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This is the remarkable and inspiring story of the impact of the Scriptures on a small, dying tribe in Papua New Guinea. By 1959 the number of Binumariens had dropped from 3000 to 111.A great New Zealand Wycliffe story of Bible translation. A classic!

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  1. Tribal fighting, and cultural beliefs around childbirth were sure to see it drop further. God wants everyone to hear the gospel, but surely these people were “too insignificant to spend the best years of your life translating the Bible for them.” (85).

    However, God didn’t say to reach the big groups and leave the rest, nor go to the easy-to-reach places and just pray for the others. God had a plan to draw these people back to Himself. New Zealander Des Oatridge and his Australian wife, Jenny, obeyed God’s call to this tiny group, which others might have seen as too dangerous given their cannibalistic past, or as too geographically remote. “I’ve heard of places in the world where knowledge of the Bible in the language of the people has revolutionised a culture. I have enough faith to believe it can happen here.” (p83) “I know it must sound mad to you. But some individuals carry on about saving species of birds, fish and animals from extinction. It seems that not many people are at all interested in a vanishing race of people. An endangered people seldom rate a mention by anyone.” (p85) Des’ words are true for many involved in the work of Bible translation. The faith, passion and conviction to do the work carry them through the stormy times of translation. During the Oatridge’s time with the Binumarien they encountered many seemingly impossible hurdles, which God alone brought them through – a death in their family, sickness, and a language learning standstill. For many years they lived and worked with the people, sharing their lives and faith, learning their language and culture. They witnessed the effect of God’s Word in the heart language of a people and the radical transformation this brought about. It seemed as though God had written the Bible just for them. A people once without hope now had a reason to live. A truly inspiring book which gives insight to the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators around the world.

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