Language Development Training

Training for preparation for work in literacy, survey and translation is offered through several partnering schools in other countries. Accredited programs are available at the certificate, undergraduate and graduate levels, through both public universities and private schools. In many cases, credits can be transferred to other educational institutions. Training in these disciplines is available in the US in California, Illinois, North Dakota, Oregon and Texas. Training is also offered in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany and Korea.

Other Workshops

From time to time Wycliffe NZ offers short workshops in cooperation with other agencies to resource the church in various areas.

Dr Sheryl Silzer

Dr Sheryl Silzer

This year we are hosting Dr. Sheryl Silzer, Senior Anthropology Consultant for SIL International as she facilitates workshops on cultural self-discovery in cultural diversity.

The availableĀ modulesĀ and event schedule are available here:
Working Effectively in Cultural Diversity Tour 2019

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