At the Foot of the Snows

by David E. Watters – book review by Fiona Taylor

At the Foot of the Snows - book cover

At the Foot of the Snows

What is the sound of embarrassment? Or the sound of a majestic mountain peak? Or the sound of bad food? The Kham language in Nepal has words to describe all of these.

At the Foot of the Snow is unlike anything else I have read. It provides the reader with a frightfully honest, vivid and eye-opening account of a family serving in a place where the name of Jesus is not yet known.

While it gives spine-tingling testimony to the transforming power of God, this book must come with a warning: it will not be appropriate for everyone. There are detailed descriptions of events which are unsavoury to say the least, incomprehensible cultural norms which are far from our experience in New Zealand, as well as some frightening spiritual power-encounters which could break a parent’s heart. However, in it all, God reigns supreme and His hand moves mightily in the lives of the hospitable Magar people. Paul’s rejoicing in prison is a reality for the new Christians as they are persecuted mercilessly and God orchestrates events far in advance for His will to be accomplished in spite of every hurdle thrown in its way.

This is why Wycliffe does translation work: to see lives changed by the power of a loving God. The Bible brings truth and justice, love and mercy. It sets people free from fear of the past, the future and the unknown. May God continue to work in the hearts of the people of Nepal.

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