details for their time together.

14/1/18 Beginning translation for eight languages (Gabon)
Praise God for the new translation cluster project for eight languages in Gabon. The translators are excited to be focused on their languages. Each team has already collected a mini-dictionary of 800-1000 words and created an alphabet chart for their language. Praise God for the spiritual life of these translators. They have a spirit of unity in their teams and a true joy in worship during their devotional times. They also show a strong dependence on God. Ask God to strengthen them as they prepare for the next workshop in February.

13/1/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Praise God that our second son, Callum, and his wife Olivia, are expecting their first child 1 June. Pray that the Lord would prepare their hearts for parenthood. As Caryl turns 65 on 9 May 2018 and plans to retire from the office functions of her member-care role, please pray that God would begin His work to find her replacement.

12/1/18 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Give praise for thirteen of the projects that Martin works with which are scheduled to have their New Testaments completed in 2018. Pray that they may be completed without delays and that God will use these to transform the lives of those language groups.

11/1/18 Ross & Kathleen Caughley (New Zealand–South Asia)
Rejoice with us: I had my three-monthly Oncologist check-up and all is well and I am now onto six-monthly check-ups, so my next one is not until May. This means that Ross now feels free to plan another visit to our favourite country! Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s clear guidance. Pray also that his computer will behave itself. Problems can be very time consuming!

10/1/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God that our son Mark and his wife Bette, are expecting their first child, and our first grandchild in April. Please pray for continued good health for both baby and Bette. Please pray for guidance as we in Wycliffe New Zealand look to the Lord for another busy year ahead.

9/1/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand)
Praise God for an encouraging message from Bishop Leonard of Temotu Diocese.  Ask God to guide us in planning travel to the Solomon Islands to meet with him and the Reef Island church leaders in February 2018.  Praise God too for the Äiwoo dictionary published earlier this year by Ashild Naess, a Norwegian linguist.

8/1/18 Wilf & Anita Flores (US-Mexico)
Wilf will be speaking in a couple of churches in January and then travel to Mexico for SIL Executive Committee meetings. Pray for safety during the travel and the preparation for travelling to New Zealand in February.

7/1/18 David & Tammy Price (US-Asia)
Pray for the translators to focus on their work after the Christmas holidays, as they finish the village testing, and also prepare for the workshop in February. Specifically, pray for the Sasun and Imaba teams who have had computer problems and will need to work extra hard to be ready in time.

6/1/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand-Brazil)
Pray for Ian’s time in Brazil 8–18 January (and travel days either side). It will be a very intensive course of Deeper Bible covering three levels over an 11-day period. Pray for Ian and his interpreter to work well together as the course is all in Portuguese. Pray that the students will be able to take in all that they are learning and that it will not just to be head-knowledge but to go deeper and touch their lives. Pray for safe travel and adjustment to the difference in time zones.

5/1/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
SIL Australia’s summer course runs 5 January–16 February. Pray for good community, good learning, good health, and protection during the fire season.

4/1/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (Australia–New Zealand)
Pray for Mary is she teaches at the summer Linguistics course at Kangaroo Ground, Melbourne. Pray also for the translation advisory group as they meet together to finalise plans for the year.

3/1/18 Brian & Joan Finlay (SIL, Australia)
Pray for Joan to have the stamina to teach at SIL’s six-week summer school called Launch. Pray that the students will gain much as they study and interact with the staff. Continue to pray for Brian and the team as they work to the deadline to have all the maintenance, buildings, equipment and grounds, including the new playground, completed before the beginning of the new school year.

2/1/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray 1–20 January as he prepares beforehand and then as he goes to Sweden 14 – 20 January to work with a translation team of refugees. Thirty-five million speak their Bibleless language! He will check the accuracy of their drafted psalms and upskill them for completing the other books.

1/1/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
We will spend the first week of January at the Mara Project before heading back to Dar es Salaam for Orientation. It will be hot and humid on the coast. Please pray that our bodies will cope well with the changes, and we will be flexible and teachable during Orientation.

31/12/17 Eastern Bontok: (Philippines)
When the Eastern Bontok received the New Testament in 2004, they immediately decided they wanted the Old Testament, too! Four members of the community have worked on the translation while other organizations have provided consultant help to ensure faithfulness to the original texts. Thank the Lord for sustaining two of the team members when the other two left the project last year. Intercede for the current two translators, that God will grant them excellent health and daily wisdom. Pray for the Lord to provide a consultant to help the team get everything ready for publication. Ask Jehovah-Jireh to provide finances to print the New and Old Testaments together as one book.

30/12/17 Appreciation for Scripture Translation (Southeast Asia)
Praise God that the consultant check of the book of Ruth went well in one language community. The participants were eager to have God’s Word in their language soon. The translators brought a video about Solomon’s temple to show to one of the language speakers. They told those preparing the meal about the video, and all watched the video together. It was followed by a question and answer session about the temple and Jesus. Preaching from the checked verses from Ruth brought expressions of appreciation for the translation, and gifts for a fund toward the translation work.

29/12/17 Tugutil: (Asia)
Praise the Lord, a prototype of the Tugutil Bible App was developed last year. This makes it possible for all the translated and checked Scriptures, from both the Old and New Testaments, to be available on Android phones and tablets. Lift up the translation team as they gather feedback from Tugutil speakers on the books of Luke and Acts. Pray for useful observations that will ensure that the books are clear and natural sounding. Ask Jehovah-Jireh to lead new team members to live in the village area. They could help disciple believers and allow the translation team to focus on completing the New Testament. Give thanks, a consultant checked and approved the translation of Matthew, Romans 12-16 and 2 Corinthians earlier this year. Once Luke and Acts are also finished and checked by a consultant, the New Testament can be prepared for printing!

28/12/17 New Master of Arts (Ministry) program: (Australia)
Pray for those preparing the new Master of Arts (Ministry) program in Australia. It will offer an advanced qualification in Applied Linguistics along with preparation as a practitioner-researcher in language development or related missiological fields. It will also prepare graduates to enter a research doctoral program through the Australian College of Theology. Pray for the professors as they develop the new courses. Ask God to send qualified students for the first term which begins February 2018.

27/12/17 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Pray for us forming new relationships, especially as we attend the M’Lup Russey Conference 27 December. Pray for continued adjustment to heat and settling into our new environment, safety on the roads, etc. Pray for visa renewals to go smoothly as our first ones are for one month only and expire shortly.

26/12/17 Murray & Ruth (England)
Praise God for the success of a Psalms-checking workshop in November in a large Asian country. Murray’s illness limited his input from afar and forced the local trainee consultants to step forward. They grew in confidence and skill – and the workshop goals were achieved “more than we imagined” (Eph 3:20).

 Seasons Greetings from Wycliffe New Zealand!

 Thank you for your prayer ministry which is of such great value and essential in building God’s Kingdom. May God bless You!

