Pray Today

Colossians 1:9b–13 (NLT)
We ask God to give you complete knowledge of His will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. Then the way you live will always honour and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better. We also pray that you will be strengthened with all His glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. May you be filled with joy, always thanking the Father. He has enabled you to share in the inheritance that belongs to His people, who live in the light. For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son.

Philippians 1:6, 9–11 (NLT)
And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding.For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return. May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation—the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ—for this will bring much glory and praise to God.

18/7/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for a wonderful time in Christchurch, Oamaru, Dunedin and Bluff. It was fun catching up with long-time friends during Queen’s Birthday weekend as well as meeting with people who will sponsor the Cultural Diversity seminars in October. Praise God for the seminars that have been scheduled in the North and South Islands. Pray for some additional events. Pray for me with various projects along with the preparation for the October tour. Pray that Sheryl Silzer, the main facilitator, will accomplish God’s purposes for building up the body of Christ.

17/7/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Answer to prayer: I had a break before following up on the consultant checks: I got the flu so read in bed for a week! Praise God for the rest and renewed energy and health. Pray for Mama Eva as she does village checks of more psalms. Pray that she will ask good questions and that she will listen to the responses. Praise God that I now have four months in one place, so I can get a lot done.

16/7/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand)
Plans are confirmed for an historic Conference on the Pukapuka Language and Bible Translation to be held in Rarotonga August 7—9, following the cultural festival. Please pray for safety for the 230-strong contingent travelling by sea from Pukapuka in mid- July. Pray for Mai and Kevin attempting to complete the read through / revision of Galatians through to 2 Peter before the Conference, and also for preparation of discussion papers. Mary flies out 23 July to teach the Teachers’ Diploma course, while Kevin and Mai will follow later in the month.

15/7/18 Greg & Rosie Blok (SE Asia)
Praise God we made it to the US after a crazy last month in Southeast Asia. Xanthe graduated from school and we flew out the next day. We managed to publish (in print) a mini-dictionary and also get the app with the Bible stories finished too. We hope to get another app finished soon with the dictionary and all the audio files for all the words in the dictionary in our language. We praise God for the opportunity to attend a three-week course on miracles and healing. Pray for us as we drive in the US and visit friends and supporters. We leave the US in September and head back to New Zealand.

14/7/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand—Philippines)
It is so great to see so many of the Matigsalug team go on to have various international ministries. It would have been way beyond our imagination in the early years! However, we’re also grateful to have two left to carry on connecting with translation consultants as they become available. Please continue to pray for them. Pray for Robert still learning the ropes at Distant Shores Media and for his orientation trip this month.

13/7/18 David & Tammy Price (US—Asia)
Praise God for the completion of the eleventh Kuri Pasai workshop in June and the completion of the final consultant check for the gospel of Luke in four languages. Please pray for the four language teams as they work on translating the Jesus Film script in an audio format this month. They also need to do community checks on the script and film. Praise God our son Kyle and family have arrived in California for summer break from teaching in Asia. We look forward to enjoying their company (including our first grandchild, David) for about three weeks. Pray they will be refreshed for another two-year commitment to teach in Asia.

12/7/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Please pray that the four Bamu men who volunteered for back-translating will grasp it well, and get stuck into working on it. Also, pray for renewed motivation for the village checkers to get on with the checking work that’s waiting for them.

11/7/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
David submitted his PhD thesis in June. Thank you for praying through this long process. Please pray for a favourable outcome. Pray for wisdom for the Pacific Area Leadership Team, of which David is a part, in filling a number of leadership vacancies in the area. Praise for the launch this month of the Master’s degree SIL Australia is delivering. Pray for more students to enrol and benefit from this opportunity to be better equipped for their roles.

10/7/18 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Please pray for the Lord to overrule in a few situations we are facing. The Lord’s word is that it is His battle and we need to be still and see what He will do. Praise for the productive time Joan had with her mum in New Zealand for two weeks in June.

