Pray Today

14/11/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Is)
Praise God John is experiencing relief from headaches and has recovered from a bad cold in October. Please ask God to make a way for Edmond, Luke, and Father David to begin Islands Bible Ministry (IBM) training in December. We are trusting God for the provision of funds and for accommodation for Luke and Father David. Ask God to help John focus on completing the check of Matthew.

13/11/18 Cultural Diversity Tour New Zealand – Leslie Foster and Sheryl Silzer
Praise God for a wonderful response from those who have attended the ‘Building Cultural Awareness’ seminars during our 2018 Cultural Diversity Tour. One participant said, ‘I loved the workshop—it made me really think about my approach, communication and understanding.’ Sheryl Silzer and I heard this same sentiment from others in all the different places. Pray that the Discussion Guide which was written specifically for the tour, will be used in small groups to build understanding with those who interact with others from different cultures.

12/11/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
We have a major decision to make regarding the home that we own in Brisbane. We would really appreciate your prayers to know God’s mind and will to guide us clearly in this. Leanne is carrying added responsibility in her role as Teacher’s Assistant for the Foods and Hospitality Department at Onehunga High School, since the Head of Department left suddenly at the end of last term. I continue to enjoy the dual roles I am responsible for, (Director for Wycliffe New Zealand and International Ministries Pastor at Mt Albert Baptist Church) and am very grateful for God’s strength and enabling to do this, and also for the wonderful teams I serve with. Please pray that I will continue to find good balance in these respective roles while maintaining good health and appropriate personal/family time.

11/11/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Praise God for help when we got a flat tyre on the bike. We had to stop because of cows on the road and then saw our tyre. No other help was available for another five kilometres. Praise God that Gillian’s lungs are much improved—but dry season is coming. Praise God for new connections with local Christians and the sharing of resources. Please pray for stamina—November is busy with a visiting team coming from 12 November–3 December and we will be travelling with them for the latter part. Pray for wisdom to know the best ways to support the staff who have been made redundant due to lack of funding. Pray for preparation and the logistics for the joint holiday in Thailand—second week of December—with family who are returning to New Zealand after four years away.

10/11/18 Training Course in Cameroon
Pray for God’s protection over the two-month training course in Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement for students from Francophone Africa which began 15 October in Cameroon.

9/11/18 David & Christine Foris (New Zealand, Mexico)
Please pray for fine weather in Sochiapam. There has been so much rain it is impossible for Wilf to have the erosion of land and a retaining wall repaired which is part of the Literacy Centre. Give thanks for David and Francisco’s good progress on the dictionary revision. Our granddaughter, Caitlin, who is in Mexico with David has enjoyed teaching English at the local High School and doing physiotherapy-type exercises with a young woman who was badly injured in a horrific accident. Pray for safe travel for David and Caitlin as they return to New Zealand on 10 November.

8/11/18 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Please pray for wisdom and productivity for Chrissy as she catches up with work after taking time out for family responsibilities. Pray for Martin as he prepares and plans for two trips to Africa in the new year. As always its tricky to arrange the timing to suit everyone. Please pray for clarity and wisdom.

7/11/18 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Stephen is grateful for progress on catching up with routine work. Please pray he will be able to get right up to date by the end of the year. Pray too that he will handle all the details well this month as he compiles the 2019 budget for the Board to approve at its December meeting.

6/11/18 Robbie & Debbie Petterson (Papua New Guinea)
We are back in Papua New Guinea visiting the Baimuru and Mouwase tribes in November. We will be visiting literacy school teachers in the Baimuru area, and doing some end-of-year testing to see how they are getting on with teaching their children to read. Also we will be launching the Jesus Film for the Mouwase tribe on 29 November. We are thankful to have had indirect contact with the Mouwase people via someone with email. Please pray for the Mouwase people and the church in the area, as they organise the celebration, and receive the message of the film. We depart from Papua New Guinea 7 December. While we are away, other family will come and look after Robbie’s father.

