Financial Support

Wycliffe Bible Translators NZ is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act. Our income is provided by individuals and churches whom God has moved to become involved. Join resources with us so that together we can serve those who are still without the Bible in their own language.

Supporting an individual

Wycliffe members don’t receive a salary. Instead, they depend on a team of people to support them. The financial support members require depends on such factors as the cost of living in their assigned country, work-related expenses and number of dependents. Members need to have the full amount promised before they can take up their assignment.

By helping support a Wycliffe worker you become a vital part in spreading God’s Word. We want you to be informed and the Wycliffe member you support will provide you with ongoing information about their work. If the Wycliffe person you choose to support works in New Zealand, your gifts may be tax deductible.

Income assistance funds

Sometimes financial support doesn’t come as expected and the Wycliffe member is left with a shortfall. To help cover such gaps, Wycliffe has two funds to provide income assistance to members who need it. Each month, money from these funds is distributed to members whose financial support has fallen below a set proportion of their cost-of-living requirements.

The first fund, called the Supplementary Fund, is used primarily to help New Zealand members assigned overseas. The second, called the Home-Assigned Assist Fund, is specifically for New Zealand members on staff in the home office. They often find it more difficult to find and keep financial partners because many Christians prefer to give to people working overseas.

These funds are not a long-term solution. They are a safeguard, allowing members to keep on with their work until other people are found to join their support team. But any contribution to these funds is a special blessing to those who face challenges in their financial support.

Special project funds

WBT New Zealand works with national Bible translation organisations around the world. These are our partners on the field and their needs concern us. From time to time we will help them, or our members, raise funds for equipment or services they require such as a new computer for a translation team, a photocopier to publicise their work, or funds to cover the cost of printing literacy materials.

A bequest

For the peace of mind of your loved ones, the Government recommends you make a will. If you don’t, the law has to follow its own dictates and is forced to distribute your assets in ways you may not have wished. If spreading God’s Word has been one of your life goals, you may want to remember Wycliffe in your will. In this way, you can ensure your commitment to Bible translation and literacy will continue after you die.

To make a bequest, please download the PDF form for instructions.

Our commitment

When you give to Wycliffe, you can be assured of our commitment to:

  • Use your resources as you direct us
  • Promptly receipt all donations and acknowledge your stewardship
  • Submit to a yearly audit by a recognised, independent accountant and provide annual financial statements
  • Maintain the highest level of ethical and moral principles in managing the resources God provides
  • Never sell or rent our mailing lists

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