9/7/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God that Ian continues to make good progress writing and designing the slides for the presentation of the Deeper Bible 701 sessions. He has had some significant revelations from the Lord in the middle of the night. The daytime DB 101 course for Manukau City Baptist starts 25 June and runs for five weeks. At the same time Ian is getting everything ready for the start of DB 601 in Manukau City and Matamata Baptist for the beginning of August. Pray in the funding for DB Online.

8/7/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Having a break is a mixed blessing: all the work just piles up waiting for me to deal with it when I get back! Nevertheless I’m thankful for the week spent in Southland and Otago during May. Please pray I’ll clearly think through the best way to handle the workload at the moment. Pray too that the right person will become available to take over some of the work longer-term.

7/7/18 Wycliffe New Zealand Board Meeting
Praise God for an excellent Board meeting. It is wonderful to have two new, and young Board members now on our board. They bring greater diversity in age and ethnicity and make valued contributions from their respective vocations in law and finance. Praise God too for the newly formed communications strategy team, tasked with developing and implementing a new communications plan by the Board. We have met once and will do so regularly over the next six months through to implementation. Please pray for this team of seven as they under-take this process.

6/7/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Pray for Tim putting the Living Words magazine together with the aim of sending it out mid-July. Pray that readers will be inspired by the stories of transformation. Pray for a great response to the Small Projects requests, so that communities will be blessed by the wider body of Christ. Pray that we use the school holidays well. Minimal tutoring means we can focus on our Wycliffe roles and family. Pray that we will have wisdom to know how best to juggle our responsibilities during the year. Praise God that Hannah is visiting Auckland in the first week of the school holidays! Pray that the children will continue to grow in their relationship with God. Pray for Tim on his Outdoor Instructor assessment weekend 27–29 July in the central North Island, that he would do his best, and cope with the cold (probably sleeping in a tent!)

5/7/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray checking a poetic translation of the psalms by Skype during the day in July as well as teaching the book of Job some evenings.

4/7/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
We thank God for the blessing of time set aside in Dar es Salaam for language and culture acquisition. We look forward to continued learning as we settle into our assignments in Musoma. Please pray that we will adjust well to our new environment, and adapt quickly to our new roles.

3/7/18 Wilf & Anita Flores (Mexico)
We travel to Puebla City (southeast of Mexico City) on 5 July where we will be teaching until 5 August. This summer we’ll be teaching at a different university so dealing with new people. Wilf will be heading the phonetics department and Anita will be teaching Second Language Acquisition. Please pray that the teaching goes well, that we can be good examples and witness to our students. Also pray that we can find a person who can travel to Puebla City to look after our children while we are teaching. Most importantly, pray for our children as they transition and miss their grandparents, cousins and friends in the US.

2/7/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand—Solomon Is)
Praise God for safe travel to Santa Cruz and for good meetings with the Archbishop and the MP for Temotu province. Pray for good checking sessions with the translators at Reefs. Pray for safe travel back to Santa Cruz on the tenth and to Auckland 13 July.

1/7/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Thank God for the very encouraging time at our annual Team Retreat. This was a special time of spiritual refreshment as we were led by Viv Holt in a series of reflective sessions around the theme of ‘Chosen, Blessed, Broken and Given’. Please pray for wisdom for Rob as he prepares for another in a series of interviews on Radio Rhema, sharing on the ministry of Wycliffe and Bible translation. The third in this series is at 11.15 am on Tuesday 3 July. Pray too that it will be a clear message of the impact of Bible translation on individual lives and language communities, through the ministry of our New Zealand members serving around the world.

30/6/18 Release of Scripture App (Southeast Asia)
Praise God for the release of the New Testament Scripture App for a language of Asia in early May. Pray that it will spread widely, be well received and used, and bear fruit. The New Testament will be recorded sometime between September and November. Pray for strong voice actors to come forward for the recording, and that they come from all the denominations in the language area. Pray too, that the newly released dictionary portion will be a blessing to readers of the language.