5/11/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Please pray for the final sessions of Deeper Bible 601, especially for the ‘Experiencing the Bible’ evenings (Matamata Baptist 5 November, Manukau City Baptist 14 November). Pray for the final work to be done on the 701 level book. Ian’s planned teaching in Brazil in January has had to be postponed until July. Pray for the logistics for that to work out. Praise God that the Prayer Directory has been completed and sent out to those who requested it. Tania hopes to retire from this Prayer Coordinator’s role. Pray for God’s person with a heart for this ministry to replace her.

4/11/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Please pray that Tim and Fiona will be equipped as they attend debriefing training in Algies Bay 5–9 November. Pray for God’s provision so that Fiona can reduce her tutoring hours and focus on Member Care. Pray that Tim meets deadlines for the calendar, prioritises his heavy workload this month and continues good back care. Praise God for opportunities Tim had to lead hikes in God’s amazing creation in Northland last month. Please pray that recipients of the outdoor training he is helping with this month (10, 11, 17, 18 November) will be blessed. Pray for Hannah, Abi and Nathan as they sit exams, and that all of the children will continue growing in God.

3/11/18 Leslie Foster (NZ)
Please pray for my trip to Bangkok, Thailand, 5—10 November as I attend a training meeting for those in the Asia-Pacific region of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Pray not only for safe travel but also for God’s will to be accomplished during that time.

2/11/18 Murray & Ruth (New Zealand, England)
Pray for our last three weeks in New Zealand (until 26 November) as we share in churches. Keep asking God to use us to inspire new Wycliffe prayer groups in New Zealand. There are three potential groups so far. Prayer is vital to the work of Wycliffe, so thank you for yours! Pray too for our three adult children and their families while we’re away.

1/11/18 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Praise God for a successful translation workshop with three Jesus Film scripts approved for dubbing. Pray for the logistics of the dubbing — each language will take about 10 days — throughout November in the villages. The translators are very excited for the possible outreach from these films. David has already begun preparing in earnest for the next LEAD Asia Community of Practice in May 2019, as he will have a central part in it. David and Tammy have some major decisions to make very soon, concerning where to base their ministry and lives for now. Please pray for more complete knowledge, for wisdom to understand it, and for courage and strength to make a decision.

31/10/18 Ross & Elizabeth McKerras (New Zealand, Vanuatu)
I’m in Vanuatu from 31 October–10 November checking Genesis in a language of Tanna. I find Genesis a most interesting book for many reasons and I’m looking forward to finding out the viewpoints of the Tanna people. Please pray that the checking goes well and for a productive time together

30/10/18 Translating the Book of Luke
As seven new teams of translators from Southeast Asia begin translating the book of Luke with guidance from experienced translation advisers, pray they will know the impact this translated gospel will bring to the Bibleless.

29/10/18 Beginning New Projects (South Asia)
Pray for the representatives of six language communities who are beginning the process of Bible translation for their languages. They began with some computer and English language courses, so they can use the tools which facilitate translation. Then they will go on to begin actual translation in a setting where they work alongside one another. Pray for the instructors for the various stages to communicate well with these new translators. Ask God to strengthen the churches in their communities and that the churches will be part of their long-term support.

28/10/18 More Instructors Needed for Jesus Film (Papua New Guinea)
Jesus Film is seeking people to help as translation instructors in Papua New Guinea. A translation instructor needs to have training and experience in Bible translation and linguistics. They would help supervise and instruct translators, back translators* and script checkers to adapt and translate the Jesus Film script and work as the lead script consultant during the workshop. Script adaptation workshops are conducted to help language teams adapt the translated Scriptures for the Jesus Film recording. Ask the Lord for many more instructors with these specific qualifications to come forward and offer their services.
*A back-translation is the result of translating drafts of vernacular scripture back into a language that the translation consultant understands and can use to check for omitted or extraneous material, or possible misconceptions.

27/10/18 Busy Regional Managers (Asia)
Pray for the experienced staff serving as regional managers in various parts of Asia. These staff members guide translators and translation facilitators as they plan the steps of a translation project. Ask God to give them wisdom as they work with translators in their individual situations. Pray for strength as they often travel to remote areas. Ask for God’s care for their families while they are away from home.

