The Life-Possessing, Life-Giving Word of God

Wycliffe Bible Translators is described in Maori as Te Kupu Whai Ora a te Atua which in English means  ‘the life-possessing, life-giving Word of God’! I like this meaning a lot and you will see here some of the amazing ways that Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) has enthused many to craft and tell stories from the Bible in their own heart language.

35 attendees of the Oral Bible Storytelling workshop

Lift the Canoe – 35 attendees of the Oral Bible Storytelling workshop

In March this year Jim and Janet Stahl, who work with the Seed Company, came and led a multilanguage Oral Bible Storytelling workshop at Grace International Church in Glen Innes, Auckland, for several Pacific language groups. Teaching was presented in English and stories were learnt and told in Pacific languages. What a joy for these communities!

Be inspired by the article about a workshop held for the Deaf in NZ Sign Language, as well as feedback from those who have previously participated in Bible Storytelling and how their experience led to mission service in Bangladesh.

Marietta Flaws writes about ‘the life-giving Word’, which we pray will see God’s Word flourish in heart languages throughout New Caledonia.

Finally a book review by Fiona Taylor: At the Foot of the Snows, a remarkable story which is not for the faint-hearted!

In Jesus’ precious name I pray that you are inspired and encouraged by these articles about the recent telling of God’s Word using ancient techniques.

Wayne Freeman

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