“Don’t be afraid, Mary,” the angel told her, “for you have found favor with God!   You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name Him Jesus. He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David.  And He will reign over Israel forever; His Kingdom will never end!” Luke 1:30-33

“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2:14

24/12/17 Kevin & Jillian Connole (New Zealand – Tanzania)
Pray for us as we fly out from New Plymouth 24 December heading to Tanzania. Please pray for God’s grace and peace for us and our family. Pray for safe travel, good health, and also for adjustment to time zone and heat.

23/12/17 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Praise for a good consultant check on the first 25 Psalms. It helped a lot that we had processed notes already from another consultant, so it was just tidying up. Also we had a good workshop and made progress on Proverbs and 1 Samuel. The teams will have a break over Christmas but need to work again in January.

22/12/17 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise that the Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering was a wonderful time together and for the great team effort by our office staff. Please pray for a special time of rest and refreshment over this Christmas and New Year period for all our team who work faithfully here in New Zealand, and for our team scattered around the world serving in often isolated and difficult situations. Pray, too, for Leanne and me that we will also find opportunities for rest, relaxation and refreshment during this Christmas season amidst the busyness of it all.

21/12/17 Ross & Kathleen Caughley (New Zealand – South Asia)
Rejoice with us – I had my three-monthly Oncologist check-up and all is well and I am now onto six-monthly check-ups so my next one is not until May. This means that Ross now feels free to plan another visit to our favourite country! Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s clear guidance. Pray also that his computer will behave itself. Problems can be very time consuming!

20/12/17 David & Tammy Price (USA-Asia)
Pray for final processing of visas for our Kuri Pasai consultants, in preparation for the next workshop which is in February. We need them in early January.

19/12/17 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand)
Keep praying for guidance/favour as we apply for resource consent from the Council to rebuild the retaining walls, requiring cooperation from surveyors, engineer, and planning consultant.

18/12/17 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God for a church and an individual that raised enough to cover the cost of getting the Matigsalug Bible typeset (laying out all the pages). Meanwhile, we heard from the team that the book of Job has just been approved by the consultant. Please pray for the team to finish off the last little bits of the final three books, and then for consultants to become available to check them. (Usually consultants have projects of their own, so it’s not always easy for them to dedicate time to checking books for other teams.)

17/12/17 Mel Bowen (New Zealand)
Please pray for Dorothy and I as we travel to the far North of New Zealand – to the ‘Cooper’s Beach Christian Camp’. I will be one of the guest-speakers at the coming ‘Summer family-camp’ to be held there in early January 2018. Please pray for me as I prepare for and subsequently deliver five messages at this event.

16/12/17 Conference on language assessment and multilingualism: Global
Pray for a combined conference that will bring together people from different parts of the Bible Translation and Language Development movement in May 2018. They will meet this way in order to make the most of funding and to work together towards understanding how to best serve multilingual communities. Pray for those submitting abstracts in December, and for those finalizing the conference schedule. Pray for those interested in being part of the Community of Practice related to multilingual and urbanization issues.

15/12/17 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Praise and pray for the upcoming dedication of the Ngomba New Testament in Cameroon 16 December.  Pray too for the safe arrival of the completed New Testaments in three other projects that Martin works with. They are either being printed or already on their way by ship to the countries where the people are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

14/12/17 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise that the 2018 calendar has been sent out. Pray that those who receive it will be encouraged. Praise for tramping opportunities in December and January – some with Abi and Nathan and then two weeks on our own (Tim & Fiona). Pray for good conditions and personal growth and refreshment. Pray for Samuel as he completes his assignments and finishes his level four arboriculture course. Pray for Josh as he looks for a new flat to rent. Praise that Hannah passed her learner’s driving license. Pray as she learns to drive, finalises papers and arranges accommodation for her study in Christchurch for 2018.

13/12/17 Leslie Foster (New Zealand – USA)
Praise for a great time with my 15 students in Tools for Language Learning at Eastwest College. Please pray for them in their upcoming cross-cultural ministry situations where they will need to use what they have learned. I fly to the USA on 13 December and return to Auckland on 4 February. Pray for my time with family and friends, especially with my parents. Pray for rest and refreshment as it’s been an intense year with next year looking to be similar. Praise the Lord for His abundant provision. I look back on this year and marvel at the ministry opportunities I have had.

12/12/17 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand)
Give thanks for steady progress in the revision of the New Testament. Mai and Kevin have completed John, Colossians and Philemon, and are now working on the remaining chapters of Romans and 1 Corinthians. Pray for God’s timing for daily sessions to eventuate and for sustained work at this busy time. Pray that the Translation advisory group can meet together this month.

11/12/17 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise that the Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering was a great time together. Praise for a great year teaching Deeper Bible. In January Ian will be teaching Deeper Bible levels 1 – 3 intensively in Brazil. The material is currently being translated. Pray that this will be completed by them and books printed in time. In the meantime work on Online Deeper Bible is slow. Pray that Ian and the team working with him on this can get the necessary time together to work efficiently. They are all busy people. Pray that Satomi and Tania can continue to work towards completing the Wycliffe New Zealand Prayer Directory. Pray that we can have some relaxed holiday time over Christmas and New Year.

10/12/17 Kevin & Jillian Connole (New Zealand – Tanzania)
Pray for us as we spend our last weeks in New Zealand finalising everything. We fly out from New Plymouth 24 December. We are not looking forward to having to say goodbye to our children and grandchildren! Please pray for God’s grace and peace for us and our family. Pray also for adjustment to time zone and heat.

9/12/17 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (USA) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (Papua New Guinea)
Ken Nayau is near to finishing the revision of the Manambu New Testament in rough draft. He is planning to visit the Manambu villages in December and January to check it with the village people. Rosa is doing a Back-To-English translation for the consultants to use when the checking is done next year. The goal is to have it ready to go to the printers in 2019. Satan fears the Word of God and is attacking. Ken has suddenly become very weak and needs Rosa to help him around. Please join us in asking God to bring unexpected good out of this situation.

8/12/17 Phil & Chris Carr (New Zealand – Papua New Guinea)
Ask God to strengthen the new believers, especially those who responded to the Jesus Film in Bamu in November. Praise God that Carr’s house in Christchurch has sold.  Pray for God’s help for them in all the little details as they prepare to return to Papua New Guinea.

7/12/17 May Kirkham (Papua New Guinea – New Zealand)
Pray that I would finish well and that the children in my classes will want Jesus to be their friend. School finishes 12 December and I expect to be in New Zealand for Christmas. The regular class teacher returns mid-January from her furlough. Please be praying for the needs we have for teachers and administrators in the school year commencing July 2018. Ukarumpa is a great place to teach

6/12/17 Wilf & Anita Flores (Mexico – USA)
Praise the Lord that our kids are doing well and really enjoying their school while in the US. Anita’s part-time work is going really well at the local school. Wilf finished editing the book of Malachi in November and it is now being back translated. Pray for more opportunity to present the ministry of Bible translation. Wilf will have a heart stress scan 6 December, please pray that it will go well.