26/10/18 Adressing the Shortage of Bible Translation Consultants (Canada)
The Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) in British Colombia, Canada, integrates scholarship in linguistics with service to language communities worldwide. Institute leaders would like to launch two advanced training programmes in the next year or two to help address the shortage of Bible translation consultants. Pray that God will provide qualified people for these programmes. Ask for God’s provision for the students—for a healthy scholarship fund to enable them to complete their studies without further debt. Pray that God will raise up strong support teams for each one as they follow His leading to their field ministry.

25/10/18 Preparing to Publish the New Testament (Papua New Guinea)
Pray for the Fanamaket translation team as they finish the New Testament changes and final checks. They hope to do the typesetting in January 2019. One of the team, Lorie, has just begun English studies in Sydney to prepare for Bible college next year. Pray for him as he takes this step to be better prepared as a translator.

24/10/18 Window on Wycliffe Orientation Course 26–27 October
Praise God for each attendee coming to this course. Please pray that each one will have their questions answered and that the Lord will show them clearly the next steps in their journey towards missions. Pray that each presenter will communicate their particular aspects of orientation clearly and for relationships to be built.

23/10/18 Storying Project (West Asia)
Pray for the majority language Storying Project in a country of West Asia. The first step is to get 24 stories consultant-checked. Then the stories will be professionally recorded and distributed on a mobile app. Pray for the storying team as they go to villages to share the stories. Pray they will connect with people who are hungry for God.

22/10/18 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Ross handed in his printed thesis last month. He is hoping to organise some workshops on the Lord’s Prayer in NZ Sign Language for deaf people and interpreters. Please pray for the organisation and planning. Deaf churches often meet for fellowship only once a month. Pray for encouragement for these small groups of Christians.

21/10/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (NZ)
Rob will be traveling to Vanuatu for the last week of October for a historic gathering with those who are strategically involved in Bible translation with church leaders from across the country. The hope is to strengthen the vision for translation, and see the church there take greater responsibility for Bible translation work in Vanuatu. Please pray for this special event, that God will inspire all to a greater level of commitment and partnership to seeing Vision 2025 accomplished in Vanuatu.

20/10/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
Praise God for the good progress made during consultant-checking in September. Please pray for the Simbiti and Ikoma translation teams, who are now working on the last books of the New Testament.

19/10/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Is)
Pray for those Islanders who participated in the first Kairos Course in the Solomon Islands in September. Ask God to give them and their churches a vision for mobilising Islanders to obey the Great Commission. Praise that Luke recently finished his back-translation of 11 chapters of the gospel of Luke. Pray that this paperwork will reach John safely. Ask God to help John focus on finishing the check of Matthew’s gospel. Pray for relief for John from recent headaches. Pray too for the contractor preparing to rebuild the retaining wall in November.

18/10/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand)
Mary gives thanks for a very successful conference in Dallas with Area Linguistics Coordinators. Please pray for good health for her as she does consultant-checking of the Pukapukan New Testament. Kevin and Mai are completing the final revision of the epistles, have finished Philippians, and now onto 1 & 2 Peter and Jude. Pray for us as we seek reconciliation between various people in Auckland.

17/10/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God for consultants checking the last long books of Matigsalug Bible to be finished. Pray for wisdom for Rani and Undun as they work through the issues with the consultants. Praise God that the secondment agreement for Robert with Distant Shores is now finalised. Pray for his work programming automatic formatting services for Bible stories and Bible books.

16/10/18 Murray & Ruth (New Zealand, England)
Thanks for praying for the workshop in the jungle. Debriefs at the end of each day showed marked improvements in how they were translating the Bible texts from one day to the next. We are in New Zealand until late November. Please pray for us as we share in churches. Ask God boldly for more Wycliffe prayer groups to be started up. Pray for the family in England while we’re away.

15/10/18 Kirsten Mills (New Zealand)
Please pray for the Window on Wycliffe Orientation course 26–27 October. Pray that I will do my part in preparing and trust our Lord for the outcome. Pray for those who will take part, that they will be attentive to God’s call on their lives. Pray for those who are presenters, that they will be blessed.

