What is Deeper Bible?

Deeper Bible is designed to help Christians to go deeper into the Bible. I was surprised at how shallow most Christians are when it comes to Bible reading or Bible study. Deeper Bible is designed to counter that shallowness and teach people how to read and understand the Bible for themselves and get the most out of it. Deeper Bible is a layered course to take the leaders and followers progressively deeper into the Word of God. When you truly understand how deep and mind blowing the Bible really is it will pique your desire and curiosity to want to go deeper.

Deeper Bible is based on the principle: give a man or woman a fish feed them for a day, teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime. In Deeper Bible you learn to go deeper in the Bible for yourself by applying simple principles to specific portions of the Bible.

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Deeper Bible is a course spread over seven levels which shows you how to get the most out of your Bible and find deep treasures in the Word of God.


Beth Sepher

The first three levels are based on the Jewish approach of the House of the Book (Beth Sepher). In this level you are taught principles and methods to read and study your Bible deeper. The idea is to study and pay careful attention to the text of the Bible before you.

Level 101 consists of five 2 hour sessions covering the following

  • How Your Bible is Arranged
  • Understanding the Bible as a Whole
  • Basic Tools and how to Handle the Different Versions of the Bible
  • How to Read Your Bible Better
  • Experiencing the Bible

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Experiencing the Bible occurs at every phase of Deeper Bible encouraging you to learn to hear the voice of God, not just with the analytical, left side of your brain but via the intuitive right side of your brain. We practice this “other” way of experiencing the Bible regularly to enable you to develop the ability to hear from God personally.


Level 201 focuses on four verses of the Bible. Using the principles and methods covered in Level 101 you work with a group of other people to study one verse and its context and sense unit to gain all you can over a month. This is guided study either together in class or by distance learning and discussion with a group of others looking at the same verse. After the group time you present to the class what you have found.

Level 301 consists of four two hour presentations of the depth of what is associated with the verse you have chosen, followed by a separate hour of discussion on each of these four verses. The benefit of this approach is that you apply the principles for yourself and find all that you can in groups with respect to your chosen verse. At the end of this level you come to understand the depth behind all four verses. You also come to understand how Sense Units work.

It is usually at the end of this level that people are captivated by the depth of the Word of God and become addicted to reading their Bible and to Bible Study.


Beth Talmud

The following two levels are spent in the House of Interpretation (Beth Talmud) – Levels 401 and 501. In these levels you will follow the approach the rabbis taught their students in order to rightly interpret the text before them. You will pay careful attention to context and the connectedness of the Bible as a whole. You will learn to understand the text before you from the point of view of the speaker or writer. You will learn to look for the clues (remez) which help to unravel the mystery.

Level 401: consists of six sessions, each meeting being two hours in duration packed with opportunities to test your understanding of specific portions of the Bible. Many of them controversial but very important to our overall understanding of the Bible.

Level 501: consists of six sessions, each meeting being two hours in duration spent dealing with one problem of Bible interpretation and learning how to use the whole Bible to solve the problem. This time again is spent in groups under a tutor guiding you through the maze or the minefield of Biblical interpretation.


Beth Midrash

The final two levels of Deeper Bible are spent in the House of Allusion (Beth Midrash). In this level you will learn to deal with very difficult parts of the Bible where allusion, parable or elliptical statement are made to hide the truth from the uncommitted or hard of heart. You will learn to rightly interpret such passages and learn to look in the right place for the solutions to difficulties of interpretation.

Level 601: consists of six meetings of two hours each where you will spend time looking at case studies in how allusion works in the Bible including examples to practice on to find the answer to difficult passages for yourself with guidance.

Level 701: is the ultimate level of Deeper Bible where you are introduced to other ways in which Bible can conceal its message. It is also at this level that we pull all the threads of Deeper Bible together and look specifically at the interconnectedness of the Word of God.

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