5/12/17 Window on Wycliffe
Praise for the Wycliffe orientation and connection with participants. Pray for God’s leading in their lives as they seek His will for their future. Give thanks for the great team effort by staff members. Thank you for praying.

4/12/17 Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering
We praise God for a very special ‘Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering’ held at Willow Park last month. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement and inspiration. It was a huge team effort on the part of the Office Team and we give much thanks and praise to God for all He did.

3/12/17 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Ross will be delivering a presentation on The Lord’s Prayer in New Zealand Sign Language at a theology conference in early December and still finishing his thesis. Pray that this goes well. Pray for a refreshing break over Christmas for both Ross and Jo as they meet extended family and for guidance in the New Year.

2/12/17 Brian & Joan Finlay (SIL Australia)
Pray for Joan 2-9 December helping run a one-week introductory language course in Tasmania at a Bible College. She will also be preparing to teach at SIL’s Summer School which begins after Christmas. Brian and the rest of the property and maintenance team at Plenty Valley Christian College will be working hard over the holidays getting the buildings, equipment and grounds ready for classes in 2018. This includes the new play-ground for the Early Learning Centre. Pray for good teamwork.

1/12/17 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Thanking God for good goodbye’s and time spent both being with friends and with family; for all the safe times we have had on the road – (approximately 2,500 kilometres in the last ten days) and the generosity of new friends. We left New Zealand 30 November. Pray for us adjusting to warmer temperatures as we arrive in South East Asia; forming new relationships – M’Lup Russey Conference 27 December specifically; finding and settling into a new house; travel on the roads; Visa renewals as our first ones are for a month only.

30/11/17 Epi Cluster Project – Baki, Lamen and Lewo Languages: (Vanuatu)
Last year was a pivotal year for the Baki translation project. The Baki New Testament was typeset but lacks final checks by an advisor. Pray that this will be accomplished soon so it can be sent for printing. Pray also that the recording of the New Testament will soon be completed. Thank the Lord that the Lewo New Testament is now in the hands of the people! A dedication was held on March 2 in Nikaura village. The celebration was so impressive that one elder of the village commented, “Nikaura will never see anything like this again!” Ask God to anoint each copy and for great fruit to result as the Lewo read and meditate on God’s Word in their heart language. Lift up the Lamen team, asking the Lord to encourage them and overcome obstacles. They are very close to completing the translation, but community issues have surfaced. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reign and for the community to get behind the project.

29/11/17 The Ramuki Project: (South East Asia)
“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” (James 5:16b, NLT). The Ramuki project has needed much prayer as longtime conflicts resurfaced causing delays in the translation process. God used prayer to bring mediation and resolve some of the problems and the New Testament was sent for typesetting in July. Ask God to give the team members good attention to detail as they proofread and check spelling, pictures, captions and consistency of formatting and key terms. Pray that God will “pour out a spirit of grace and prayer” on the Ramuki team and leaders, as he promised Zechariah for the house of David (Zechariah 12: 10b, NLT). Pray for a mistake-free printing process that will result in quality books. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw the Ramuki community into a living, vital relationship with Christ.

28/11/17 Minaveha Old Testament Project: (Papua New Guinea)
The Minaveha received the New Testament in their heart language in 2009. A team has been working on the Old Testament, along with revising the New Testament. Praise the Lord that the translation of the Old Testament, initial checking, and review by a committee was completed last year. Pray for good feedback when the manuscript is checked by Minaveha speakers in the community. The team wants to make sure it communicates accurately and naturally. They are currently (October-December) reviewing Deuteronomy through the Psalms — over 10,000 verses! Pray that they will find any errors or sections needing improvement. Ask the Lord to give strength and good health to all the translators involved. Lift up the need for additional financial support for the translation project in light of increased prices in the country. Pray for reliable and safe boat travel for the team as well as reliable equipment.

27/11/17 Ira & Katy (SE Asia)
Keep praying for safety on the roads and Ira’s software work which is challenging. We have moved house from our spacious one with a nice setting to a smaller, more basic one with little garden. Change is always unsettling but also good for us. Pray for us and the children as we set up and organise this new place. We have many things to organise as we prepare to come to New Zealand for six months in January. Housing, working out schools for our three younger ones, sorting out accommodation for Silvia here. We are aiming to live in the Papakura area. We continue to support our friends and colleagues, the Princes, whose 17 year old daughter was in a serious accident and is in hospital. Please pray for her good recovery and the adjustment of her family as they work towards her physical rehabilitation.

26/11/17 Pukapuka Translation: (Cook Islands / New Zealand / Australia) (7,000 speakers)
Following a decision to produce a diglot version of the Pukapuka New Testament, the translation team began a review of the whole New Testament. Lift up Kevin and Mai as they hone and polish the final books. They have revised John, Acts, Romans and 1 Corinthians this year. Uphold Mai, who has outside employment while working part-time on the translation. Pray for consistent and effective communication via Skype with scattered members of the translation committee, and for final confirmation of how to translate key biblical terms. Ask God to give Mary wisdom and strength as she completes consultant checks and oversees final adjustments in the text. Lift up Kevin as he compiles a bilingual glossary, an index of topics and key terms, and a small concordance to include in the New Testament. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring great fruit from the daily readings posted on Facebook and by email.

25/11/17 Pang Translation Project (Asia)
The Pang translation project encountered major difficulties last year. One of the older translators had to resign due to failing eyesight, another translator had a stroke and died, and the project facilitator left the program. Praise God for the growing relationship the local church has with Kartidaya, an Indonesian Bible translation agency. Working together, they re-formed the translation team. New members have joined and an experienced facilitator agreed to work with the project until the New Testament is completed. Lift up the team as the new ones are trained and as they all learn to work together. May God’s grace unify them. Pray that they will produce a translation that clearly, naturally and accurately conveys the Good News for the Pang people. In light of the losses they’ve experienced, ask the Lord to lead them to a revised plan for completing the New Testament that is realistic and effective. Pray for Jehovah-Jireh to provide funding for the project since the former source is no longer available.

24/11/17 Kevin & Jillian Connole (New Zealand)
We are feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to see so much of the beauty of the South Island as we travel and speak to various groups. Please continue to pray that our immigration documents will be processed correctly; theoretically they should be completed in November.

23/11/17 Launch of Kasua New Testament
Praise God that the Kasua New Testament is being launched today (26 October). Pray that the living word will transform the lives of the Kasua people in southwest Papua New Guinea.

22/11/17 Communication network: Vanuatu
Praise the Lord for the provision of smart phones for the Vanuatu Bible Translation (VBT) program coordinators. This helps them to develop their communication network. Program coordinators live in their villages on different islands. Having the phones helps them stay in touch with each other for encouragement and support. They use the various social media networks available to them to discuss matters of mutual concern and interest. Pray for Serah Sanhabat, secretary for VBT, as she works in coordinating this communication link along with all the other work she does. The use of the smart phones has cut down on travel costs which are very expensive in the country.