14/10/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Please pray for the recording of the first books of the Bamu Audio Scriptures. Ask for God’s protection on all concerned, especially the three readers, Adau, Domai, and Betty, and their respective families. Recording is scheduled for 17 October—5 November. Please pray too for all the final things to be done so the Bamu airstrip can be declared open again.

13/10/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Deeper Bible 601 started well in Matamata (Mondays) and Manukau City Baptist (Wednes-days) with the participants delighted to be back into deeper Bible study. Work continues on translating the DB 401 book and training for Mark to teach DB 301 in Brazil. The DB 701 book is almost finished but Ian’s time has been taken up with many medical appointments. Please pray for Tania as she finalises the Prayer Directory and begins to think about Wycliffe’s World Day of Prayer in November.

12/10/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Please pray for the Freeman clan as they adapt to life after the loss of Wayne’s father who died 19 September 2018. Give thanks for the New Testament dedication for the Cemuhi people of New Caledonia in late September. Wayne and some of the NZ team had the privilege of attending this dedication. Please pray that God’s Word in their heart language will bring transformation in their lives and communities.

11/10/18 Wilf & Anita Flores (Mexico)
We praise God for a good conclusion of the SIL course in Mexico. Wilf headed up the phonetics course and Anita was the head of the Language Learning course. We had 56 students: some were believers who show interest for the work of Bible translation. Wilf helped the church make a video of the first Chinantec believers which turned out great. It has been 48 years since the first people believed in Christ in Sochiapam Chinantec and they wanted to celebrate it by telling the story and giving recognition to the first believers. We are also grateful that our children are doing well at the school in the village. Both William and Kylie struggled a bit with Spanish after our furlough in the USA, but they are learning quickly and are also practicing Chinantec with their cousins. Please pray for Anita, as she had to make a drastic change in her diet when doctors discovered that she is gluten intolerant. Pray for Wilf as he gets back to the translation table with the rest of the team.

10/10/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Praise God for continued safety on the roads. I know we keep saying it, but every day we take our life in our hands on the road. We’re thankful for a great first-of-four Journey Deeper workshops. Yay for a new house helper to ease the load! Pray for our health, especially our lungs, which are struggling with the dust. Gillian has had a severe chest infection which is lingering. Pray for new routines to be established, and for good time management. Between now and Christmas there is a lot on! Pray that the Journey Deeper material will strengthen our vision and relationships.

9/10/18 SIL Global Leaders Meeting (Global)
About 200 SIL leaders and partners will gather in Thailand 9–12 October for SIL’s Global Leaders Meeting (GLM18). This meeting will focus on the SIL Roadmap and Action Plan. These guide SIL in changes to become more relevant, responsive and locally integrated in the changing world of the twenty-first century. Pray for God’s wisdom for all the leaders and participants in this event as they capture organisational lessons learned over the past 15 months of the Action Plan. Pray that they can build on these lessons in terms of envisioning next steps, and that they will be strengthened and inspired as a community of leaders to continue the journey.

8/10/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for a very good Board meeting and AGM last month (although my attendance was via Skype.) Another significant milestone was reached with the Cemuhi people receiving the New Testament in their language. We are rejoicing that our eldest son Josh, is engaged to Megan Everly. Megan, from the US, has made the decision to come to NZ to be with Josh. This brings both personal and family challenges, as well as legal issues regarding immigration. Please pray for them as they work through these and prepare for a life together. I’ve had a nasty bout of the flu which has lingered for over four weeks now. I was unable to attend the Board meetings and had to cancel or postpone some other meetings. Please pray for a full recovery and strength to catch up on a backlog of work.

7/10/18 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
Three potential students from the Pacific will begin their visa application process this month. Please pray that this will go smoothly and visas will be granted in time for them to begin their studies with SIL Australia in February.

