Pray Today

23/10/19 Daniel & Laurel Harris (New Zealand)
Thanks for our two growing boys, lovely farm-life, all our supportive family and friends, and God’s guidance and provision so far regarding our future. Please pray that God will help us to juggle work, family, friends and preparations for moving overseas in January. Pray that God will provide financial supporters for next year’s training and beyond as we share our vision.

22/10/19 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Ross is lecturing on the Lord’s Prayer at Laidlaw College’s Christchurch campus on 31 October. He will be staying to help take a workshop for Deaf on Signing Psalms on 2 November. Please pray for preparation and good presentations that enthuse people about signed languages. 

21/10/19 Bruce & Jenny Eirena (Papua New Guinea)
Jenny gives praise for the opportunities of teaching choirs. Our plans to return to New Zealand permanently are coming together. Please pray for God’s provision of the many items we need on returning to New Zealand and for continued and increased support for the next stage of our work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Please pray for wisdom as we navigate ourselves and our children through these complex and rough waters of transition.

20/10/19 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Praise God that I was able to attend a “Culture meets Scripture” workshop. Please pray that I will be able to help the Be and Na people think through some issues in their culture. Pray that someone, sometime will put on a seminar for them. The workshop was a nice break from the usual plod of dictionary, exegesis and checking back translations.

19/10/19 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand, Cook Islands)
Mary has just returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand, having attended SIL Linguistics Area Coordinators’ meeting and training for linguistic consultants, followed by a workshop on Orthography. Mailalo is still on Pukapuka, and rejoices for a successful series of workshops covering several aspects of the NT translation.  He asks us to join in prayer for “cooperation among the people of Wale (the ‘Home’ atoll) to flourish in relation to the Puka Yā (‘Holy Book’);  for God’s peace to prevail among all Wale people everywhere in regards to Puka Yā; and for transport arrangements to work out for his return to NZ soon to attend his niece’s wedding next month. Please pray for the final editing of the Pukapuka NT, as we check for consistency and write book introductions.

18/10/19 Building Cultural Awareness – Workshops

Invercargill Central Baptist 19 October | 9:30am – 4:30pm

Opawa Baptist 22 & 23 October | 7 – 9 pm

Building Multicultural Teams

South West Baptist 24 October | 7 – 9pm (RSVP to Clair Russell for this event)

Please continue to pray for Leslie, Sheryl and Pete to make good connections during their time in the South Island. Pray for participants to really connect with the material and with one another and to be challenged to interact more with those from other cultural backgrounds.

17/10/19 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
Praise God that three of the New Testaments from the Mara Cluster will be completed by the end of next month. Please pray God’s protection on the health and wellbeing of all of our staff (and equipment!) at this critical time in the process. Also pray for the production and distribution planning that is beginning, and that the hearts of the people in the language areas will be well-prepared to receive and understand the Good News.

16/10/19 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Pray for quick recovery from cough and colds – just when I thought Id escaped winter unscathed.

15/10/19 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God for the almost 1900 GAB Books arriving safely in Auckland with most fees reduced hugely. Please continue to pray for the Deeper Bible 701 series at Manukau, especially for a highly significant night on 16 October when we have a special guest as we talk about something exceptionally deep. Pray for the participants to realise just how deep and significant it is. Pray for website development to gain momentum. Pray for plans to be put in place for teaching DB 401 and 501 in South Brazil in January. Pray too for time and efficiency for Ian to complete many tasks that cry out for completion. Please pray for someone to replace Tania as Prayer Coordinator before the end of the year. 

14/10/19 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
The months tick by and the Matigsalug Bible is not ready for typesetting yet. Please pray that busy people will find time to finish off jobs and reports and keep things rolling.

13/10/19 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God for the opportunity of a few days away 29/9–5/10. Praise also for amazing provision of cash and a washing machine! Please pray that Fiona makes good connections at the South Pacific Member Care Conference in Dunedin, 14-18 October. All twelve YouVersion Bible reading plans are live! Praise God for the impact this is having with thousands of people. Please pray that decisions and development of the 2020 Calendar go well. Pray that we are a blessing to our students as we help them prepare for exams. Please pray for full healing for Tim’s tooth (recent filling) – a root canal may be required.

12/10/19 Kemp & Anne Pallesen (New Zealand)
Please pray for our co-workers Jeremiah and Lydia James (plus their daughter) who are coming to New Zealand from overseas to work with us for three weeks. They arrive on 15 October. Please pray that we will make good decisions regarding these three aspects of the project: a) completing the translation of the Old Testament; b) preparing a dictionary of the S language for publication; c) completing the historic dictionary of all the S languages for publishing online; d) and working online (via Zoom) with our co-worker, Kate on the literacy materials for the S people.