21/11/17 Leadership development: Vanuatu
Ask the Lord to strengthen Kalite Tamau, the Chairman of Vanuatu Bible Translation. Pray that he will relate well and build a strong and effective leadership team. Seek wisdom for him as he works together with the translation program coordinators and Secretary Serah Sanhabat in developing their group. Praise the Lord for the good working relationships and support they have with other partner organizations in the Bible translation ministry.

20/11/17 Ross & Kathleen Caughley (New Zealand, South Asia)
Thank you for continued prayer. I (Kathleen) continue to gain strength. I am often much more tired than I would like to be but am glad I can broaden my activities. My next Oncology appointment is 21 November. Ross continues at his computer work and archiving of old photos.

19/11/17 Wilf & Anita Flores (Mexico)
Praise the Lord that the draft of Old Testament into Chinantec has been done; for safety on the road when we travelled to visit supporters in Canada last month. Also for the opportunity that William and Kylie (Maggie) have to go to school this year in Anita’s hometown and for Anita’s part-time work in the local school. Pray for the people who lost their loved ones and those who lost their houses during the recent earthquakes, rain and landslides in Mexico in the last couple of months. Pray for opportunities to share what God is doing in Mexico through Bible translation. Pray for the Lord to give Wilf wisdom and focus as he continues to revise the draft of the Old Testament.

18/11/17 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand)
Praise God for the good responses at the two Kairos Courses in Tonga where 26 participated in the courses, and 11 received Facilitator training! God changed minds and hearts as their eyes were opened to see His heart for the nations. Ask God to help them take their next steps as they seek to obey His calling. Ask Him to guide BTO Tonga in planning Kairos for 2018. On the home front, ask God to guide us as we begin the Resource Consent process for the retaining wall.

17/11/17 Visas Needed (Asia)
Obtaining visas is becoming more challenging in two countries in Asia. Pray for a long-term partner organisation that is currently receiving no visa extensions and many workers have needed to leave. Pray for wisdom in answering complicated questions when visa officials follow up on visa applications. Pray that strategic short-term visits by administrators and member care workers would be possible. Specifically pray that workers with this organisation would be able to continue to get visas to live and work in the country.

16/11/17 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for continued healing of my left foot and ankle. Please pray as I deal with bone density issues that have come to light since the accident. Praise for the publication of my first two online courses with Language Fuel. Please pray that they would be helpful for people who need language learning training. Praise for a good start to Tools for Language Learning at Eastwest in Gordonton. There are 15 keen students from seven countries. I’ll be teaching there two days a week for all of November. Please pray for wisdom as I work with the students and for safe travel. Pray for Lyn Woodford, my co-teacher and I as we work with the students to help them develop their language learning skills.

15/11/17 Translation goals (West Asia)
Pray for the translation goals of several projects in one country in West Asia. Pray that one team will be able to finish the Old Testament by 2020. Pray that another team will complete the final checking and publication of Luke this year. Another team asks prayer for wisdom in deciding key terms. And another project needs more time with a consultant in order to continue at a good pace.

14/11/17 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Joan will be visiting New Zealand briefly 17–25 November to spend time with family on the first anniversary of her dad’s passing. Please pray for her mum as she continues to adjust to life on her own. Pray as Joan works with colleague Catharine in Tasmania to prepare for a one-week language learning course at a Bible College there, and with Brad to prepare for summer courses in Kangaroo Ground. Pray for energy to do what needs to be done, and wisdom to get appropriate breaks/rest.

13/11/17 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Deeper Bible 501 finishes in Matamata tonight. Praise for a great group. Pray that they will continue to grow and dig in the Word for themselves. Continue to pray for Ian and those helping him as they work towards the online Deeper Bible modules. Pray for Tania and Satomi as they work on updating the Wycliffe NZ Prayer Directory.

12/11/17 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Please pray for safety as I do a lot of traveling in November and December. One joy is that two of the projects I started will have their New Testaments dedicated this month, and a third project had the dedication in August. Pray that people will desire to read the Word as well as listen to it.

11/11/17 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Please continue to pray as we meet at the Wycliffe NZ Gathering, that the Lord will lead us closer into all He desires for us in His Kingdom. Praise for a refreshing four-day break Leanne and I enjoyed with friends at Lake Tarawera near Rotorua last month. We are also rejoicing in the way God has been guiding and blessing our three sons and daughter-in-law in recent weeks, and how encouraging this has been to each of them in their different circumstances. Praise, too, for a number of speaking and ministry opportunities in churches last month, and the encouraging responses from these.

10/11/17 Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering (New Zealand)
Please pray for our Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering, at Willow Park Christian Camp at Eastern Beach, 10–12 November. We are blessed to have the Executive Director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, Kirk Franklin, along with his wife Christine, joining us as one of our speakers. We also have several other international guests joining us. Please pray this will be a special time of renewal, refreshment and inspiration as we consider what it means to be a Kingdom Community.

9/11/17 Wycliffe Board meeting and AGM (New Zealand)
Please pray for God’s guidance and enabling for our New Zealand Board members tomorrow as they meet to discern the Lord’s direction and guidance in governance matters for the organisation entrusted to them. Pray also that the AGM will run smoothly.

8/11/17 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Please give thanks for the two Kairos courses and one facilitator-training in Tonga that Wayne and John Rentz were involved with. Even though the numbers attending fluctuated wildly, the testimonies of those who finished the courses were deeply encouraging. Please pray that these dear ones would be part of the Lord’s plan for Tonga and the Pacific. Please pray for the Wycliffe Gathering, that those who attend would be richly blessed and encouraged.

7/11/17 Preparations and Travel (New Zealand)
Pray for preparation for three important events taking place 10–12 November: Wycliffe New Zealand Board Meetings, AGM and Wycliffe New Zealand Gathering. Numbers of folk are travelling to be involved, some from overseas. Pray for safety and good connections in travel, good health and stamina. Pray for those taking care of the logistics – that everything will be taken care of.

6/11/17 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
November will be a busy month for Ross. His MTh thesis is due at the end of the month and he is presenting a paper on The Lord’s Prayer as Signed by the Deaf at AUT’s Signs of Professionalism Conference. His powerpoint presentation is meant to be ready by 12 November. Pray for grace to focus. Also pray for his father’s health to improve after just coming out of hospital last month.

5/11/17 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Praise for a lovely two-week visit with our son Kyle, his wife Faith and newborn David. We didn’t want to leave that sweet family! Pray as we make November a month to connect with friends and family. We will be sharing in church on both 5 and 12 November. Pray for deepening of relationships and greater commitments. Pray for a memorable family time with our other sons and in-laws around American Thanksgiving.