6/10/18 Sulawesi earthquake update (Indonesia) Posted 2 October
The Central Sulawesi region of Indonesia, on Friday 28 September, suffered an earthquake with magnitude 7.5 and an accompanying tsunami which caused major damage to the city of Palu and many surrounding towns and villages. As of Tuesday 2 October, the reported death toll was 1235 and expected to rise further. All expatriate workers have safely evacuated to another city away from the damaged area, but not all co-workers from local organisations have been accounted for. The GPID church synod, suffered a heartbreaking loss when its training centre collapsed during an afternoon children’s Bible camp. At least 30 children died in this tragedy, and there have been many other similar discoveries. Please pray for all who have been affected in some way by this disaster, for efficient and safe coordination of rescue and relief efforts, for God’s comfort for those who know Him, and for His saving grace to extend to those who do not yet know Him.

5/10/18 Cultural Diversity Tour
Pray that Leslie can also keep up with other commitments during the trip to the South Island from 5–15 October. Pray for stamina for Sheryl and Leslie during the tour as well as wisdom and discernment as they interact with many people. Pray for safe travel and excellent health.

4/10/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Pray for Tim as he hits a very busy time of year producing the calendar, continuing instalments on a Bible plan for YouVersion, and working on Cemuhi dedication footage for use online. Please also pray that God will heal his ongoing back issues. Pray for Fiona as she prioritises work for Member Care. Please pray that she will be able to reduce her tutoring hours to provide more time for Member Care. Praise for the warmer weather and opportunities for Tim to lead tramping trips and bushcraft courses again. Praise that Hannah has found a new flat closer to university. Pray for Nathan as he prepares for his NCEA exams, and for Hannah and Abi as they sit their exams.

3/10/18 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Pray for David in Thailand 27 September–10 October for LEAD meetings. The Kuri Pasai workshop continues until 12 October with much work for the translators to complete in that time. Please pray for good health for all, minimal interruptions, clear alert minds, and that the Lord will continue to use His word to transform hearts. Please pray that the Jesus Film script will be consultant-checked and finished in readiness for the next stage of recording. Pray for the teams working on Psalms to complete their work also.

2/10/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise that the Discussion Guide created for the Cultural Diversity tour has been produced! Pray for the public meetings and private consultations that will be held in Auckland, Katikati, Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru and Christchurch. Pray for good numbers of participants at each event and also that we can help them in their journey to more effective ministry in cultural diversity. Pray for stamina for Sheryl and Leslie during the tour as well as wisdom and discernment as they interact with many people.

1/10/18 Cultural Diversity Tour Schedule of Public Events

  • Tuesday 2 October 7:00–9:00 pm at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, corner of Main Road and Mulgan Street, Katikati.
  • Thursday 4 October 9:30 am–4:30 pm at Carey Baptist College, 473 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland.
    Working Together in Cultural Diversity: Building your Cultural Awareness’
    A suggested koha of $15 to be paid on the day to cover costs of the discussion guide and snacks.
    To register contact Leslie Foster at the Wycliffe office:, Ph 09 262 8440 or 021 246 8968.
    For online registration visit Missions Interlink.
  • Friday 5 October 7:00–9:00 pm at First Presbyterian Church, 155 Tay St, Invercargill.
  • Saturday 6 October 9:30 am–12:00 noon at First Presbyterian Church, 155 Tay St, Invercargill.
  • Monday 8 October 7:00–9:00 pm at Burns 7 Seminar Room, Arts Building, Otago University, 95 Albany Street, Dunedin.
  • Tuesday 9 October 7:00–9:00 pm at Burns 7 Seminar Room, Arts Building, Otago University, 95 Albany Street, Dunedin.
    ‘Working Effectively in Culturally Diverse Situations: Building your Cultural Awareness’
    Contact Paul Trebilco for more details, 03 479 8798.
  • Wednesday 10 October 7:00–9:00 pm at Wilson Street Baptist Church, 17 Wilson Street, Timaru.
  • Sunday 14 October 1:00–4:00 pm at Southwest Baptist Church, 244 Lyttelton Street, Spreydon, Christchurch.
  • Tuesday 16 October 7:00–9:00 pm at Eastview Baptist, 559 Chapel Rd, East Tamaki Heights, Auckland.
  • Tuesday 23 October 7:00–9:00 pm at Northcote Baptist, 67 Eban Avenue, Hillcrest, North Shore City, Auckland.

