More Jobs in the Wycliffe World

1. Anthropologists
Anthropologists assist translation, literacy and community development teams to better understand the worldview of the people with whom they are working.  When these insights are applied, they lead to greater effectiveness in communicating the gospel and in relating in culturally appropriate ways.

2. Community Development Workers
People with practical and/or technical expertise work with and through translation teams to assist local people groups with village or community projects in social, economic, physical and spiritual areas. These may be such things as improving agricultural practices or water supply systems. Importance is placed on implementing projects in both culturally and technologically appropriate ways.

3. Media Personnel
Media personnel inform the Christian public of what God is doing through Bible translation and literacy and challenge them to become involved themselves. They also produce vernacular materials such as videos to promote Scripture use in various people groups where translation work is underway. Camera crews, artists, photographers, designers, writers and editors are all needed to produce such things as publicity materials, videos and prayer notes.

4. Publishing Personnel
Pre-print operators, printers and finishers are needed to run print shops to produce the results of academic research undertaken by translators, linguists and anthropologists; literacy materials prepared by literacy specialists or local literacy teachers; and the publicity materials prepared by media personnel.

5. Aviation Personnel
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and pilots work in such places as Papua New Guinea, transporting people and supplies to remote areas and maintaining aircraft to keep them in the air.

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