29/6/18 Applied Linguistics Preliminary Course (Hong Kong)
Praise God for the “Applied Linguistics Preliminary Course” that was organised by Wycliffe Hong Kong on 1-24 March. The 13 participants learned about phonetics, phonology, grammar and second language learning, and how to apply these through practical interaction with different language speakers. Praise the Lord for the positive feedback and good interaction between the participants and the speakers of other languages. There will be a second course 5-26 July. Please pray for the preparations and registration. Pray for wisdom as the instructors and language assistants prepare and work together. Pray that the participants will have open hearts and minds to understand and apply what they will learn.

28/6/18 Understanding the Sound System (Southeast Asia)
Pray for the team working on understanding the sound system of a minority language in Asia. This is important because it enables the development of a working alphabet for the language. Ask God to give the developer a keen ear to hear the sounds and good understanding of how they fit together into a sound system. Pray that the alphabet can be established soon, to facilitate translation.

27/6/18 Partnerships (Solomon Islands)
Pray that the leadership of the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands (BTLP SI) will develop and build meaningful working relationships with their partners. Ask the Lord to give them courage as they seek ways and opportunities to strengthen existing relationships with the government, churches and Christian mission organizations in the Solomon Islands. One close partner is SIL’s working unit, the Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG). Pray for the leaders of these two groups as they revise and renew their Memorandum of Understanding. The directors are currently working on this.

26/6/18 Partnership to Fund Bible Translation (Singapore)
Pray for the people preparing an IllumiNations Asia event in Singapore for 3-5 August, 2018. The organisers expect more than 80 people to attend this gathering which will focus on funding Bible translation throughout Asia. Pray that the arrangements enable the event to flow smoothly. Ask God for good understanding by the attendees, leading to prayerful and enthusiastic support of Bible translation by these Asian business leaders.

25/6/18 New Praise Songs (Asia)
Praise God for the seven new praise songs ready for release for a language community in Asia. Ask God to use these in the lives of church members throughout the language area. Pray for the team to have creativity as they work on additional songs. Ask God for a strong voice for the one recording Scripture for this language. Pray for wisdom for those preparing a video-based primer set for the language.

24/6/18 Ruth (England)
Pray for good interactions for Ruth at a member care conference 25–28 June.

23/6/18 Ross & Elizabeth McKerras (New Zealand)
My online Greek and Hebrew lessons are doing well, with over 300 subscribers and 30,000 views. Pray for more uptake from translators who could benefit from them. Pray also that I can find someone here in Hastings to film for me.

22/6/18 David Rutherfurd (New Zealand)
Give thanks that, with the help of a Korean friend, I managed to complete most of the things I’d hoped to by the time I left Asia 16 April. I was also able to appoint a young National person as a library assistant to look after the library. Praise the Lord for providing all I needed to move into my flat here in Auckland on 1 May (all I had when I came home was an ironing board and a toaster), and that I’ve been able to find a car, a manual, to buy. Please give thanks too, that I’m able to help in the Wycliffe office while Helen’s away. It’s a very nice office to work in.

21/6/18 Training for Experienced Translators (Australia)
A new diploma will be launched by SIL Australia in July 2018. This new academic award is specifically being developed for members of national translation organisations who have experience and expertise as mother-tongue translators. Pray for the continuing development of new academic units for this programme. Pray for the first three Pacific Islander students, their application and acceptance process. Pray for funding arrangements to support their study and time in Australia.

20/6/18 Ira & Katy (New Zealand)
Praise for time to travel and catch up with folk and share about our work in South East Asia. Katy also had the rare opportunity of being together with her mother and all her siblings – four brothers and two sisters. Praise that Silvia is back with us in New Zealand after finishing her school year in SE Asia. Praise that our other three children are getting on okay in school here. Our family needs to learn more kindness as we relate to each other. We are trying to address some of the strife in our family culture.

19/6/18 Kirsten Mills (New Zealand)
Thank you to the mighty and righteous Holy Spirit and all those who helped with the Candidate Action Committee at the end of April. The Inquiries Department currently has three applicants for membership. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance for these people as they seek to serve Him, and for me as I help them discover God’s purpose. On a personal note, I have had word from my brother Justin. He is worried about our Dad who has been in hospital. I am planning to visit them in the US in August. Pray that I will be an encouragement to them both and that Justin will see God’s reality, love, and power.

