Betty Adeline: DB is very different from anything else I have ever done in a number of churches before this. DB teaches us to go back to the source of the Bible and let the text teach us, not someone else’s ideas. Soak yourself in the Bible text to gain the meaning from the writer’s perspective. Just keep reading the passage until you understand it.

Audrey Pandi: DB class has changed the way I perceive the Bible. I always thought understanding the Bible was for the gifted or called. DB has shown me that ordinary people like me can learn to understand the Bible. It blows my mind how logical, systematic, and structured our Bible is.

Yoel Lewi A P: DB personally enlightened me. It made me understand how every word is important and connected. After doing DB, the Bible has come alive and relevant to me! I am looking forward to deeper levels of DB class.

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Fredy Surya: DB has given me very useful tools to dissect and understand God’s Word at a deeper level. I now use Ian’s methods to prepare material for my cell group and now they are blessed as well. I have been so blessed by Ian’s training which taught me to “find fish” for myself. I recommend DB and challenge you to do it for yourself. You will be amazed at the new perspective it gives and stand in awe of the depth of God’s Word.

Merry Na: Joining DB classes is not easy. I have read the Bible for years, the stories are so familiar to me. Frankly the more I did DB, the more I realised I knew sooooooo little of the Bible. It was humbling to know that we knew so little about the bible, but it was healthy to know that too. We were taught to fish (or dig) for ourselves to deeper levels. Thanks Ian for everything you have invested in our lives, it’s a precious legacy!

George Ricky: Before I joined DB, I didn’t know how to read the Love Letter from God. But after joining the class, I have a good time with Him daily and am developing a very intimately deep relationship with Him. DB will amaze you and will turn you on TO HIM……..

Stella Tambunan: DB definitely provided the tools to be independent in my personal journey to know Christ. It changed my approach to the Bible and Bible reading — it’s like having a new set of reading glasses through which I see things previously unseen.

Arvina Wiratna: I never thought the Bible was an interesting book until I joined DB. I joined the class only to answer my curiosity about why people said it was so good. Deeper Bible, what does that mean? What did it have to offer me? Week by week the class challenged me to dig in my Bible and find the treasure, which in DB we call “fishing”. Not easy at all. Even in the well-known stories in the Bible there is something more to find. It’s amazing.  My Bible has become more interesting to me than ever before. Thank you DB. I really recommend this class for everyone!

Calvin DaCosta: DB 101 was so interesting and changed my perspective. The challenge in this class is that you are not just given a lot of information but you are encouraged to find the treasure for yourself after you are shown how.

Chrisje: Joining DB was an enlightening experience. DB has taught me to read the Bible in the proper way by paying attention to repetitions, culture and context more. Thank you Ian for telling us to use all the Bible we paid for. DB changed my learning mode from “head” to “heart”.

Netty Gultom: Joining this class was one of the best decisions I ever made! Every level of this class has brought me into a deeper understanding about His love letter to us and now I can see that the Bible is not just a book, it’s a Superbook! Thanks DB for impacting my life.

Andy Anderson: I thought DB was just another Bible Study program where you looked at stories in the Bible and learned more from them. Boy I was wrong. DB is not like that at all. It’s not even close to that. It changed the way I see the Bible. The Word of God has truly come ALIVE after I joined DB. It has become a personal letter, direct from God to me. God is helping me to understand His thoughts through the Bible. I owe you big time, Ian.

Eva Ervana: DB is one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever had in my life!  After I attended the first day of DB class I realized I had been reading the Bible in the wrong way. I realized I had been ignoring lots of important things that God wanted to tell me! I thought if I read it once then I would understand it. But NO! DB showed me each part of the Bible is so deep it requires effort to understand it! Now I see the Bible as the most incredible book! My life will never be the same again! Thanks GOD!”

Helda Fridawati: For me, DB is Funtastic! I would never have known or even realized that if I hadn’t joined DB. As a Sunday School Teacher, I now always find the hints and the emotions of the feeling behind each of God’s letters to be told to the children. Now the Bible story time is not the same as it used to be for the kids. They really love the way I tell them a story now. I never want to miss a day of DBDB has become such FUN and DEEP.

Lie Andre: I have been so blessed by DB because the class teaches us what to pay attention to in order to absorb the details, which before I have passed over. Now I know what to look for I have a much fuller way to understand the depth of the Bible. This is a great class! I love the way Ian doesn’t give us the answers but prompts us to find the answers for ourselves in order to practice the DB method. Now when we dig we have confidence to know when we are digging in the right hole. It is extremely gratifying.

Martin Dima: Even though the first level (DB 101) is called basic I think it is foundational to all that follows. Everything that Ian has put together is so helpful to the learning process. I have learned so many new things. I can’t imagine what we are going to learn at Level 7. I am sure it will be mind-boggling.

Thio: I attended two Bible Colleges seeking to get more in touch with God and to learn how to dig deeper in His Bible. It was only when I started Deeper Bible that I found what I was looking for.

Elly Neliwati: I was born again 20 years ago and from that moment I read the Bible constantly. I have read the whole Bible 6 or 7 times. I didn’t miss anything out. But after doing that I arrived at the point where I became bored. Then I switched to reading the NLT to spark my interest again. But after reading the whole Bible through twice this way I hadn’t read it again. My boredom returned. Then I joined DB because I hoped it would ‘stir my heart to love His words’. Even though I felt my brain would explode, I found the right way to read the Bible and my excitement for the Word returned. I have started reading the Bible in the way I was taught at DB. I began with the shorter books as Ian taught. I read across chapter boundaries, I search for the sense units and more. Now I am addicted.

Sylvie Tanaga: DB has been so influential in my life to open up the depth of the world of the Bible to me. From the start of doing DB 101 I didn’t imagine that I would be taken so deep and that it would change the way I read the Bible. I am astounded with what I can achieve as I put the DB methods into practice daily. Don’t think this class is like any class in Bible College filled with theory and academic things. The class is fun and not boring. It raises your enthusiasm in untold ways. It is full of deep discussion but is entertaining and filled with humour. It gives you the means to dive deep into the Bible for yourself. Try it and you will end up telling others how clear and amazing the Bible really is. Try it, you will be impacted.

Rachel Blackett: Before DB, I was someone who would get frustrated and highly confused reading God’s Word, and would only read it because “it was the right thing to do”. I have only done DB 101 so far, and my eyes have been completely opened!!! I have understood more in the past 6 weeks than in the last 10 years since becoming a Christian and I am EXCITED to see what’s next! I would recommend doing this course in a heartbeat to anyone who asks!!

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