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30/9/18 Revision in Progress (Philippines)
Praise the Lord for progress in the revision of a New Testament in one of the languages of the Southern Philippines. With God’s help, the translators found rough spots that either sounded unnatural or where the nuance was off. Please pray for them as they continue to make adjustments as they work through the text. Pray also for wisdom in making hard decisions regarding renderings, cohesion of thought, and a general improvement of the text for audio recording. Pray for God’s Word to grip the hearts and minds of those who read it.

29/9/18 Jesus Film in Two Languages (West Africa)
Praise God that the Jesus Film is now available in two more languages of West Africa. It was translated in April and the recordings have been edited to fit the video. Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who will see it. Ask for the Holy Spirit to transform lives as they receive the message about Jesus.

28/9/18 Jesus Film Leads Many to Christ (Papua New Guinea)
Praise the Lord for the Jesus Film showings throughout the city of Lae, Papua New Guinea during July and August. Lae staff members of Youth With a Mission have shown the film throughout the city. Hundreds of people are turning to the Lord for the first time at these showings. The film is being downloaded into many Smartphones. Micro SD cards containing the film and audio Bibles were placed in all the wards of the Angau General Hospital in Lae. Many leaders are asking for the Jesus Film to be shown in their communities. Praise the Lord for this powerful tool used by the Holy Spirit to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

27/9/18 Ross & Elizabeth McKerras (New Zealand)
An answer to my last prayer request! I have found someone to film my Greek and Hebrew teaching videos on YouTube. This person is a (retired) professional video producer so the technical quality will be (even) better! Look for one on Psalm 119, soon to be released.

26/9/18 David & Tammy Price (US-Asia)
Please pray for David as he has had a cold and cough the last week. He needs to be getting on a plane to Thailand tomorrow (27 September). Pray for good sleep and healing as he gets ready to travel and for 2 weeks of meetings. Pray that his team meetings and Community of Practice meeting will be profitable.

25/9/18 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Pray for Wayne attending the Cemuhi New Testament dedication in New Caledonia in support of the Flaws, Jacque Porouda and others involved in the translation. Pray also this translation will be life transforming for the Cemuhi people and that the celebrations are marked by harmony and joy.

24/9/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand, New Caledonia)
Please pray that we capture good video footage at the Cemuhi Dedication 25 September—2 October and that Tim is able to turn this into inspiring video for social media and the website.

23/9/18 Building and Strengthening Leaders (Pacific)
Praise the Lord for the practical ways in which Wycliffe Global Alliance organisations in the Pacific are helping one another. Wycliffe Australia and Wycliffe New Zealand are working together to help Maxy Koloamatangi, the Director of Wycliffe Tonga Missions (WTM) participate in the English Enrichment programme which is conducted by Wycliffe Australia. Ask the Lord to help Maxy, his family and the WTM staff as they prepare for his absence from Tonga for a period of two months between October and December. Pray for the appropriate visa for Australia to be granted to him in a timely manner. Pray for Wycliffe New Zealand as they organise his travel.

22/9/18 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Please pray for Ross’s father (87) who has had a few spells in hospital already this year. He lives in a rest-home unit in Cambridge. Pray also for Ross and Jo as they support him as he gets older and slower. Pray for Ross as he gets his thesis ready for final printing. He had positive feedback about his graphical notation system for signed languages from his marker in Deaf Studies. Pray about possible uses of this system and that Ross may find and take opportunities to demonstrate it.

21/9/18 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise for all the progress made in getting ready for the Cultural Diversity Tour in October. Visit this page for more details. Praise God that the Discussion Guide we will use during the tour has been written. Please pray that it will be helpful attendees. Pray also for both Sheryl and I as we prepare, especially as I finalise all the details for the tour. Pray for Sheryl to arrive safely at Auckland International Terminal on 30 September.