18/6/18 Phil & Chris Carr (PNG)
Please pray for Phil’s time at our Bamu village 19 June—9 July. Pray for wise time management: catching up with people, working with Adau and Domai, training new back-translators, and house maintenance repairs. Pray too for safe and timely river travel from and to the distant airstrip. Please pray for health and stamina for Chris as she continues her work at Ukarumpa while Phil is at Bamu.

17/6/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God for a consultant available to check Matigsalug Jeremiah (another long book). The team in the Philippines is corresponding back and forth with the consultant in the UK. Praise God that Robert has started volunteering with Distant Shores Media—another organisation reaching distant shores with translated resources for growing churches. Pray for the team as they work, and Robert as he has a lot to learn.

16/6/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Please give thanks with us for such a smooth transition from Caryl’s member care role to the very capable hands of Fiona Taylor—we praise the Lord for her. We give thanks also that our son and his family who serve in South East Asia are coming home for two months. Our home will be overflowing and what a joy it will be to spend quality as well as quantity time with them. Praise also that Wayne’s workload has returned to a more manageable level after the deadlines were met.

15/6/18 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (US) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (PNG)
The main need is for a consultant to be available to check the remaining books of the Manambu New Testament. Ken had a consultant available in May but due to a bus driver being killed, road transportation was not available for a period. Pray for a consultant to be available so the Manambu New Testament can be sent to the printers. Right now none are available.

14/6/18 Wilf & Anita Flores (US—Mexico)
This past year we have been on furlough in the US, but our time here is coming to an end soon. We go back to Mexico 19 June. Please pray for the children and Anita as they face another big transition. Pray for wisdom as we make decisions about the best option for our children’s education in Mexico. In July and August, we will be teaching the SIL course in Mexico and would appreciate your prayers in finding a person to help us with childcare while teaching full time.

13/6/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God for an amazing time travelling (mostly walking) in Europe for Tim & Fiona! Pray that we will adjust well to our more complicated lives in NZ. Pray for Fiona as she juggles her new Member Care role with family life and tutoring. Pray for the July issue of Living Words to come together well – celebrating the impact of Bible Translation in communities. Praise that Caleb has found a flat in East Auckland, that Hannah is loving her linguistics study at Uni, and Abi is enjoying her drama studies at Excel. Pray for Nathan as he changes his studies over to Te Kura and Level 1 NCEA papers.

12/6/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
June will be a challenging month for us as we transition from a settled period in Dar es Salaam towards preparing to move to our assignments is Musoma. While we are looking forward to our arrival, we will face many unknowns during this time. Please pray that we will trust fully in God’s amazing provision, and negotiate this time with Grace.

11/6/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Pray for Ian to have uninterrupted time to work on bringing Deeper Bible 701 level together. It has been hard to do with all of the other things going on. The daytime 101 class at Manukau City Baptist has been delayed. DB 301 began at MCB 28 May and continues Monday evenings until 23 July. Training continues for Mark who is teaching the Brazilian classes. Pray for the funding to enable the development of Deeper Bible Online to begin. Pray for Tania as she is Helen’s hands-and-feet in the office while Helen is in Brisbane. Praise God for David Rutherfurd’s help while Helen is away also.

10/6/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Praise for four good consultant checks in two languages. Proverbs 11-23, several Psalms and nine chapters of Joshua. Pray that the teams will do more good checks in various villages. Pray that I will be able to have a break before following up on the checks, doing more exegesis and also working on the dictionary. Pray that God’s word will speak to people’s hearts.

9/6/18 Wycliffe New Zealand Board Meeting
Pray for the Board members as they deliberate on a number of matters including the development of a Communications Strategic Plan. May they hear God’s voice and direction in the midst of business.