4/11/17 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
I’m going to need extra stamina this month, as the 2018 budget preparation coincides with end-of-month processing and participation in the Window on Wycliffe workshop 3–4 November. Pray for clear thinking and good memory recall for me, as well as strength to cope with extended working hours.

3/11/17 Window On Wycliffe (New Zealand)
Pray for the Window on Wycliffe workshop, 3–4 November, with seven participants. Pray for good connection between staff and participants through this orientation time and that all their questions will be answered. Ask the Lord to guide them clearly about future involvement with Wycliffe if that is His will.

2/11/17 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Martin travels to Guinea Bissau from 27 October to 7 November. Please pray for wisdom as he assesses the projects and that he would be an encouragement to the teams.

1/11/17 The Princes (Southeast Asia)
Please pray for their 17 year-old daughter who was in a serious accident and is in hospital. She has had several surgeries already and is waiting on surgery for a bone graft and skin graft on her right foot. Please pray for full healing and good recovery and full use of her lower body. Pray for adjustment for them as a family as they work towards her physical rehabilitation. Praise for the wonderful support they have received from friends and colleagues.

31/10/17 Didinga (South Sudan)
The Didinga New Testament is very close to the finish line! Thank the Lord for the diligent, steady work of the translation team last year as they completed careful checks of the manuscript and proofread it multiple times. God also provided church members to review it, and they joyfully gave it their blessing. Typesetting was completed and it is being printed. Pray for a quality print job, safe transport of the books from South Korea to South Sudan and clearance through customs. Pray that a safe way will be found to transport the books to the Didinga area as most road travel is insecure due to fighting. A dedication is scheduled for 2018. Thank the Lord that the Jesus film is now available in Didinga and that an audio recording of the New Testament was made with the help of Faith Comes By Hearing. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint these and other Scripture engagement and literacy training projects so that God’s Word will have ongoing spiritual impact. Ask God to use His Word to bring revival in this area where there are few believers.

30/10/17 Lunyole New Testament Bringing Unity (Uganda)
In January the Lunyole New Testament was launched in Uganda. Praise the Lord for how this New Testament has brought a new beginning and unity among the different churches and leaders in the area. Pray that this unity will be sustained and an inspiration for other language projects nearby. Pray for the ongoing Old Testament work. Thank God for new computers for the team. Pray for funding for the Old Testament translation.

29/10/17 Ross & Kathleen Caughley (New Zealand – South Asia)
We continue to give praise for good health for both of us and for a slow but steady weight gain for Kathleen.  Ross continues with his deskwork as well as a bit of work on his hobby – repairing an old tape-recorder!  We have not had direct contact from the Chepangs in Nepal but have seen articles telling of the establishment of numerous groups of believers in their area.  Along with as other countries in South  Asia, Nepal has been very badly affected by excessive Monsoon rains. Hundreds have died and tens of thousands have lost their homes and fields because of huge landslides in that mountainous land. Almost all the roads have been damaged so getting help to those in affected areas is extremely difficult. Please pray for this situation.

28/10/17 Church Partnerships (South Korea)
The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand (Psalm 37:23-24, ESV). Pray for Global Bible Translators (GBT) Korea as they seek God for wisdom and for guidance when meeting with churches and donors. They desire to introduce Bible translation and propose partnership opportunities for Bible translation projects. Pray for unity of hearts as they partner with them, and minds focused on the Lord – giving glory to Him.

27/10/17 Wilf & Anita Flores (USA, Mexico)
Praise God for the finished draft of the Chinantec Old Testament and for the opportunity that William and Kylie have to attend school in the US this year. We are currently in the US for furlough and Wilf will make a trip to New Zealand in March next year. Praise God that their house and the literacy centre are without damage after the two big earthquakes in Mexico. Please pray for people from the coastal area of Oaxaca. Many lost their lives and thousands of people lost their houses. The second quake took place near Mexico City and a lot of damage has been reported and hundreds lost their lives. Please pray for safety as we travel to visit supporters in the US and for work-related trips that Wilf has to make during this year. Pray for Anita as she takes a part-time job to help with expenses while in the US.

26/10/17 Martin & Julie Diprose – Lugungu New Testament (Uganda)
Praise for the completion of the Lugungu New Testament. Martin & Julie were involved in the early years of this project with the development of the orthography, training of translators and producing a dictionary. Pray that the New Testament will travel safely from the printers to Uganda. Pray that there will be no delay in customs. Pray that plans for the dedication will come together well and that many will turn up to celebrate the culmination of 25 years work to see God’s Word made available for the 50,000 Lugungu speakers.

25/10/17 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (US) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (Papua New Guinea)
We are thankful that Ken Nayau no longer has pneumonia and is continuing to revise the Manambu New Testament. I (Robin) have finished creating a Bible Study Course and looking for people to send it to so it can be translated into different languages.

24/10/17 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Stephen is grateful for specialist help from an accountant friend to sort out some annual reporting anomalies. Please pray for insight for him as he implements the necessary changes to his report setup. Pray, too, for clear thinking as he prepares next year’s budget with input from the office team.

23/10/17 Training Programme Transition (Southeast Asia)
Pray for the leadership transition in an important training programme that serves students and participants from many countries. We are thankful that two needed positions have capable people willing to fill them, though the training programme head position remains unfilled. Pray for the training programme head to be identified later in 2017, so there can be overlap with the outgoing programme head. Pray for many more to be trained to a high level and equipped to make significant contributions to the Bible translation, Scripture engagement and language development movement.

22/10/17 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Praise that the B. New Testament has been recorded. Praise, too, that several chapters of Proverbs, Psalms and 2 Samuel have been submitted for a consultant check. Pray as I prepare for another trip at the end of October, that I will be able to focus and prioritise. I’m doing a front translation for 2 Samuel 15 onwards as well as working on the dictionary.

21/10/17 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise that we have just reached our first year milestone in our role with Wycliffe NZ. We are so grateful to God for His goodness and faithfulness. Most recently we give praise for the encouraging response from donors to our Small Projects Newsletter. Praise for ten applicants applying to join Wycliffe New Zealand. Praise for the fruitful and encouraging Board meeting held last month. Praise for the great team of gifted, dedicated people serving both here and overseas that we are privileged to be in community with. Pray for Kirsten as she communicates with the ten applicants through what is a detailed and lengthy process. Pray for preparations for our upcoming Wycliffe NZ Conference / Gathering 10-12 November. Pray that it will be a refreshing and inspirational time of fellowship and community.

20/10/17 Kirsten Mills (New Zealand)
Leslie and I would really value prayer for Window On Wycliffe on 3–4 November.  We are thankful for the staff who are helping, and potential participants have been sent an invitation. Pray that we will prepare well and that anyone the Lord wants to attend this will respond and come. Pray that the Lord will be speaking to participants about their future involvement in Wycliffe if that is His will for them.