11/10/19 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Stephen is giving thanks for progress in catching up on his work, in spite of extra tasks he is now carrying out. Join him too in giving thanks for the availability of volunteer Vince Wong, following Phoebe Wang’s departure for secular employment. Vince will work with Stephen to continue Phoebe’s work in implementing the new accounting software. Please pray that Stephen and Vince will come up with a workable plan for the path forward when they meet in the middle of this month.

10/10/19 Bible Story Telling (New Zealand)
Praise God, we were able to shoot a video for the website. Praise God for a good meeting with a local church and they are considering hosting a Bible Story Telling workshop in November/December. Please pray for this to go ahead, with at least 15 participants, enough facilitators and for the planning to go smoothly. This month we are hoping to organise a meeting with Motivate (Missions organisation) to discuss using Bible Story Telling for the School Missions trips they organise and how BST can be used to minister to the school children they are involved with here in New Zealand. Please pray for God’s timing and for clear direction moving forward. Continued prayer covering for all families involved with BST would be greatly appreciated.

9/10/19 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for a good AGM (Sept 13) at Gordonton with approximately 30 in attendance. The Board meeting followed the next day and it too was an excellent meeting. So thankful for the caliber and diversity, (in age, ethnicity, gender, and vocation) that we have on the Board. We continue to be very thankful for good health in the midst of busy schedules. Please pray with us for several critical staffing administrative needs that we need to fill in the coming months. With Helen Sadler’s move to Tauranga this has left a big hole, and we have a couple of senior staff who are looking to retire, or at least reduce their heavy workloads. Pray too for the impact that these changes have on the people concerned and the team dynamics. Change is never easy, but necessary.

8/10/19 Murray & Ruth (England)
Praise God that the retreat we led overseas went very well. Murray participates in three Bible Translation conferences in Dallas, USA 9-16 October. From 21-31 October he checks Psalms 76-100 for refugees in Europe. Please pray for God’s help to find all the bits that need to be corrected or improved.

7/10/19 David & Wendy Nicholls (Australia)
Pray for David travelling to the US for the Bible Translation conference and other meetings 9-19 October. Pray for Wendy and the SILA team as they prepare documentation required to deliver our units through a new accreditation partner, Eastern College. 

6/10/19 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Please pray for Caryl & Wayne as they visit their son in Seattle from 8–14 October about being wise and discerning re. their son’s future marriage and country of residence matters. May we all know God’s leading!

5/10/19 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Islands)
Praise God for healing John and Rosalie from their colds! Keep praying for John’s Solomon Islands residency visa application. Pray also for healing for Luke; gastroscopy results show no sign of ulcer; biopsy results due in early October.  Please pray for Luke and Father David who began a 10-week intensive Biblical exegesis course on 23 September.

4/10/19 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for an excellent day in collaboration with the Embassy Band at Kingsway Christian School, just north of Auckland, at the end of August. It was a wonderful day with multiple events including leading staff devotions, worship classes for the music classes, video interview with the Principal and then an hour long concert for all the senior students (600+) to conclude the day. It was a very special opportunity to present the mission and Bible translation challenge to both students and staff.

3/10/19 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise God for Sheryl and Peter Silzers’ safe arrival in Auckland. Praise God for excellent opportunities to build relationships with the participants in Auckland meetings during the Cultural Diversity tour. Please continue to pray for the meetings in October as we work with people in the North and South Islands. Pray too for all the driving and flying the three of us will do and for continued health and strength.

Building Cultural Awareness – Workshops


Waimarino Baptist 3 & 4 October | 7 – 9 pm

Hokowhitu Baptist 9 & 10 October | 7 – 9 pm

2/10/19 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Please pray for David to communicate well and be encouraging as he presents on Creation Care and Vetiver Grass in workshops 1-5 Oct. Pray for Tammy as she helps out in a new cluster group with training of translators and checking their work 7-25 Oct. Praise God the books of Luke in four languages is out of the printshop and ready for dedication and distribution on 26th Oct! Please continue to pray that the JESUS Film dubbed in six languages of Kuri Pasai will also be ready on that date.

1/10/19 Luke (SE Asia)
All non-study activities are pared back to a minimum in this final stage of the semester (ending 4 October). Various classmates are unwell, have sick family at home, a baby coming soon, and we are all generally stressed. Difficulty is bonding us! Please pray for us. I am attached to SIL too now, which adds urgency to my need for funds to keep studying in June 2020. Please pray for God’s provision.