8/6/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand—Solomon Is)
Praise God we heard from the Bishop of Temotu. Keep praying for guidance re compensation for the translators, and for encouragement for translators Edmond, Luke and Fr David. John returns to the Solomons 8 June for five weeks. Pray he’ll complete checking Matthew before he leaves NZ. Ask God to guide his time with church leaders, translators and reviewers. Praise God Rosalie’s knees continue to heal. Keep praying for the engineer that his design for retaining wall will happen SOON.

7/6/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray training 15 future trainers of Bible translators and consultants from every continent – on Biblical Hebrew poetry – for all of June. Pray for good interactions for Ruth at a member care conference 25-28 June. Pray for their son, Ben sitting his final exam 8 June.

6/6/18 Karan Allen (Papua New Guinea)
I will be in PNG for all of June working with the Waboda Translators. Pray for re-development of relationships with colleagues and translators, productive work times and, for the translators’ adjustment to the relative cold of our main centre where we will be working.

5/6/18 David & Tammy Price (US—Asia)
Tammy and David will both be at Kuri Pasai Workshop 1-22 June. Pray for health and energy, insight and good relationships for all at the workshop. Consultant checking Luke and Psalms as well as starting to translate the script for the Jesus Film will be happening. David will be finalising the Ambai triglot dictionary for publishing. Our son Kyle, Faith and baby David will be on home leave for June and July from Asia. Pray for safe travels and refreshing for them as they give new grandparents, uncles and aunts time to get to know the ‘new’ family member. Baby will be nine months old crossing the Pacific.

4/6/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Please pray for wisdom and strength for Leanne and Robert as they continue to juggle their respective roles and responsibilities: Leanne as a Teaching Assistant at Onehunga High School; Robert as Director for Wycliffe New Zealand and also International Ministries Pastor at Mt Albert Baptist Church. Pray for the preparations for the next Wycliffe New Zealand Board meeting 9 June and the meeting itself as the Board deliberates on a number of matters including the development of a Communications Strategic Plan.

3/6/18 Fay Barker (Papua New Guinea—New Zealand)
Thank you for your prayers for the Old Testament translation course held last month. The five language teams have all done well and drafted a number of passages. For the first two weeks of this month I will be working with the four men in the Waskia team, then I am booked to return to New Zealand. Please pray as they continue to draft Old Testament passages and books. May they understand God’s word ever more deeply, be strongly impacted and be able to share it well with others in their communities. Please pray too that our ongoing online communication about their draft translations will go smoothly.

2/6/18 Rexey Buce (New Zealand—Philippines)
Please pray for Rexey, serving remotely from the Philippines as our Social Media Coordinator. She is in New Zealand 23 May—7 June to attend the Wycliffe New Zealand Team Retreat (May 25-27), and spending time in the office with various staff members seeking to learn more about the Wycliffe New Zealand operations and our communication needs.

1/6/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise God for my time in Papua New Guinea working with administrators, language learners and their new Language Learning Coach. One administrator wrote in a report that the relationships built by my face-to-face time working with the teams, and the practical help given was not only a pleasure, but they are looking forward to future collaboration. Pray that as I reflect on my time there, I can create more resources supporting the efforts begun by this trip. Pray for me as I work on the Cultural Diversity Tour 2018 that will happen in October. I’m in the South Island 28 May—6 June to meet with several people to arrange seminars.

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31/5/18 Preparing for Typesetting in 2018 (Americas)
A translation team in the Americas approved 13 New Testament books in 2017, and completed a new draft of a chorus and praise book for worship in the villages. The team wants to obtain consultant approvals for the books in process, finish the final New Testament checks with key leaders, and prepare the New Testament for typesetting during 2018. Ask the Lord for guidance and wisdom for the team as they make publication decisions related to the New Testament text, glossary, maps, illustrations and text format. Pray that as many key leaders as possible from the ten clan groups can meet in a large city for the final read-through of the New Testament. Pray that as a result the New Testament will have wide acceptance in the villages.