20/9/18 Bible Translation Vanuatu (Vanuatu)
Please pray for the preparations for a meeting of all the organisations doing Bible translation in Vanuatu. It will take place 24-26 October. These meetings will also include representatives of the local churches. Ask for a spirit of unity and cooperation in the meetings. Pray also that these meetings will enable the start of additional Bible translations in languages that still need it.

19/9/18 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Praise God for my new computer software-related role with WBTNZ. Please pray for wisdom as the details are formalised and a new budget is drafted. Praise God for His provision of accommodation August—November in different cities in NZ. Pray also for affordable, long-term accommodation from December 2018 that is near the WBTNZ Manukau office.

18/9/18 Greg & Rosie Blok (SE Asia, US)
We are in Redding California and enjoying the input here from some of our heroes. Next we head up to Canada to speak in a few places. We continue to pray for our main translator, Sunny who is continuing to draft Luke. Please also pray for the new Christians, especially for endurance and that they can handle the persecution and rejection that comes from following Jesus. Please also pray that their parents have an encounter with Jesus. The father of the new Christians is the head witch doctor in their village. We arrive back in New Zealand mid-October.

17/9/18 Alliance Executive Director Search (Global)
The Wycliffe Global Alliance is a community of more than 100 diverse organisations and networks serving together in Bible translation movements around the world. The goal of the Alliance is to provide an environment where many partners can serve together as colleagues committed to serving with minority language communities. The Alliance leadership team and the Board of Directors recently selected a nominating committee to begin the search for the next Executive Director. Dr. Kirk Franklin has served in this role since 2008. The new Executive Director will officially take over the position at the Global Gathering in 2020. Pray for the members of the search committee as they manage the process and issue the call for nominations later this year.

16/9/18 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God that Ian is making a good recovery after surgery, although slower than expected. He will begin teaching Deeper Bible level 601 at Matamata Baptist on 17 September, and at Manukau City Baptist on 19 September. Due to the delay, they won’t fit in DB 701 this year but Ian still needs to finish working on the 701 workbook. Please pray that he will pace himself well. Work has begun on the translation of DB 401 and 501 materials into Portuguese for teaching in Brazil in January. Pray for wisdom for Margaret who is translating and for clarity in the myriad of questions she has been sending Ian along the way. Pray also for Mark who is continuing to teach DB in Brazil.

15/9/18 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Thank God that the Bamu airstrip has been cut. Please pray that the new wind socks will arrive soon, and the airstrip can be officially reopened. Please continue to pray for Adau and Domai’s health and protection from the evil one, and that God will bless their families.

14/9/18 David & Tammy Price (US-Asia)
The twelfth Kuri Pasai workshop starts on 19 September. Please pray for the translators, especially the Luke teams as they are finishing preparing the book of Luke for publishing, including a full read-through together. This workshop will focus on consultant-checking the Jesus Film script in the four languages that have finished Luke. The other two languages will be translating the last chapters of Psalms! The workshop finishes 12 October. Pray also for good health and that all computers and technology work well.

13/9/18 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise God for three translation consultants giving their time to check some of the last (long) Matigsalug books. Pray for Undun and Rani who respond to the consultant with more information and/or changes and corrections as necessary. Pray also for Robert working with the computer software that’s behind the Open Bible Stories project at unfoldingWord.

12/9/18 Ira & Katy (SE Asia)
Please pray for our children as they settle into a new school year, especially for Lucy who is now in secondary school and Emily whose workload has increased. Pray also for Katy who has started a new part-time job helping at a local linguistics foundation. We are happy back in our house in SE Asia and grateful for the six months we had in beautiful New Zealand.

11/9/18 Need for Translation Consultants (Solomon Islands)
Andrew Fanasia, Director of the Bible Translation Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands, is seeking assistance for translation consultants for language programmes. Please pray for him as he communicates with the leaders of Wycliffe Australia, the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association and others about the work in the Solomon Islands. Pray also for greater collaboration with the other organisations involved in translation in order to meet the checking needs of translation programmes in this island nation. There is a great need for more Solomon Islanders to train as consultants. Ask the Lord for wisdom and clarity as long-term goals are set for training to build capacity in this field of expertise.