30/9/19 Lenakel People Group (Vanuatu)
The entire New Testament has been drafted! Tim, a translator who lived among the Lenakel but now pastors a church in Australia, makes occasional visits back to Vanuatu to conduct intensive checking sessions of the drafts. Due to delays, an intermediary second-draft version is being printed for people to use while final checks are completed. Pray for a smooth printing process. Give thanks that it is the same text that was recorded two years ago and is available on MegaVoice players (handheld, solar-powered digital audio players). These allow people to listen to the Scriptures wherever they are. Thank the Lord that these Scriptures are getting into Lenakel hands. Pray for wide distribution of the print and audio editions and that God will draw many people to Jesus through them. Ask God to open up periods of time in Tim’s schedule so he can complete final checks. Checking the Lenakel Scriptures while also serving as a pastor is a challenge.

29/9/19 Gumawana People Group (Papua New Guinea)
After many years of persistence and hard work, the Gumawana people are preparing to dedicate their New Testament and four Old Testament books on November 6! The manuscript was typeset last year and sent for printing. The New Testament is not only being printed but also recorded. Ask God to provide strong readers that can communicate the Word clearly. Pray for the printing process to move forward seamlessly and for the books to return safely to the village area.  Praise the Lord for the New Testament dedication scheduled for November 6. Pray for unity as the villagers plan this momentous occasion and for the books to arrive on time.

28/9/19 Story-crafters Needed (West Asia)
Pray that God would open hearts of people in several language groups in West Asia to be willing to be Oral Bible Story-crafters. Ask God that as they hear and learn the stories from the Word, their lives will be transformed. Some individuals hunger for truth and want to learn more but are hindered from doing so by pressure from their families and community. Pray they have wisdom on how to proceed.

27/9/19 Baki New Testament Celebration (Vanuatu)
Praise God that the Baki New Testament is ready to be launched in Vanuatu. The books were delivered to the site and a small celebration was held. The main celebration service will be held October 1. The project has taken 37 years, and the people are looking forward to receiving their New Testaments. The New Testament will be available as books, on MegaVoice audio players and for cell phones. Please pray for the Word to have a great effect in changing lives in this small community.

26/9/19 Mother-tongue Speakers Needed to Test Scripture (Global)
When Bible translation drafts are completed the material needs to be tested in the community before being checked and approved by a translation consultant. At times it is quite difficult to find local people willing and motivated to test the materials. The tester has no previous exposure to the translated portion. Questions are asked about naturalness of wording, understanding of basic facts and the meaning of the passage. The answers reveal places where the text needs further adjustment. Please pray that God would send the right people at the right time to test materials so the teams can move forward in their translation work.

25/9/19 Mara Cluster Project — Zanaki language; (Tanzania)
The eight languages in the Mara Cluster lie in the northwest of Tanzania, bordering Lake Victoria and Kenya. It is a densely populated area with few churches. Thank the Lord that the Zanaki translation team drafted the book of Romans last year and also finished the consultant check on the Gospel of Matthew. Praise God for the creativity of the team in engaging children with Scripture. They produced a comic book in Zanaki called “Jesus Messiah” which is very popular with children. Pray for the children to come into God’s kingdom as a result and grow up loving Jesus as Messiah and Lord. Ask the Lord to empower and give health and strength to the team as they work this year on finishing consultant checks on the books of Mark, Romans and 1 Corinthians and drafting the book of Hebrews. Pray for spiritual encouragement as they work on these rich books.

24/9/19 Preparing for Printing (Southeast Asia)
Two New Testaments have been fully translated and checked for one region of Asia. Pray for the typesetters who will be preparing the texts for printing. Ask for keen eyes for the translation team members as they review the page proofs and check for errors. Pray that the pictures and front matter are inserted in the proper places. Ask God for good print runs and safe delivery of the books back to the language areas.

23/9/19 Old Testament Progress (South Asia)
A language community in Asia has the New Testament published and is working on the Old Testament. Praise God that translation of the Pentateuch is almost finished. In addition, the New Testament is being prepared for publication in an alternate script. Pray that this can be completed so a new church can start using it in September. Pray that the Gospel of John video can be checked and launched soon. An event will be held in October to train workers to use social media effectively. Pray that a diaspora team will be set up to mobilize and resource discipleship ministries.

22/9/19 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Please pray for guidance as Ross helps organise a Deaf workshop on Signing Psalms in Christchurch in November. Pray that the right people will get involved.