30/5/18 Deg Bible Available on Smartphones (Ghana)
Praise God the Deg Bible for the people of Ghana is now available on smartphone. Pray it is read and used by many. Small groups in the villages of the Deg and Vagla people meet and listen to portions from the New Testament on audio devices. Pray many will choose to follow Jesus after hearing recordings of the Scriptures and that God’s word will change hearts and lives. The Deg people would like to record the Old Testament. Pray for God to provide the necessary people and resources.

29/5/18 Translation Teams and Social Media
Pray for translation teams to make the most of social media to bring the audio Scriptures and smartphone apps to people’s attention. Pray that many people who would not normally think of looking for a Bible in their language will come across one via social media.

28/5/18 Smartphone Apps for Bible Translation
Give thanks that hundreds of smartphone apps have been created for Bible translations around the world. Please pray that these apps will be downloaded, shared, and used regularly by people to engage with God’s word.

27/5/18 Bible Story and Translation Progress (South Asia)
The mother-tongue translators of one language group recently returned from the village- testing of John’s gospel. Pray that the analysis and changes made will result in a better Bible translation. The oral Bible storying project has 26 stories drafted. Pray for the ongoing work of checking and improving the stories, and for God to raise up more workers for translation and storying. Pray, too, for members of the Translation Coordinating Committee, that they would give freely of their time to support translation, storying, and Scripture-Use efforts out of a sincere desire to serve God and their people.

26/5/18 Alphabet Development Training (Papua New Guinea)
Two languages have new translation programmes. They are the Opao language in the Gulf Province and the Nauna language in the Manus Province of Papua New Guinea. People from these two languages recently attended training to help them learn and develop their alphabets. Ask the Lord to give them the ability to analyse their languages well so that they can design and develop their alphabets. Pray too that their communities will cooperate and work well together with them in this process.

25/5/18 Stakeholders Meeting Preparations (Papua New Guinea)
Leaders from the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association and SIL in Papua New Guinea are planning and preparing to host a meeting in Lae city 18—20 July. About 50 churches and mission organisation leaders are coming together to pray and talk about how to collaborate to address the remaining translation needs in Papua New Guinea. Pray for the planning committee comprised of staff from these two organisations to discern God’s heart for what to include in the programme. Pray for positive responses from the churches that participate in these meetings.

24/5/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
We are beginning to make plans for our transition to Musoma. Please pray that we will make wise decisions regarding how and when this will happen.

23/5/18 New Testament Books Drafted (South Asia)
Thank the Lord that the translation team for a language in South Asia made good progress during 2017. The team drafted the Gospel of John, Colossians and Hebrews. A translation consultant checked Romans, the Gospel of John and 1 John. The team plans to draft Revelation and consultant-check Matthew, Jude and Hebrews this year. Pray that consultants will be available to check these Scriptures in a timely manner. Ask the Lord to protect the translation team members from any harm and to give them strength and courage. The small community that follows Jesus is growing. Portions of the translated Scriptures are read and preached in monthly fellowship groups in more than ten villages. Pray that speakers of this language will hunger for God’s Word and participate in Scripture Use activities. (Adapted from Wycliffe USA’s Finish Line, 2018.)

22/5/18 Bible App and a Hat (United States—Asia)
An Asian woman attended a conference in the United States and told an American acquaintance about the smartphone app for the Bible in her language. The app icon is a hat traditionally worn by people in her homeland. Later that day the American rode his bike past a man wearing such a hat. He turned around and asked the man if he belonged to that particular ethnic group. The man was shocked that someone could guess his origins correctly. The American showed the man how to download the Bible app. Pray that many more speakers of this language will find and use this Bible app.

21/5/18 Wycliffe New Zealand Staff Retreat
Pray for preparation towards the staff retreat 25—27 May, that accommodation, food, transport, and spiritual input will all be sorted. Pray for safe travel and a rich time of fellowship with the Lord and with each other.

20/5/18 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Ross’s thesis on the Lord’s Prayer in New Testament Greek and New Zealand Sign Language is complete and handed in and he has had some time of rest and refreshment. It will be a while before it is marked. Thanks for your prayers. Please pray for the people involved in the Christian Deaf Signs Project. One has withdrawn. Pray that those still involved would be able to continue. Pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to happen as in heaven, so on earth, in this matter. (The sequence from heaven to earth is that of the NT Greek and makes particular sense to Deaf people who order events in the same way the sequence occurs.)

19/5/18 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Pray for students and staff at SILA getting back into study for the second half of first semester. Joan is helping the librarian, as well as updating materials from the summer course and visiting Bible colleges to share about translation work. Praise and pray for the new principal who started at SILA last month. Praise that Jolene has some part-time casual work but she needs to find something suitable full-time.

18/5/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Ruth will start her new assignment – member care of Eurasia Area staff (including Murray!) – and begin to transition out of the similar work she has been doing more locally for the past 15 years. Murray will check a translation of Psalms by Skype, teach locally and prepare his June course on biblical Hebrew poetry.

17/5/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand—Solomon Islands)
We haven’t heard from the Temotu Diocese lately; ask God to guide the Bishop in responding to our questions re compensation for the translators. Pray that John will develop discipline in checking the translation of Matthew and Luke. Though Rosalie had another setback with her knees last month, we praise God she’s nearly made a full recovery. Pray she finds a way to prevent future mishaps. Keep praying for our engineer, that he will manage to produce a design for our retaining wall.

16/5/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Pray for Ian as he creates the PowerPoint files for Deeper Bible 701 level and writes the book. Other levels of Deeper Bible continue at Manukau City Baptist: a daytime session of DB 101 on Monday mornings and a night class of DB 201 on Wednesdays. Ian is also training Mark via Skype to teach DB courses in Brazil. Pray too for the funding to come in to enable the Berean Insights website to contain Deeper Bible Online. Pray for Tania as she juggles the work involved in the Prayer Coordinator role and other commitments.

15/5/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand—Cook Islands)
Kevin and Mai give thanks that 1 Corinthians in Pukapukan is looking really good after a thorough revision. We expect that Galatians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians will be completed in April. Uphold us as we progress through 2 Corinthians and Philippians in May. Mary and two women produced a 24-page, colour, bilingual booklet of The Easter Story for children, which is having a big impact. Please pray with us that the chiefs on Pukapuka will complete the arrangements for the Conference on the Pukapukan language and Bible translation to be held in August in Rarotonga. Pray for good communication with the Pukapukan communities in Australia and New Zealand who have now received their copy of the final draft of the four Gospels and Acts (bilingual with NIV in small print). Pray they will respond with questions and suggestions, so that the project can be truly said to involve the whole language community.

14/5/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Leanne and Rob are delighted to share the news that their son Mark and daughter-in-law Bette have a healthy baby boy, Finley Allyn, born 20 April, 8 lb 6ozs. Mum and baby are both doing really well. Leanne was able to be there for the arrival and will spend the next two weeks with them. Thank you to all who have prayed. Please rejoice with us in Finley’s safe arrival. Praise for the opportunity to partner with the Embassy Band and churches in the North and South Islands. The tour went well with some great connections made. Pray for a special time of spiritual renewal and sense of community for our Wycliffe New Zealand staff retreat 25—27 May.

13/5/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God for consultants to help with checking Matigsalug 1 Kings and Psalms. The team is also just finishing some small things in Ezekiel. Pray especially for the Hunts as they decide on their future direction and start taking steps towards it this month.

12/5/18 Kirsten Mills (New Zealand)
Thank you for praying for the Candidate Action Committee which met to discuss the applications of four applicants to Wycliffe New Zealand. I thank God for those who have given of their time to be part of this essential step to membership. Pray for both the committee members and the applicants in terms of the Lord’s guidance and empowering for the work He has planned for them. There are currently three other applicants in the pipeline.

11/5/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
My anticipated time away from my desk in March was thwarted by unfavourable weather. Please pray I’ll get a much-needed break in May after the extra pressures of once-a-year tasks in April (financial review, annual donation receipts) are completed. While I’m immersed in the routine processing, it’s practically impossible to plan and implement improvements. As things stand, I’m not getting enough thinking time!

10/5/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise for a fresh look at life and being reconnected with family. Pray for Caleb as he nears the end of his carpentry apprenticeship, that he will complete all the necessary bookwork and assessments. Pray as the ideas and articles are developed for the next Living Words magazine. Pray for Fiona as she begins working with Caryl Freeman in taking over the Member Care role.

9/5/18 David & Tammy Price (US—Asia)
Praise God for five new partners in the last few months and also for good health again after we were both ill in March. Please pray for the Kuri Pasai translators and facilitators as they finish preparing for the workshop starting 30 May. The Luke teams are to finish the last three chapters of Luke, and the Psalms teams have 280 verses to complete. Pray for (a) staff with the planning and logistical challenges of preparing for the workshop, and (b) for the consultants that we would have insight to see what needs to be clarified in the translations we are checking.

8/5/18 Robin & Marva Farnsworth (US) and Ken & Rosa Nayau (Papua New Guinea)
We are thankful that our medical tests showed some improvements and our doctors are changing our treatments. Ken Nayau will have the translation checked by a consultant for two weeks in the middle of May and then is planning to visit the villages to read the translation there. Pray that they will find the best people to come to Wewak to help with the checking.

7/5/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
We are grateful for a few days of holiday after nine straight days of meetings in Bali in April. May is a very busy month, especially for David. He is making the final corrections to his PhD thesis, has a trip to Papua New Guinea then another to Malaysia, with SIL Australia Board meetings on the two days in-between. Pray for safety in travel, stamina and wisdom in decision-making in Papua New Guinea.

6/5/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (South East Asia)
Thank you for praying for our travel. It went well with no issues apart from some cows which made us very thankful for good brakes! The time with our overseas guest was very productive with new links made and greater understanding of both the materials on offer and the processes involved in getting material around the country. Fellow workers in our old town are interested in what we have to offer and thankful for the free material Kevin had obtained for them. Pray for them as they use the material and for the right timing for mutual cooperation in the future. It is very hot now and our brains are not coping well. No air conditioning makes work difficult and slow. Pray for patience from those around us and negotiable deadlines. Pray for travel to and from the capital and the workshop that we will attend 7-11 May.

5/5/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Pray for this transition month as Caryl liaises with Fiona Taylor to hand over her Member Care administrative functions. Pray that Fiona will know God’s leading as she begins to facilitate this critical mission role. Praise God enabled Wayne to manage a frantic March and April, and pray that he will be wise in this month of May as he gets space to both reflect and discern the way ahead.

4/5/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Adau and Domai will be working at Ukarumpa for the whole month of May, leaving on the thirty-first. Please pray for good clear thinking, God’s wisdom, good health and stamina, and encouragement for them as they work in this much cooler, higher-altitude location.

3/5/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for a good start in working with folk here in Papua New Guinea. Praise for very smooth, uneventful flights where I made all my connections with ease. Pray that in the rest of my time here I will listen well and know what to recommend. As I can coach people with their language and culture learning needs via the Internet, pray that those who need coaching will sign up. Please pray for safe travel (I leave on 9 May) that it will be uneventful and go as planned. Pray that I settle back into Auckland and get into the projects that the Lord has for me there.

2/5/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
This month involves lots of consultant checking (Psalms, Proverbs and Joshua). Pray that the right people will be chosen to come and help, people who are able to analyse, understand, and are not afraid to answer the hundreds of questions which will be thrown at them.

1/5/18 Gary & Glenys Sweetman (New Zealand—New Caledonia)
At the end of April several Wycliffe New Zealand members will join our colleagues in New Caledonia for two weeks to run the final Oral Bible Storytelling Workshop (OBS). This will bring the current project to its conclusion but we are encouraged to see more people engaging in learning and spreading Scripture in the mother tongue through OBS. Ask God to protect every aspect of the workshop and its participants and staff. While there, further exploration of Scripture translation needs will be made, and prayer would be appreciated to see which doors are open and how new projects can be supported.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

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Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.