10/9/18 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Is)
Praise God the 300 copies of Äi Päko iie Mak (Mark’s Gospel) arrived safely at Reef Islands. Ask God to make people hungry to read it. Praise God for John’s encouraging meeting with Christian leaders in Honiara last June to prepare for Kairos. Please pray for Pastor Andrew, head of Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership of Solomon Islands (BTLPSI) as he and his team prepare to host a Kairos Course in Honiara 1721 September. Pray too for Robyn in NZ as she and her team prepare to facilitate the course.

9/9/18 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
We are very thankful for those who supported us while we were in New Zealand. Having a warm bed, a vehicle and being able to support family was very special. Kevin’s Facebook group is growing quickly with 2,500 members; 1,300 are regularly sharing and contributing. This brings challenges: while travelling for three days the friend requests backed up to 159! Kevin needs to vet each one, which takes time. Please pray for us as we settle back in country; for the conference we are attending 14-15 September, and for visiting friends who will holiday in the capital the last weekend of the month.

8/9/18 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand)
We praise God for a successful conference on Bible Translation in Rarotonga, hosted by the Council of Chiefs from Pukapuka, and attended by representatives from a number of communities. Thank God for lively discussion, a spirit of unity and a mandate to complete the New Testament and Psalms in the way we have been doing. Please pray for good community feedback over the next three months while final checking takes place. Pray also for Mary as she leaves 9 September to attend the Global Linguistic Coordinators’ gathering in Dallas 1013 September.

7/9/18 Wycliffe New Zealand Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting
Pray for the Wycliffe New Zealand Board meeting and AGM in Christchurch on 8 September. Pray that those who gather for the AGM will be bolstered in the life we have in Jesus Christ and the common goad of Bible translation. Pray also for a productive Board meeting, making headway for the future of Wycliffe New Zealand and beyond.

6/9/18 Jonah & Cora Adams (East Asia)
We’re desperately looking for a new MTT to be able to continue the work. Please pray that the Lord will send His hand-picked person who can work consistently with us. Please pray for help as we analyse and learn the minority language. Please pray for clarity in understanding how the sound system and grammar works, and God-given ability to create a working script.

5/9/18 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God for the army of helpers who packaged up the magazine last month. Praise God for the wonderful response (over 600 subscriptions) to the Historical Sequence reading plan Tim is creating for YouVersion! Pray that Fiona is able to increase her hours each week in the Member Care role. Pray for good connections with members we meet with in Christchurch while we’re there for the AGM. Please pray for Nathan’s NCEA assessments and exam preparation.

4/9/18 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
There are so many things to think about as we set up house, learn our jobs and meet many new people. Please pray that we will make decisions based on godly wisdom and not how we are feeling at the time!

3/9/18 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for a wonderful visit to the US to spend time getting to know our new grandson, Finley. It was a blessing to see Mark and Bette serving together full-time in a ministry to disadvantaged and vulnerable children. I also visited a former WBTNZ director and his wife, Jack and Linda Henderson. They are both in their nineties now and while needing walking frames they both still possess a quick wit and sharp intellect and are very articulate. This is a busy month. Pray for the Rhema interview on 4 September and preparations for our Board meeting and Annual General Meeting 8 September. There are also some major events happening in our church where I serve as International Ministries Pastor. Please pray for Leanne. This is a busy time of the year in her teaching support role at Onehunga High School.

2/9/18 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Pray for an EthnoArts workshop which will be held 3—5 September for at least five languages. This is the first major workshop one of the denominations has held. Pray that people will not only be enthused about their language and culture, but that they will come to a deeper understanding of the gospel and their culture.

1/9/18 Murray & Ruth (England)
Pray for Murray, arriving in New Zealand 2 September and for Ruth joining him 13 September. Pray that many will be motivated and inspired by Murray and Ruth who will be travelling around NZ to share in churches together until late November.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

Verse for today

You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes.