English Tutors Required

If you are interested in short term missions with a difference, this could be it! Proshikkhon has been running for nine years. Tribal pastors are now asking for God’s Word in their own language. Workshops are scheduled three times each year to train mother tongue translators in biblical exegesis and translation theory. Because many of the resources they need to use are only accessible to them in English, they need help to improve their English. If you can speak English, you can help! No TESOL qualifications are necessary.

Teaching English to trainee translators in Bangladesh

Teaching English in Bangladesh

Can this training make a difference? Consider this text message sent by a Buddhist trainee at a recent workshop: “Good morning! Before I’m over come here, I don’t know Jesus. I had listened Jesus name but now I know deeply who’s Jesus. Jesus way only one give us eternal life.”

Workshops run for four weeks. The dates for 2016 are:
22 February – 17 March
20 June – 14 July
12 September – 6 October

For more information, contact our office.

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