21/9/19 Daniel & Laurel Harris (New Zealand)
Praise God for our two growing boys and for precious time with family. Please pray that we will be able to prepare for overseas in January without too much stress. Pray that as we share with family, friends and churches that God will lay it on people’s hearts to support us through prayer and finances.

20/9/19 Kevin & Gillian Bird (SE Asia)
Praise God that our language keeps developing, making communication ever-easier. Praise God, the weather is cooling down! Please pray for wisdom and care in physical well-being. There is a LOT of Dengue Fever going around at present, amongst both local and foreigners. Ask for perseverance and joy through the “boring” work. Pray that we can educate people on the value and power of doing their own research to find Christian materials, and better ways of doing things. Praise God that many people are using the Facebook group for resources and their own development. Please pray that God blesses those who support us financially, and that they feel intimately involved, and partners in God’s ministry here.

19/9/19 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Please pray that the kids will know God’s hand in their studies/work and grow in their faith. Please pray that photos for the Wycliffe calendar will be collated easily with necessary information. Praise God that the YouVersion Bible reading plan is helping thousands of people to engage with God’s Word. Pray for the final two plans to be completed. Praise God for the insights gained from the Alpha Marriage Course this month. Please pray for wisdom as we balance work and family time.

18/9/19 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Islands)
Pray for healing for John who came down with cold/flu end of July, forcing him to cancel the Kairos Courses in Tonga. Ask God to guide Wycliffe Tonga Mission in preparing for Kairos at a later date. Also please pray for a favourable response from Solomon Islands Immigration re John’s residency application, which would allow him unlimited time in the Solomons. Please keep praying for healing for Luke’s stomach ulcer.

17/9/19 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Deeper Bible 601 comes to an end on 4 September and DB 701 begins on 18 September for MCBC. Please pray for the participants to have enough oomph to finish the course. One group have been going through the year to cover 401 to 701 while the other group did 601 last year and will join the class on the 18th. Pray for these two groups to merge well in order to complete DB 701. Please pray too for Mark Spencer to be able to get Deeper Bible started in the US. Pray that the shipment of books coming from Jakarta to Auckland will arrive safely. Tania is hoping to retire by the end of this year. Please pray for someone to take on the Prayer Coordinators role.

16/9/19 Ester Perez (New Zealand)
Praise God, it’s good to be back home in Auckland and slowly acclimatising to the tail-end of winter. Please pray for wisdom in sharing lessons and business processes I’m learning about our newly adopted HR software with my colleagues.

15/9/19 Anthony & Nicole van den Engel (Philippines)
Praise God for a ‘permanent’ home and adjustment into our new life. Please pray for Ezra (3 yrs) as he is finding the adjustment difficult. Please pray for us to be open to how God would use us for His Glory. Please pray for all the ministries we partner alongside, that the Gospel would go forth in the Philippines.

14/9/19 Stephen Gwyn (New Zealand)
Late last year Stephen bought a new computer, which then sat idle for months while he tried to find time to complete its setup. In July he finally made the transition, and is enjoying the extra processing power now the initial teething problems are behind him. Only one small program is still giving trouble. Pray that IT support person Brian Fong will discern how to correct the malfunction.

13/9/19 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Praise for consultant approval of Matigsalug Psalms plus ongoing audio recording of other Old Testament books. Please pray for checking on Proverbs plus completion of other consultant reports and then other miscellaneous work like the Bible introduction and pictures.

12/9/19 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for very good responses from our Missions month at our supporting church in Auckland and the Mahurangi Presbyterian Missions weekend. Also give praise for the opportunity to minister at Kingsway Christian School in collaboration with Embassy Band from Nashville, USA on 29 August covering a full day of input. We are thankful that our son Simon, is enjoying serving as a short-term volunteer teacher at Faith Academy. Please pray as we prepare for the Wycliffe NZ AGM (Friday evening 13 September), and the Board meeting Saturday 14 September. These are being held at Eastwest College (WEC) and we will be having them join us for some of our Friday evening program. Please pray for our son Mark and Bette, as they prepare to serve with KIDS International Ministries in the Philippines. They are currently seeking to build a team of financial and prayer partners to enable them to go early next year.

11/9/19 Bruce & Jenny Eirena (Papua New Guinea)
Praise God that Indy received medical help while in Australia. Please pray as she starts a short internship learning about digital media and its use in literacy and Bible translation. Bruce is working in our Staff Care dept. as well as moving the Madang Progressive Engagement Project forward. Tynan and Arlen are completing their final semester of school here in PNG. Jenny is in her final weeks of teaching. Bruce and the girls leave at the end of November (as Indy and Arlen’s visa’s expire early Dec). Please pray that we will finish our work and relationships well. Nilah is in a 6-week intensive Hebrew course. She is hoping to study at CLTC. Please pray for her to gain entry to that course. Please pray that God will provide one key family to care for her as we leave PNG.