19/10/17 Phil & Chris Carr (New Zealand, Papua New Guinea)
Praise God with Adau and Domai for good progress revising 1 & 2 Peter, and good responses from the local church to them teaching on 1 Peter. Pray for health, strength, wisdom and protection for all the Bamu team members and their families. Ask God to help Chris to develop a good understanding of her new role of Scripture Publication Coordinator, despite the limitations of doing it remotely from NZ.

18/10/17 Preparing for Digital Distribution (Romania)
Scrip­tures in the Ro­mani lan­guages of Ro­ma­nia will soon be avail­able dig­i­tally. A web­site is be­ing de­vel­oped to make avail­able all the trans­lated ma­te­r­ial in the Ro­mani di­alects spo­ken in Ro­ma­nia. The web­site will have links to trans­la­tions in Ro­mani di­alects spo­ken out­side of Ro­ma­nia. A Scrip­ture phone app is be­ing pre­pared in the South Vlax di­alect. Most of the proof­read­ing and pro­gram­ming is done, but there are more steps to com­plete be­fore the Scrip­tures can be ac­cessed. Please pray for God’s help and guid­ance in the process.

17/10/17 Kevin & Jillian Connole (New Zealand)
We are so grateful that God provided a buyer for our Tauranga house, and a suitable rental for us to purchase in New Plymouth at just the right time. Please continue to pray for favour for our immigration documents (now into the second month of a 2-3 month process). We are travelling in the South Island for October and November. Please pray that the connections we make will encourage others to seek and follow the Lord’s call on their own lives.

16/10/17 Murray & Ruth (England)
Thank you for your prayer-backing for the training workshop in a remote part of Cambodia! Despite language and cultural barriers, low education levels and several unexpected interruptions (some of them very funny!), these intelligent and determined translators managed to practice and acquire new skills. Pray for the teams to keep using and growing in their new skills and for a 100-fold, eternal harvest from planting the seed of God’s Word in their languages!

15/10/17 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise for this years Deeper Bible at Manukau City Baptist with many great responses. Pray for ongoing sessions at Matamata with DB 501 starting again after school break 16 October each Monday evening. Continue to pray for wisdom and time needed to put into the online DB set-up. Pray for Tania as she prepares the Prayer focus materials for our Wycliffe Gathering in November.

14/10/17 Translation Needs in Many Languages (Asia)
Two coun­tries in Asia have many lan­guages where no Scrip­ture trans­la­tions have been started, and where there are no known Jesus fol­low­ers. Ask God to cre­ate a hunger for the Scrip­tures in the hearts of the peo­ple who speak these lan­guages. Pray for community sup­port for Bible trans­la­tion and that ca­pa­ble speak­ers of each lan­guage will be avail­able to re­ceive train­ing and work in trans­la­tion. Ask God to be­gin this process and to pro­vide all the peo­ple, wis­dom and re­sources needed.

13/10/17 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for the healing in my left foot and ankle. Praise for getting back into my normal routines this month. I just wrote my annual report for 2016-2017 for our Annual General Meeting that will be held in November. Please praise the Lord with me on all that He has allowed me to be involved with and for the upcoming opportunities. Pray for wisdom as I coach two students online, am a student myself in an online course on learner assessment and start my teaching at Eastwest College in Gordonton with Lyn Woodford on 16 October. Three of the students are in the process of joining Wycliffe. Pray that I get back into regular exercise as I no longer have the “moon boot” excuse!

12/10/17 Bruce & Jenny Eirena (Papua New Guinea)
Praise for the workshop in Madang mid-September run by Bruce and two other members of our team. They trained local translators in how to form, organise and run a translation committee for their language. These committees are the steering agents for on the ground work in every translation project and are pivotal to their success. Praise that Jenny was able to finish her end-of-term school reports. Praise for continued travel safety. Pray for wisdom, grace, love and remaining in full dependency on Christ as we face daily challenges of work and life here. Pray for protection as we travel. Pray for Arlen as she adapts to the more complex middle school environment. Indianna’s voice problems remain a mystery. Pray that we can get the appropriate medical help in New Zealand whilst visiting. Pray healing for Bruce’s broken bone in his hand. Pray for resilience and grace for Tynan and Indy as they carry out their respective leadership roles at school. Pray for continued financial provision for our work.

11/10/17 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Joan is travelling to Dallas from 12–23 October for a series of meetings, a translation conference and a Paratext (software) workshop. Pray for safe travel and connections, valuable meetings and contacts. Pray for Brian and Jolene while she is away. Pray for SIL students and staff in Melbourne as they get into busy end of year assessment and marking. Pray for students seeking guidance about their next steps.

10/10/17 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand – Philippines)
Praise God for a seminar held last month for all Matigsalug pastors. As well as good Bible teaching and fellowship, the almost finished Matigsalug Bible was promoted. Please pray as the team works on the last three Old Testament books to be submitted. Pray for wisdom as we look at when and how to best scale-down the translation team.

9/10/17 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Pray for the two back-to-back Kairos courses being held in Tonga during the week days of  9–20 October in Tongatapu. Pray particularly that a good number of people will come to both courses and also that the facilitators will grow in their gifting. Pray for good health and wisdom for Ofa Fatafehi, John Rentz and Wayne as they, along with Mele Prescott based in Tonga, seek to serve the wider missions movement there. Pray also for all the training around these two courses as they seek to see Kairos established there and be managed and conducted entirely in Tonga by Tongans.

8/10/17 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
David will be in Dallas from 9–21 October attending a meeting of Directors of Language Services from around the world and the biennial Bible Translation conference. Pray for sharing of ideas, encouragement, good networking and learning from these opportunities. Applications are coming in for SIL Australia’s courses in 2018. Pray that those the Lord wants there will see their need for the training and enrol before 15 November.

7/10/17 Conference – Realities We Can Not Ignore (Brazil)
The Brazil­ian Con­fer­ence on Missions (CBM) is a ma­jor multi-de­nom­i­na­tional event. The con­fer­ence takes place in Brazil every three years un­der the organization Brazil­ian As­so­ci­a­tion of Tran­scul­tural Missions (AMTB). ‘Re­al­i­ties we can not ignore’ is the theme of the Oc­to­ber con­fer­ence to be held in Sao Paulo State in Brazil. Ask God to lead and guide those who are plan­ning this event. Pray that many will at­tend and that God will use this con­fer­ence to call many into His mission.

6/10/17 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Praise for the Deaf group leading the New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Christian Signs Project. They have decided to work with Wycliffe NZ. Ross will be involved with this group over the next year or so working with them to develop a website. Also pray for Ross’s thesis on the Lord’s Prayer in NZSL. It’s hard working full time and studying part time. Still 10,000 words to go in the next two months… while their bathroom is getting redone over the next few weeks!

5/10/17 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand)
Pray for safe travel for John, Wayne and Pastor Ofa who travel to Tonga 5 October to lead two Kairos Courses from 6–20 October. Ask God to raise up the right people for the courses; to give confidence to the newly trained Tongan Facilitators. Pray He will move the participants to care for the ‘Least Reached Peoples’. Praise God that the deck rebuild is now completed! But another neighbour has withdrawn approval for the retaining wall… so back to the engineer for Design number three!  Ask God to guide us, Council, contractor and engineer to find a suitable design.

