July 2015

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Tairua Williams

Tairua Williams

The Life-Possessing, Life-Giving Word of God

Wycliffe Bible Translators is described in Maori as Te Kupu Whai Ora a te Atua which in English means  ‘the life-possessing, life-giving Word of God’! I like this meaning a lot and you will see here some of the amazing ways … (read more)


Ngariki Tupuna

Ngariki Tupuna

Lift the Canoe Together

by Kevin Salisbury

A very successful Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) workshop was held in March at Grace International Church in Glen Innes, East Auckland. There were 22 participants from the Pacific Islands, including two from New Caledonia. The other participants came from … (read more)


Deaf applause

Deaf applause

Signing the Word

by Ross Millar

During Labour Weekend in 2013, deaf people from all over NZ gathered at Laidlaw College. This was the first Bible Storytelling workshop in their own language: NZ Sign Language. The workshop, the culmination of a lot of preparation, was … (read more)


Fijian Leader, Koronawa, tells a story

Koronawa tells a story

Oral Communicators & Print Communicators

Oral Communicators learn by hearing.
Print Communicators learn by seeing and reading …
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Working with a group in contextualisation

Contextualisation discussion

Proshikkhon: Training with a Difference!

by Robyn Appleby

The concept of ‘living words’ took on new meaning for me last year when a copy of Wycliffe’s Living Words magazine landed on my desk. “That’s me,” I thought as I read the notice calling for volunteers to … (read more)


Billy Cava

Billy Cava

The Life-Giving Word

by Marietta Flaws

Since our first involvement with New Caledonia in 1990, we have been very aware of the potential translation needs. Only three of the 28 Kanak languages have … (read more)


Jaques Wabete (Koko)

Jaques Wabete (Koko)

Open Doors

by Fiona Taylor

Through its active involvement in Pacific to Nations (P2N) and Kairos, Grace International Church in Auckland is no stranger to Wycliffe. Its keen desire to equip and send … (read more)


At the Foot of the Snows - book cover

At the Foot of the Snows

What is the sound of embarrassment? Or the sound of a majestic mountain peak? Or the sound of bad food? The Kham language in Nepal has words to describe … (read more)


Teaching English to trainee translators in Bangladesh

Teaching English in Bangladesh

English Tutors Required

If you are interested in short term missions with a difference, this could be it! Proshikkhon has been running for nine years. Tribal pastors are now asking for God’s Word in their own language. Workshops are scheduled … (read more)

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

Verse for today

I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.