10/9/19 Liz Blaine (New Zealand)
We’re tentatively pencilling in Labour weekend (end of October) for a Bible Story Telling workshop in the Auckland Area. Please pray for a local church to desire to host it, and at least 15 participants and course facilitators, and for everything to go smoothly. Pray too that we can get an up-dated video on Wycliffe’s website before ‘Living Words’ is distributed. Please continue to pray for covering for all families involved with Bible Story Telling.

9/9/19 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise God for a good time at the Bangkok conference I attended last month. It was great networking with Asian leaders. My presentation on Building Cultural Awareness For Better Communication With People From Other Cultures was well received. Pray for the ‘Cultural Diversity’ tour that starts in Auckland on 10 September. There are 10 public events scheduled on both the North and South Islands over September and October. Please pray that God would be glorified and people challenged to interact more with those from other cultural backgrounds. Pray that all the logistics for holding these events would be smooth. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Sheryl and Pete Silzer as well as me as we interact with the participants.

8/9/19 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Please continue to pray for God’s timing in Tammy’s New Zealand resident visa. No news yet. We really wanted to be there before December this year. Pray for us as we travel back to California – to juggle work responsibilities and visiting ministry partners. Please pray too for the Kuri Pasai Cluster – Luke in four languages are in the printshop; the two Psalms teams are revising and formatting with the goal of getting their books to the printshop by the end of September.

7/9/19 Martin & Chrissy Engeler (Canada)
Please pray for wisdom for Martin in decisions regarding project funding requests for the new fiscal year which starts in October. Thank you for praying for Chrissy and the Wycliffe Canada budget process. It is finally complete and approved by the Board. Please pray for Chrissy as she now catches up with tasks that were put on the back burner while she was busy with budgets.

6/9/19 Susan Shore (Philippines)
I am mainly working on the dictionary this month. It is good to have concentrated time to process lots of data. Praise God that there is now a Bible app for the Be and Na scriptures, but we still need to sell more of the printed books! Please pray that the Be and Na people will develop a thirst for the Word.

5/9/19 Murray & Ruth (England)
Both of us lead a retreat overseas 6-17 September. Please pray for God to meet with each individual in a life-changing way. For the rest of the month we’ll be at home: please pray for Murray as he meets each day over the Internet with a team of refugees to check their translation of the Psalms. May God highlight all the bits that need to be improved or corrected.

4/9/19 Wilf & Anita Flores (Mexico)
We have finally decided to have the kids schooled at Oaxaca Christian School for missionary kids. Please pray for the Lord to give us peace with this decision and for the kids to meet new friends and do well. Anita is heading to Minnesota early September for medical tests at a specialised clinic. Pray they will find what is causing her digestive issues. Pray for Wilf as he continues to serve in the leadership of SIL in Mexico as well as the Mexican organisation that sponsors visas for all SIL members in Mexico. Pray for Victor, one of our co-translators, who we would like to come and work with Wilf in the city. Pray for God to bring another person who will take Victor’s leadership position in the local church so he can have more time for translation.

3/9/19 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
For most of September, Phil will be consultant checking a number of NT books for the Koluwawa translation team at the east end of the country. Ask God to give Phil wisdom, so he will be able to help them make the translation even better, and to encourage them.

2/9/19 Wycliffe New Zealand AGM and Board Meeting
Please pray for all the preparation towards the AGM 13 September and Board meeting 14 September. We are having an evening dinner and sharing in prayer with the WEC folk based in Gordonton, as well as Wycliffe’s AGM. Please pray that the evening will be fruitful and a celebration of progress in the Bible translation movement. Please pray for wisdom and effectiveness in the planning of our Board meeting, that it will be a fruitful one.

1/9/19 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Please pray for my time away from NZ from 27 August–6 September, firstly in Singapore at World Outreach International Board meetings, then at Wycliffe Asia-Pacific Area meetings as we review together the various working environments we face and consider the best approaches moving forward.

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31/8/19 Training (Papua New Guinea)
Praise the Lord for ongoing training to equip men and women for Bible translation. Pray for the training courses that are being conducted at the Pacific Institute of Language, Arts and Translation (PILAT) in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. Pray for the teaching and auxiliary staff of PILAT. Ask the Lord for wisdom as they plan, organise and manage the courses for each year. Praise the Lord for the successful delivery of the training programmes. Pray that those receiving training will appropriately apply the skills and knowledge gained in their translation. Praise the Lord for the personnel from the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association who recently participated in the two-weeks Hebrews 1 Course and Basic Computing Course.

