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In this moving depiction of life and work in the Philippine mountains, Bruce Grayden shows how God’s Word changed Kalingas and how His Church has developed into a powerful force among a people whose lives had been filled with violence and fear.

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  1. Coffee on the Terrace

    A book review by Fiona Taylor

    This is another wonderful account of Wycliffe members working to bring the living Word of God to people who have never heard it in their heart language. The Grayden family story is set in the beautiful cool mountains of the Philippines.

    Bruce and Judith Grayden left Australia in 1972 to work in the Philippines, initially with the Bangingi people in the south. However, as language learning came to a close God orchestrated some wonderful meetings, one of which was with Joanne Shetler, and the Grayden’s focus turned to the South Kalinga people.

    Canao, one of the men that Joanne had worked with, longed for the South Kalinga people to hear about Jesus as his village had. In a plane at one point, Bruce commented, “We’d like a village 3000 feet above sea level.” God answered both of these desires.

    Bruce, like those before him, writes with an open heart—his love for the people of the Philippines is evident through his writing and his life with them. His tale takes us into the heart of Kalinga life: heartache and joy, life and death as experienced in the lives of the villagers and the Grayden family. An incredible episode is recounted of when baby Steven Grayden fell down some stairs and become gravely ill. God performed an unusual miracle, Steven recovered, and the villagers were confronted with the undeniable power of the living God.

    Life with the Kalinga included drinking fresh coffee, death threats, and spiritual power encounters! There are so many faith-bolstering stories in this book. Another great transformation story by the power of the living Word of God and the devotion of one family to the task.

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