4/10/17 Robbie & Debbie Petterson (Papua New Guinea)
Praise for having our son Jonathan with us for the past two months. Praise for a successful teacher training workshop – 36 people attended. Praise for the opportunity to present a paper (on Purari Orthography Development and Literacy, Purari languages of the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea) at the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea’s annual conference. It was well received. Pray for Robbie’s father who has been unwell. Debbie will be returning to New Zealand early October to support him during this time of ill health, Robbie will return at a later date. Pray for the Mouwase team as they prepare for the recording of the script for the (Luke) Jesus film. Pray for Gama as he coordinates this project and for the right people to be involved as readers. Pray for all the logistics involved in getting to some of the more remote Mouwase villages.

3/10/17 May Kirkham (Papua New Guinea)
Please pray that all students and staff will have a refreshing break, ready to tackle the new term in early October. Pray for the staff needed at the primary school in the next school year commencing in July 2018. It takes quite a while to go through the complete process. Pray earnestly that those the Lord desires to come will hear His voice and respond.

2/10/17 David & Tammy Price (US-Asia)
Pray for health for everyone at the Kuri Pasai workshop, especially Tammy. Praise that three Luke teams finished all that they had to do but one team is trying to finish the last three chapters in the first week of October. Pray for them to complete these well. The teams working on Psalms ask for prayer as they work on more difficult Psalms and have comprehension checks. Pray for David in Thailand teaching about Creation Care and then presenting at an Agricultural Sustainability conference with our partners, ECHO Asia. Praise for the birth of David Manuel Price to Kyle and Faith on 25 September (3.58 kg) – our first grandchild.

1/10/17 Diane Goodman (New Zealand)
The Barma consultant checking of Genesis 4–11 is complete and many chapters from Mark’s gospel as well. The first week of October the team will hopefully have the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) and probably the rest of Mark’s gospel checked. Please pray that the consultant would pick up on anything that is not accurate.

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30/9/17 Ira & Katy (South East Asia)
Next year we will be on home assignment from February to July. We need to work out where to live and our children’s schooling needs. Pray for God’s wisdom on this.

29/9/17 Drafting the Final Book (Southeast Asia)
Praise God that the final book of the New Testament is being drafted for a language in Southeast Asia. Pray for the translation team as they make corrections in the books that have been checked by a consultant*. Pray for a consultant to be available soon to check the final books with the translation team. Pray for the translation facilitator as he writes a grammar of the language and prepares an accuracy-check of Luke.
*A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

28/9/17 Promoting Scripture Use (Southeast Asia)
Praise God for the celebration of the completed New Testament about a year ago for a language of Southeast Asia. Since then the Catholics have been promoting its use. Pray for the translation team as they consider which parts of the Old Testament to translate. They would also like to promote Scripture use in other segments of the society. Thank God for this faithful team. Pray for them as they design materials to make the Scriptures more accessible.

27/9/17 Financial Support (Solomon Islands)
Praise the Lord for the funding from the Solomon Islands Government in this fiscal year to help with the administrative functions of the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands (BTLP). There is still a great need for pastoral visits to encourage the Bible translation teams in their language areas under BTLP supervision. The director Andrew Fanasia and his leaders are seeking additional financial support to help toward this and other related costs. Ask the Lord for His favor and provision as BTLP seek ways to raise funds to meet their need.

26/9/17 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Praise that Joan was able to attend two mission promotion events last month, one in Queensland and the other in Melbourne. Pray for participants who heard about Bible translation and wonder if the Lord might be prompting them to consider the opportunities for service.

25/9/17 Administration and Capacity Building (Tonga)
Pray for the Bible Translation Organization of Tonga as they seek to build up capacity in their management and operational systems. Ask the Lord to provide qualified staff members who are committed in their Christian faith and practice. Pray for good support from their families, friends and the local church. Pray also for them as they seek to build up financial resources from within the country. Ask the Lord to help them to develop godly accountability policies and practices with the finances and resources they receive for the ministry.

24/9/17 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
David will be traveling from the last week of September until 6 October in Thailand teaching about Creation Care and then presenting at an Agricultural Sustainability Conference. Pray for the safe birth of Kyle and Faith’s first baby, in Asia, during that same time period!

23/9/17 Audio Bible Launch (Malaysia)
Praise God for the July launch of an audio Bible by Faith Comes by Hearing for a language in Malaysia. The Bible was distributed in the village where translation work began over 30 years ago. The translation and recording have promoted church unity, with members from four denominations involved in the launch event. The translators are beginning to receive usage statistics, and the audio Scriptures are being downloaded. Pray for God to grow His fruit in the lives of those who listen to the Scriptures, and for His word to spread widely.

22/9/17 Kevin & Jillian Connole (New Zealand)
Please continue to pray for favour with the immigration authorities in Tanzania. We also seek God’s wisdom as we work through all that needs to be done here to prepare for our time overseas.

21/9/17 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (US) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (Papua New Guinea)
Pray for good health for Ken and Rosa Nayau as they revise the Manambu New Testament. Recently Ken has had pneumonia. I (Robin) am finishing a Bible Study Course that I will be sharing with translators.

20/9/17 Bruce & Jenny Eirena (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God that our three children are all are growing in Him and doing well in school. Our daughter, Indianna, has had trouble with her voice for about six months and we don’t know why. She has now had to give up choir as she can no longer sing. Please pray for healing. We need a break and hope to get away to Goroka for a few days in late September but need provision of transport and safe passage. Pray for God’s provision.

19/9/17 Ester Perez (Australia)
Praise God for the two-week vernacular media course (mainly audio recording and some video editing) last month. Praise for our new audio recording kit which will be used to record translated Scriptures. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom in discerning and following His Ways. Our team needs linguists, administrative personnel, Scripture materials production personnel, audio-visual personnel, bookshop volunteers and maintenance personnel.

18/9/17 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Praise that the Asia/Pacific conference went well. It was a privilege to hear of the many exciting activities that various Wycliffe entities are involved with. Please pray for the upcoming trip to Tonga in October that Wayne and John Rentz are involved with – for planning and strategic meetings.

17/9/17 Ira & Katy (South East Asia)
Praise that Ira completed a series of meetings in which they planned out the next phases of the software he is working on. He is looking forward to dedicating time on this software. Praise that the long summer break is over and children are back at school – enjoying their new teachers and classes. Praise that Katy is enjoying a new rhythm since the children are back at school and seeing God at work in her life. Praise that God has provided help for us with our parenting. Pray for a better atmosphere in our home as Ira and Katy make changes in their parenting. Pray for transformation through the Word and by the Holy Spirit.