30/8/19 SEED Company Bible Stories (Worldwide)
The people groups which remain in need of a Bible translation, live where geographic and or political accessibility is challenging. Seed Company asks for prayer for: God to open doors, to bring in His kingdom and to accomplish His will; Trainers who are teaching oral Bible storytellers; Students to learn to tell the stories from God’s Word with accuracy and enthusiasm; Those who distribute the stories, sometimes risking their lives to bring God’s Word in challenging environments; Freedom from fear; Stories that impact many lives with the truth of Jesus and bring transformation.

29/8/19 Leadership Training (Pacific)
Praise the Lord with the Pacific Islands leaders, Maxy Koloamatangi, Director for Wycliffe Tonga Missions, Pastor Andrew Fanasia, Director for Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands and his wife Unity, and Tony Kotauga, Director for the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association. They successfully completed a leadership course held at the Wycliffe Australia National Center at Melbourne. Please pray for them as they apply the skills and knowledge gained to their organisations. Pray that they will be catalysts for developing and building other people in leadership.

28/8/19 Strengthening Bible Translation Movements (Americas)
Skilled facilitators are needed within national Bible Translation movements to help ministries work together, trust, and mutually support one another. Meetings are being planned in Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico. Please pray that the leaders who will participate in the meetings will discover innovative ways for training facilitators to fill this need.

27/8/19 Government Accreditation (Philippines)
Praise God for the accreditation given to Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines. As one of the first Alliance Organisations in Asia, this is a meaningful recognition as TAP continues to serve and facilitate Bible translation in the Philippines. Please pray that this will foster closer partnership with the government agencies and enhance relationships with other partners. Praise God for this answered prayer and TAP’s testimony of integrity in serving God and language communities.

26/8/19 Oral Translation Projects (Philippines)
There are 5.7 billion oral preference learners in the world. Wycliffe Philippines is a key partner in the promotion and facilitation of orality programmes in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Please pray for the ongoing oral translation projects using Render (an oral Bible translation software) and others. Ask the Lord for wisdom and unity for the trainers, translation staff members and mother tongue translators. Pray for good physical and mental health to pursue the projects and finish them within the specified time lines.

25/8/19 JESUS Film Dubbing (Indonesia)
There are more than 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. It is the country with the second largest number of languages in the world. Working throughout Indonesia in partnership with churches and other organisations, Kartidaya is focused on promoting and supporting the work of Bible translation. One of their key partners is JESUS Film Project. Please pray for the dubbing of the JESUS Film planned in more than six Indonesian languages. Pray for wisdom and skill for the technicians involved in the dubbing process. As the actors are selected, pray for hearts that are responsive to God’s word. Pray for the commitment of the churches in each vicinity to use the dubbed JESUS Films for evangelisation.

24/8/19 Luke (Southeast Asia)
Two months into the linguistics Masters, and it is certainly full-time! Amidst regular little homework assignments, we need to fit in work on the big ones, and approach it all with prayer. I am already hearing about ideas for a thesis for next year, which is an answer to prayer. I feel very at home here.

23/8/19 Paratext 9 software (Worldwide)
Paratext 9 software for Bible translators is currently in development. The team working on it hope to release it in September. Please pray for the work team who are localising the user interface into many languages of wider communication in different countries. Pray for the team developing Paratext 9 training videos. Ask God to give wisdom to those responding to requests to fix bugs* in the beta version that is being tried by some advanced users.
*Bugs are problems with software being developed. They are typically fixed before the general release of the software.

22/8/19 Wayne & Caryl Freeman (New Zealand)
Please continue to pray for Caryl’s eyes that the eye drops she is diligently putting in daily will stop any further damage to the optic nerve in her left eye caused by the glaucoma. We trust that the next appointment later this year will confirm no more deterioration. Please pray for wisdom and effectiveness in the planning of our next Board meeting in Gordonton on 14 September – that it will be a fruitful one. We are also having an evening dinner and sharing in prayer with WEC people based in Gordonton the night before, as well as Wycliffe’s AGM. Please pray that the evening will be fruitful and a celebration of progress in the Bible translation movement.

