Deeper Bible for Your Church

Recommendation from Garey Clark, Pastor at Manukau City Baptist Church.

Recommendation from Greg Hollier, Pastor at Matamata Baptist Church.


The complete course of Deeper Bible is laid out as follows:

  • Level 101 is comprised of 5 sessions of two hours.
  • Level 201 is comprised of 6 sessions of two hours.
  • Level 301 is comprised of 6 sessions of two hours.
  • Level 401 is comprised of 6 sessions of two hours.
  • Level 501 is comprised of 6 sessions of two hours.
  • Level 601 is comprised of 6 sessions of two hours.
  • Level 701 is comprised of 7 sessions of two hours.


In total Deeper Bible is a course of 72 hours class work. But you can approach the levels of Deeper Bible as separate units to be done in sequence whenever you or your church wish.


We will accommodate churches, pastors and individuals to tailor Deeper Bible to fit each specific situation and need. Deeper Bible in its entirety has only once been run in one calendar year from Level 101 to Level 601. There were perhaps 50 people who followed all the way through six levels in one year. It was a significant commitment. Rather like doing a year of full time Bible College.


However most have opted in and out of levels of Deeper Bible dependent on the availability of time but always completing the classes at one particular level before moving to the next level. When I have led Deeper Bible outside of my own home church environment I have only ever taught three DB levels back to back. Following which we have called a halt for that year and picked up subsequent levels in following years.


We have also approached each situation flexibly. One training course in Sulawesi, Indonesia we tried running Levels 101 to 301 over 4 days on a long weekend. That worked fine running 5 two hours sessions to cover Level 101 over two days. We then ran Level 201 on the third day from 9.00 to 5.00 pm but only using one of the verses and its context and sense unit. Finally on the fourth day we covered Level 301 but again using only the one verse and not all four. Of course the shortcoming of that approach was that all participants while they loved it, felt they were short changed in not looking at all four verses. They wanted us to come back at another time to cover the remaining three verses.


The other shortcoming of this approach was the fact that the time for participants to find all they could on their verse and its context during the Level 201 phase was limited to what they could find in one day. The ideal is for the participants to have a month in which to do the work on the verse and its context.


We have also run Level 201 under a distance learning approach whereby the participants received the input for starting DB 201 and then simply met in groups in their own time within their local area while being mentored from a distance via the internet, chatrooms and Skype etc. I am now looking at setting up Deeper Bible using something like Moodle or another similar distance learning framework.


Talk to us about how this would work in your situation, or if you’d like Deeper Bible to be run for your church. At some stage in the future Deeper Bible will become an online learning experience.

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