16/9/17 Phil & Chris Carr (New Zealand, Papua New Guinea)
Please keep praying for Adau and Domai’s equipment, and also Phil and Chris’s – to work well and keep working. Please keep praying for a successful sale of Carr’s house in Christchurch at a reasonable price, and for peace and patience for the whole team in the interim.

15/9/17 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Pray for Leslie as she gets back into more normal mode of work again after the Cultural Diversity Tour. While on tour she chipped a bone in her ankle so is wearing a moon-boot. Pray for healing.

14/9/17 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Pray for David as he interacts with one of our church partners 15–16 September that he may be a blessing and encouragement and that God would increase our partners through it.

13/9/17 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise that September’s Living Words came together well. It’s focused on Kingdom Communities – pray that readers will be encouraged and inspired. Pray that all the photos and information for the 2018 Wycliffe calendar will come together in a timely way so it can be printed in October. Praise for God’s ongoing provision through supporters and opportunities for paid work. Pray for a safe and relaxing time for Josh as he heads to Europe for a holiday. Praise that Samuel has completed his level 3 Arboriculture course and that he has part-time work as a placement for his level 4 course. Pray for safety and wisdom as he continues learning and transitions to full-time work.

12/9/17 May Kirkham (Papua New Guinea)
Give thanks for a happy and enthusiastic bunch of New Entrants, and for the opportunity for further professional development with teachers from New Tribes Mission who joined the Ukarumpa teachers recently for two days. Pray for the national translators attending courses at the Training Centre, that they will diligently practice what they are learning, and be able to use their new skills in future translation work.

11/9/17 Bruce & Jenny Eirena (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God that disturbances following the election are calming down. Pray for continued protection as we travel around PNG..Pray for finalising details, funding and personnel for the Old Testament cluster which includes five languages in the Madang and Morobe Regions. This is the new initiative that Bruce started to assist established PNG teams who are working on their Old Testament translations. This has involved a lot of background work and personnel training and is now almost ready to launch.

10/9/17 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God that the entire Matigsalug Bible has now been back-translated (part of the checking process). This means that Robert now moves from back-translating to doing cross-checks for consistency between books and between the Old and New Testaments. Also, praise God that four long Old Testament books were approved by consultants last month. Only three books remain now to be submitted. Pray for the team as the end of the bulk of the work comes into sight.

9/9/17 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Dale’s wedding was beautiful and David and Tammy are adjusting to an empty nest! Tammy leaves for Kuri Pasai Translation Workshop #9 on 10 September. Pray for the translators, facilitators and consultants as they prepare for, travel and participate in this workshop which runs until 6 October. Pray for good health, safety, spiritual well-being and insight.

8/9/17 Wycliffe Board Meeting (New Zealand)
Pray for the Board meeting to be held 9–10 September. Pray for wisdom for all the Board members who serve diligently in this capacity and provide wise counsel and good governance to us as an organisation. Ask for God’s insight to the issues that come up for discussion.

7/9/17 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Praise for a good trip and that auditions for recording the New Testament went well. Pray that each person will read well. Recordings are taking place during September. Pray there will be no delays and that the readers will have a greater understanding of God and salvation through this task.

6/9/17 Diane Goodman (New Zealand)
I am grateful for plenty of work at the moment here in Christchurch. And it is wonderful to have spring peeping through. The Barma will be consultant checking chapters 4-11 of Genesis in ’Djamena beginning on 7 September. And if there is time the consultant will begin checking the book of Mark with the team. Please pray that N would have good helpers and that any issues that need addressing will come to light. Pray also for the little group of believers who are meeting together regularly these days to compose songs, read Scripture and pray.

5/9/17 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand)
Praise God for good meetings with Bible Translation Organisation (BTO) Tonga in Auckland to plan for October Kairos Courses there. Ask God to guide Maxy, Siosaia and the BTO team as they prepare. Praise God that work is set to begin for rebuilding our deck at beginning of September! Pray for good weather and good progress. Praise God the engineer has come through with a new design for the retaining wall! Pray for Council’s acceptance.

4/9/17 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Pray for Deeper Bible 501 which started for Manukau City Baptist 30 August and continues each Wednesday evening until 4 October. DB 401 continues at Matamata Baptist on Monday evenings this month with DB 501 starting 25 September. Ian and two very capable men are working on the conceptualising of getting Deeper Bible online and revamping the Berean Insights Website to link in with Deeper Bible Online. Ultimately, the current Berean Insights website will be migrated to a new site, requiring much work.

4/9/17 Ticuna Bible Nearing Completion (Peru, Brazil, Colombia)
The Ticuna New Testament, first published in 1986, was printed in two versions. One was for the Ticunas in the Spanish speaking countries of Colombia and Peru, and the other for Ticunas in the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil. A translation team is nearing completion of the Old Testament and a revised New Testament. This Bible will serve Ticunas in over 160 communities. Pray as they read through the Old Testament a final time this year, making sure it is clear and sounds natural. Typesetting is the next step and involves making formatting decisions about columns, pictures, maps and the font. Pray for the typesetting team as they proofread the final manuscript multiple times and check for errors.

3/9/17 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Board meetings are coming up. Pray for those of us who are preparing reports and documents for the Board for their consideration. Pray also for good health and strength for Leanne and myself.

3/9/17 Local Leaders Seek New Funding Sources (Asia)
Consultations were held in May in the north and south of one country to equip local project leaders to acquire alternate, sustainable funding for their projects. Ask the Lord to give these local colleagues creative ideas for funding sources. Pray for success as they present their project goals and funding proposals to individuals and organisations that are potential donors.

2/9/17 The Cultural Diversity Tour (New Zealand)
Praise that the Cultural Diversity Tour was well received in each place. People were enthusiastic and interacting well with the topics and gained greater understanding in how to navigate in the multi-cultural society in which we live today. Due to the very positive responses another tour is being planned for next year.

2/9/17 Faithful New Believers (Asia, Europe)
The faith of believers in four language groups in post-soviet countries is dynamic, their courage humbling, and their joy contagious. The Bible has recently been published in each of these languages. Pray for these believers as they follow Jesus in their distinctive context.

1/9/17 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray in Cambodia (29 August – 17 September) teaching hill-tribe translators how to translate Psalms and Proverbs. Pray for safety on the eight-hour road trip (both ways), good health, good sleeps and stamina for all. Pray for good communication in both directions via Khmer and for the teams to practice and learn vital skills during the workshop – and keep growing in them after the workshop.

1/9/17 Checking Scriptures in Simbari (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God that the entire New Testament in Simbari is now in draft form. Pray for the translation team as they process the individual book drafts through rigorous checking procedures necessary before the books can be released for publication. They want to be sure that the text sounds natural, is accurate and can be easily understood. Pray for the team to have focus, wisdom and energy to finish this procedure. Ask the Lord to bless their families with good health and stability so the team can concentrate on their work. Pray that God’s Word will powerfully influence the lives of the translators as they work with it day after day.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

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Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.