21/8/19 Mobilising the Latin American Church for Missions (Worldwide)
MOVILECEMOS* is a cooperative project of various denominations and ministries. Sponsored by SIM, some organisations within the Wycliffe Global Alliance are also involved. The objective of the project is to introduce the Latin American church to available mission mobilisation resources. The mission is to encourage the church in the vision of reaching the world for Christ. The goal is to glorify God among the nations. Beginning in early August and continuing through November,  more than 20 MOVILECEMOS conferences will take place in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Mexico. Pray for this concerted effort to inspire churches and individuals to fulfill Christ’s command to go with the Good News to all nations.
*Movilecemos means ‘Let us mobilise’.

20/8/19 Daniel & Laurel Harris (New Zealand)
Praise God for time to settle in as a family of four and for friends and family who have supported and encouraged us. Please pray that we will be able to focus on what needs to happen before the move in January as well as get work done here and have family time. Pray that God will provide prayer and financial supporters for next year’s training and beyond as we share our vision with churches and individuals.

19/8/19 Bible translation mobilization conference (Brazil)
Bible translation needs in Southeast Asia and among the language communities of Brazil  are the themes of the conference, “The Bible for All Peoples.” The event, sponsored by AMTB and COMIBAM, will take place in Brazil, August 29-31. The purpose is to mobilise Brazilian churches to participate more fully in the global Bible translation movement. Participants will learn how discipleship, church planting, Bible translation, and other activities intertwine to deliver the gospel effectively. Leaders from indigenous communities, Brazilian ministries, SIL Asia, and Wycliffe Global Alliance will present the content. Pray for those preparing the event. Pray that many people will participate and that this conference will have a profound impact on the Brazilian church.

18/8/19 Robert & Margaret Hunt (New Zealand)
Some friends in the Philippines had a recording project delayed and so were able to do some unexpected audio recording for the Matigsalug team. They recorded all of the minor prophets plus 1 Samuel and 1 Kings in July, and have several more days available in August. This is a real blessing as audio recording is an excellent way to check the fluency and naturalness of the translation (and we got good reports back). Praise God for this unexpected help for the project. So please pray for productivity for the readers, checkers, and audio technicians.

17/8/19 Ross & Jo Millar (New Zealand)
Ross’s presentations on signing Psalms went well – some Deaf attended in Dunedin and provided feedback and contacts. It also raised issues among academics about the lack of accessibility of Scripture for Deaf people. Please pray for time to develop material for a workshop for Deaf Christians in November on signing Psalms.

16/8/19 Kevin & Jillian Connole (Tanzania)
We praise God that the final Consultant Check for the Simbiti New Testament was completed in early July! This is the first New Testament from the Mara Cluster Project, with three more following soon. Please pray for the ongoing work of linguistic checking, type-setting and printing that will happen over the next several months. Also that God will prepare the hearts of the Simbiti people during this season of waiting.

15/8/19 David & Tammy Price (US, Asia)
Praise God our house sale has been completed. Please pray for us as we itinerate during August and early September, visiting family and ministry partners, putting thousands of miles on our trusty vehicle. Please pray for Tammy’s NZ resident visa to be approved soon so we can complete our move to New Zealand this year.

14/8/19 Bible Storytelling (New Zealand)
Please pray for good openings for Bible Storytelling workshops in August and the following months. We want to see this expand. Please pray too for those heading up this ministry and their families.

13/8/19 Robert & Leanne Lovatt (New Zealand)
Praise God for the seeds planted by the ‘Transformation Tour’ with Vanessa Quai and her band from Vanuatu this past month. Please pray that God will bring much fruit from the seeds planted in the hearts of the people who attended one of the concerts. Please pray for God to use Rob as he speaks at a number of churches during August which is Missions month.

12/8/19 Brian & Joan Finlay (Australia)
Please pray for SILA staff and students as the new semester gets under way. Joan is helping to teach the Translation subject, especially tutoring the two national translators from PNG who are finding tertiary level study a challenge, but extremely valuable. Pray for a visa for Kidu’s wife to join him in Australia for the rest of the year. Jolene is enjoying some part-time casual work in the kindergarten and with the maintenance team at the same school where Brian works, as well as some work experience in a café. But she still needs to find a permanent job. Praise God that Joan’s mum is doing well after cancer treatment.

11/8/19 Kevin & Gillian Bird (Southeast Asia)
Kevin ran into a motorbike that cut across in front of him. The other person rode off, and Kevin’s bike was not damaged. Gillian is trying to find the best new route as the office has moved – the last time it rained the water was up to the footpegs on the motorbike on part of the ride! We do thank you for your prayer covering for travel. Kevin has started a new YouTube Channel for the Khmer Resources – pray that Khmer folk will easily find it and that it will be well received. He is also compiling a database which is tedious, exacting work. Gillian has completed one organisation’s reports, but there are three more yet to come. Please pray for mental stamina for both of us.

10/8/19 Greg & Rosie (SE Asia)
We now step into the next phase of our project, returning to South East Asia after a year away. Our Sabbatical was very good and God turned up many times as we journeyed with him this last year. Please pray for our transition back to the field and for the funding we need to build a translation and literacy office to work out of. Please pray for the Bui Christians to stand strong against the persecution and for more to come to know Jesus.

9/8/19 Susan Shore (Philippines)
Praise God for a good trip to the language area and progress in checking Old Testament. Please pray that relationships with the synod will be smoothed out.

8/8/19 Kevin & Mary Salisbury and Mailalo Melota (New Zealand, Cook Islands)
Mai & Yii (“Thee”), two children and Mai’s father Melota reached Pukapuka by ship in early July. Mai is meeting with a group on Monday nights (Tuesday in NZ) to discuss translation matters, answer questions, and confirm several key terms used in the translation. Please uphold him as he relates to a wide range of people, and responds to preaching engagements. Pray for a spiritual breakthrough on the island.

7/8/19 Phil & Chris Carr (Papua New Guinea)
Please pray for good progress and helpful responses during the village checking of Bamu Matthew, and that God will speak to everyone who takes part in the checking. Pray too for God’s wisdom for the two back-translators, Wani and James, as for the first time they edit the back-translation drafts of five short epistles.

6/8/19 Leslie Foster (New Zealand)
Praise God that the Cultural Diversity tour seminar schedule is set. Please pray that the people who attend the seminars will be empowered for working with those from other cultures. Pray that we can publish the new edition of the ‘Building Cultural Awareness: A Discussion Guide’ this month. Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Silzers’ and I as we prepare. Please pray for my participation in the Global Conference on Oral Communication held in Bangkok, Thailand on 8-9 August. I have been invited to be one of the speakers. Pray for safe travel, good health, discernment as I listen to the participants and wisdom in knowing what to share.

5/8/19 Tim & Fiona Taylor (New Zealand)
Praise God that Tim has managed to upload three YouVersion Plans over the last two months, and these are now live for people to use (Reading the Bible in Historical Sequence Parts 8, 9 and 10) – just two parts to upload now. Please pray that the 2020 Calendar will come together in a timely way and for inspirational photos that will bless the recipients.  Please pray for Fiona as she assembles and edits the articles for August’s Living Words magazine (including writing two of them). Pray for guidance as we print and send it out. Praise God that the course Fiona is studying is providing good teaching and support for her Member Care role. Pray that we will all grow in our relationship with the Lord.

4/8/19 Anthony & Nicole van den Engel (Philippines)
Please pray that the process of settling into a new country will go well, and that organising visas and permanent accommodation will go smoothly. Please pray for Anthony as he starts teaching in a new environment and Zoë as she starts school for the first time. Please pray that Nicole will find a way to share God’s love and Word with the local community and that Ezra will settle into daily life without his sister around. Please praise God for the safe travels and the blessing of being so well looked after by staff at Faith Academy. Also praise Him for the deep peace and security found in Him.

3/8/19 Ester Perez (Philippines, New Zealand)
Praise God for good health so far except for some allergies. Please pray for good health during my remote assignment until 15 August. Please pray for meetings with the Translation Association of the Philippines (TAP) regarding digital Scripture engagement strategies and meeting with Rexey, our social media coordinator, plus online meetings regarding Workday, our newly adopted H.R. software.

2/8/19 Ian & Tania Vail (New Zealand)
Praise God for Ian’s safe travel to Brazil and Deeper Bible 401 and 501 being taught successfully there. He is travelling back today, arriving in NZ on 3 August. Pray that students will continue to dig deeper into studying the Bible. Pray also for those at Manukau who continue with DB 601 this month. Praise God for progress so far on the Berean Insights website. Please pray that those working on it will make it as robust as it needs to be to accommodate Bible Gemz and eventually Deeper Bible online.

1/8/19 John & Rosalie Rentz (New Zealand, Solomon Islands)
Please pray for John as he travels to Tonga 1 August to supervise Kairos courses, as well as Facilitator training, 2–16 August. May God’s Spirit work in all the Tongan facilitators, equipping them to lead the training well. Ask Him to convince participants of their responsibility for discipling the nations. Please pray for healing from stomach ulcers for Äiwoo translator, Luke. And ask God to give Luke and Father David understanding of all material covered in their computing and grammar courses at Islands Bible Ministries.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

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The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?